Chapter 25 Dark Grand Magician and the Demonic Blonde Haired Hero

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“Why….no, how did this happen...”


Blonde haired hero inside the Cryload castle’s treasury, looked depressed as he stared at the entrance door.


“Blonde Haired Hero we know you are in there. I hope you can follow us to the First imperial princess’s abode peacefully, we do not wish to use force.”


Guards and knights of sorts from the castle surrounded the door. The sound of knocking and the attempts to lure out the Blonde Haired Hero could be heard throughout the room.


Luckily for Blonde Haired Hero, the castle’s treasury is also used as an emergency evacuation shelter so you can lock the door from the inside and the door is made of a strengthened material, thus making it impregnable.


He entered without obtaining any permission, and unsealed the sealed Devil, ‘the one who rules over light and darkness’, thus, knew that the people outside won’t forgive him that easily. Therefore the hero could only stare at the door dumbly, without being able to do anything.




My plan was perfect….


Where did my plan go wrong….I was supposed to become the savior of the world, after borrowing the power of devil to kill that hateful Aapsho….now Furio and kill the demon lord.


It number of days has already passed since the devil left, but the devil still hasn’t delivered or came back with the message of success in her mission. Even the black ring which was supposed to act as a compensation for the work disappeared.


What if that man….was even able to defeat the devil….


Blonde haired hero’s mind was in total chaos as he thought more and more, however he wasn’t able to come up with any answer to all his questions.


….Why….I was supposed to be the chosen Hero…

But no matter how much I level up, my stats won’t increase a bit from the early stage…. And with this stats, at best I can kill A ranked beast with difficulty but….How can this compare to the Demon lord…. That's why I gave him a chance to become my subordinate….that Furio man, he denied it while having a powerful ability…..It was a request from me the Hero!? The people from the castle aren’t any better, why didn’t they tell me about the devil’s power. Because they didn’t explain it to me properly this kind of situation happened. You all caused this...I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s all you guys’ fault. I’ve done nothing wrong...If only they just gave me the power…


At that moment, inside the Blonde Haired Hero’s mind, a pitch black voice resounded inside


“Do you want power?”


...Who are you?

“Who I am is irrelevant. If you really want a true power, I can help you”

...You’re giving me power?

“Yes, A power strong enough to dominate everyone and everything”

...price, tell me! What do you demand in exchange?


“Ara? I don’t need such thing...but if you insist, I would want you to completely obliterate the castle and kill every magician in in it, and you can do whatever you want afterwards”


….I understand, I shall answer your wish. So give me the power now!


“Fufu… contract successful”


“Blo….Sir Blonde Haired hero?”


Even though every woman who came with the Blonde Haired hero ran away, Allure stayed, therefore, when Blonde Haired hero started mumbling something to himself and laughing like an idiot, she saw it and couldn’t help but ask.


“Oh, there was such a perfect sacrifice here. I shall borrow your body”


When she thought a dark ominous voice reverated in her head, her mind turned completely black and her conscious faded.


“Fuu….It has been hundreds of years ever since I gained an actual physical body”


The one who took over the Allure’s body looked at Blonde Haired hero as if she was looking at a dumb mutt.


“Come, Let’s go, My Tamed Beast . Blonde Haired hero. Destroy this castle together. I Dark grand Magician Marisa shall bestow punishment for putting me into a confinement. ”


Toward the word from Allure who's being controlled by Marissa, Blonde Haired Hero answered with a roar.


His appearance was no longer that of a human, rather a magical monster, with a body of a bear, tail made of Orochi.


……...The First imperial princess’s mood worsened as she heard the news


“This time...Marissa….was...revived….”


Dark Grand Magician Marissa


She was once crowned as the strongest magician in the world, but because of her greed for power, she lost to the demon’s temptation and fell to the dark side. Thus, in order to deal with her, who has turned berserk, the entire population of magicians sacrificed their life. In the end successfully sealing her in the sealed stone, where it was kept guarded in the same room as the Devil’s one. It was supposedly the most guarded place in the entire kingdom.


“Most likely...because of the Devil breaking the seal, the seal for Marissa was weakened…”


The first imperial princess, were racking her brain in search for the reasons, however a sudden intrusion of the guard woke her from deep thinking.


“Your highness, please escape from this place as soon as possible! Marissa is heading toward this direction while destroying everything in the castle”


Hearing the guard’s word, First imperial Princess stood up from the seat and left the throne room.


...A few moments later


“..this place is?”

The First Imperial Princess who teleported here with a few guards and magicians looked around while feeling anxious.


“..It seems like the teleportation led us to this Houtarou town”

Listening to the Magician’s report, First imperial Princess looked around.


“For now, let's enter the town. This place stands out too much”

Persuaded by the Guards, the party heads inside the town.


“Found ya”

Inside of the party member’s minds, a dark ominous telepathy flooded in.


“I won’t let anyone from the castle leave unscathed”


In the blue sky a ripple started forming and from there a Blonde haired hero who turned into the monster appeared with a Marissa on top of him.


“Now, you people, hand over your lives!”


Saying so Marissa laughed hysterically.


“'re blocking the way”

To her surprise a male's voice were heard behind the First imperial princess.

At the same time the ripple in the air closed and Marissa and Blonde haired hero disappeared into air.


“Lys, where should we go eat after we finish with the business?”


“A food is nice but….I want to go to the inn for a rest”


Saying so the woman’s face turned bright red and looked at the man.


“I guess...I don’t the reason to deny, but we shouldn’t go overboard, ok?”


Saying so the unknown man while laughing looked at the first imperial princess who couldn’t comprehend what was happening and


“Aa, Good Afternoon”


Greeted nonchalantly as he entered the town.

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