Chapter 29 Dark Cloud

“...Su...such atrocity…...”


The First imperial princess hearing the report from the magician fell from the throne.


Right after the incident, the Princess asked for the consultation from the government officials and people vis-a-vis how to persuade Furio to be the real hero.


From the consultation, the princess found out about the atrocity commited by the magician in regards to how they treated one of the summoned one.


What the magician told her was that, there is a high probability that Furio was the summoned person who’s real name is Banaza, and the same person who was exiled from the castle due to him being too weak to fit the prerequisite.


The magicians under the currently unconscious king’s secret order, coated Furio with beast luring magic and threw him into the beasts’ den.


Due to the secrecy of the order, not many in the castle knew about it, only few important magicians and the officials were well informed about it.


“Concealment magic coated on me must’ve been detected and seen through by sir Furio, since these kinds of magics must be a child’s play for the true hero like him. If that’s true than he definitely noticed that I’m the princess...”


There is no way he will agree to become the hero…...


Princess felt helpless as she realized the severity of the problem.


…….Inside the room inside the Demon King’s castel…..


“Big brother has gone senile?”


Demon Lord Gaul’s brother from a different mother,Yuiguard the tyrant, shouted in surprise.


“Sir Yuiguard this is inside the castle...we never know when the Silent Ear is listening to us. Please hammer down.”


Succubus Fufun, the Yuiguard’s attendant, rushed to calm down Yuiguard out of precaution.


But, Yuiguard ignored it and Stood upright.


“I can’t keep this facade anymore! Why! That big brother of mine went out of his way out of the  castle, only to befriend a lowly human!”


He burst forth with anger as he walked left and right.


“...In the information I received, he is trying to befriend a human who was supposed to be the real hero...Maybe the demon lord is trying to avert the inevitable battle against the hero by attaining his trust?”


“You’re saying, just for that stupid reason he became turned into an imbecile!”


Yuiguard kicked the wall out of frustration and the wall crumbled apart.


“What’s the point of befriending him? We are proud demons, for us to go out of our own volition to befriend a mere human? If he is the hero, eliminating him would be easier and definitely smarter! We do not need such caution with our great army, we could easily crush the humans if we just attacked now! What about you, do you think I’m wrong!!!”


“Well said sir! Sir Yuiguard’s words is filled with wisdom and nothing but truth. ”


Fufun nodded in agreement and understanding.


“Maybe the time has come for me to dethrone my big brother  and become the true demon king who proceeds to annihilate the lowly humans!”


“Wait a minute Sir Yuiguard. If you suddenly acende the throne, some may gone wary and oppose us….”


Fufun leaned toward Yuiguard’s ear and started telling him in a hushed tone with great confident.


As Fufun went on to explain her plan, Yuiguard’s mouth curved in to a smile.


“I understand! I will give you the authority to commence this mission! Do as you please!”


“Understood, Sir Yuiguard”

Fufun bowed feeling pleased with herself and teleported out.


Yuiguard who were left alone in the room laughed like a maniac.




...In Houtarou town…….


”I see that Varissa has an interest for a martial arts, am I wrong?”


In a corner of the restaurant inside the town, Demon King Gaul was having a lunch together with the Furio’s group.


He was sitting and drinking the tea while nodding his head looking very pleased.


“That…that, rather than an interest…..Its kind of something I love and…."


Varissa who sat across the Demon King, looked anxious with fear as she tried her best to smile.


This contrast in their mood, is because Varissa knows that the person infront of her is the dreaded Demon King, and she believes he is here to kill her. Her fear couldn’t be hidden, as her hands were shaking as it continuously spilt the water in the glass.


Unlike what one might believe, Demon King comprehended it very differently.


….Hou, even at time like this, she is well prepared to unleash her sword anytime…as expected of Varissa…


“Swordsmanship is rather useless in real battle, however, it has an intrinsic value in its beauty.”


Furio who sat in the same table, continue the conversation trying support them, while smiling brightly.


It was obvious for the people in Furio’s group that ever since Gozaro met with Varissa, showed a clear sign of the desire to talk more with her. However, he lacked the ability to express it in words, and thus the conversations started by Gozaru was always awkward in nature. Therefore, Furio, knew of such and tried to give a helping hand.


Gozaru who was feeling delighted and Varissa who was feeling terrible.


“…The difference in the temperature is…immense...”


“Hawawa….That is very true…...”


Lys and Bily who was sitting in a chair a bit further from them looked at them while smiling bitterly.


Lys, who knew the Demon King’s personality, since she once worked for him, felt really strange towards the sight of Demon King’s emotion being spilt out like a little kid.


A demon with harmless aura came approaching the Demon King.


“..Sir Gaul, I’m sorry for disrupting your talk but,”

“it’s Gozaru”


“…I’m sorry sir Gozaru…there is an emergency message from Miss Uliminus…"


“What requires her to send a messenger? Just say the business in here”


“…Yes sir, sir Yuiguard has rebelled….he claimed to be the true demon lord appointed by the Evil God"


Listening to the demon, Gozaru’s eyebrows scrunched.


“The Evil God?”

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