Chapter 30 The True Demon King

 …In Yuiguard’s abode...


Yuiguard, was listening to Fufun’s report on the accomplishment of the mission tasked upon her and the next steps for the mission.


Currently, Demon King Gaul is stronger in personal strength when compared to Yuiguard.


“.....we have to do that and that…..And, to overpower Gaul, we must utilize the Evil god’s sacrificial ritual”


Evil god’s sacrificial ritual is a ritual that calls upon the power that exists in a different realm, the realm of Darkness, which contains a higher quality mana, thus enabling an immense power up in strength.


This kind of magic that calls upon otherworldly mana, is what the Dark Magician Marissa used, however this ritual is several times stronger due to the sacrifice it uses.


“Doesn’t the ritual’s effect wear off really quickly?”


“Yes, this is why we will pre-chant it, but complete the chant right before the battle with Gaul. This method will allow the most efficient and make the most out of the ritual. Whatever, the next move is, all depends on you Sir Yuiguard!”


“You can count on me! I, Yuiguard shall surpass Gaul and become the true demon king!”


Yuiguard laughed narcissitically, and Fufun bowed.


Behind Fufun, two humans were lying on the floor one of which were struggling to escape. They were captured to be used as a sacrifice for the ritual.


“nn! nnnn!! (release me! I am not a human who will die in a place like this!)”



Demon King Gaul has 3 God Class subordinates, called Trinity God

  • Snake Queen Yoru-Meet

  • Death Horse Slape

  • Double-Headed Bird Fugy/Mugy


The three gathered in one of the secret rooms in the Demon King’s castle, where they were talking about the message they receive from Fufun about Yuiguard’s plan on the ascendance to the throne.


The plan was to abdicate the Demon King Gaul through ritualistic duel that determines the true Demon King.


Despite the fact that three were still completly loyal to the Demon King Gaul and were apprehensive of Yuiguard’s personality, the recent attitude of the Demon King Gaul were making them feel a little upset.


Yoru-meet said, “…these days Sir Gaul has been a bit too easy going…"


The Trinity God all nodded in agreement. The recent departure of the Demon King from his castle to meet with mere human, were a well known fact in the castle.


“Sir Gaul has changed, he weren’t like this before. The old him would’ve just resulted to violence to completely eliminate the enemy, not talk with him. ”


Slape said in frustration, while the others nodded in complete agreement.


“We should aid Yuiguard in his ascendance to the throne temporarily, maybe then, Sir Gaul will realize the severity of the situation and change back to his old ways” x2


Fugy-Bugy’s words sealed the deal for the three’s next course of action. The three didn’t have a shred of belief that Yuiguard will win against Gaul. They thought that, after Gaul defeated Yuiguard, they could just swear their loyalty back to Gaul. All in hopes of waking up Sir Gaul from his current careless self.



Other, direct subordinates of Gaul agreed on the decisions made by the trinity gods, and showed an optimistic attitude towards the whole ordeal.


“Are you guys dumb-nya? He won’t accept this nya! You guys don’t know the consequence of your actions nya!!!!!!! ”


However, they were met with strong opposition from Uliminus and the silent ears.


Even though Uliminus frantically opposed the decision, the Trinity Gods imprisoned her in belief that she will disturb the ritual.



…….Present time in the Demon King’s throne room…….


Yuiguard faced off against the current Demon King, Gaul.


“Big brother…no Gaul! Your foolish acts has disappointed us and your subordinate, incurring their betrayal! What do you have to say about it!“


Behind Yuiguard, Fufun and the trinity gods were standing looking at Gaul. Fufun was ready to kill the sacrifice at any given point, with her swords pointed at the two captured humans.


“Gaul, your luck ends today! Come, let us start the duel and see who is most worthy for the Demon King’s position!”

Yuiguard was laughing with complete confidence.


Against this, Gaul raised his hand.


“Wait, can you stop for a bit”


“Wha…what? Are you begging for your life now that you realized you will die!”


“I have no such thoughts but..what do you mean by the foolish acts?”


“You….at times like this dare to act like you know nothing!?


You instead of eliminating the hero, went out of your own way to befriend him.


You goes in and out of the castle as you please.


Even for the invasion of the Humans, you gave them mercy by stopping the march mid way!


if this is not foolish, what is foolish!? "


“…I see, these are the so called foolish acts”


Gaul glared at the trinity gods and the direct subordinates who stood around the Yuiguard’s side. Cleary demonstrating their position in this matter. Towards this betrayal, Gaul’s eyes contained great fury as he felt truly maddened.


Being glared at by such intense glare, even the most powerful soldiers the Trinity Gods felt their back get drenched with sweat.


I…I already knew it but…as expected of Sire Demon King Gaul…..

The Trinity gods felt scared but at the same time overjoyed at the reaffirmation of their demon king’s strength.


Come, vent your anger against Yuiguard and defeat him to reaffirm your position as the true Demon king!


While at it maybe order us to exterminate human race


If you do so, we will support you with everything we got!


Gaul looked around one last time.


Gaul swallowed mouthful of air and calmed himself.


“..I understand. I will accept my punishment and abdicate from being the Demon King”


He took off the bracelet, the symbol for his authority and threw it to Yuiguard.


“I’ve been in your care everyone. See ya”


That was the last word from Demon King Gaul and the word that birthed the new Demon King Yuiguard.


Everyone in the hall were dumbfounded at the turn of event as they stood still with their jaws dropped.


The two humans who were captured to be the sacrifice were, Blonde Haired Hero and Allure.

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