Chapter 31 The Aftermath

Uliminus threw the ring, that displayed her status as the subordinate of the Demon king, against Yuiguard.


“Who the f*ck would want to become your subordinate nya!”


“Yo, You rude bastard!”


Uliminus just ignored him and activated a smoke screen as she disappeared from the place without leaving behind any trail.


Not long after, the subordinates of Uliminus, the members of the Silent Ear started their entourage of returning the ring and not leaving their position in the Demon King’s army.


“Funn, espionage are the thing cowards do. Hiding in the shadow because of their inability to put up an actual fight, they are imbeciles with no real abilities!”


Yuiguard was feeling frustrated and commented how egregiously weak and cowardly the Silent Ear was.


Proceeding on with his claims, he ordered for a war against the Humans.


Unfortunately for Yuiguard, the Demon King’s army were met with the worst defeat in the history against the Humans.


The demon king’s army marched on without any scouts, thus were assailed by large amount of traps,: such as pitfalls, falling rocks, and ambushes. This led to an overwhelming casualty of over ⅔ of the entire army: ⅓ dead, ⅓ injured. Thus, they weren’t even able to reach the castle walls as they retreated without a fight.


“Why...Why would my army meet with such decisive loss….”


Yuiguard trembled with anger and punched the throne he was sitting on, multiple times.


“Oi Fufun! Why did this happen! What’s the reason!?”


“Fr...from my guess...they set up more traps and scouts compared to the time in Gaul’s…..because they were frightened by sir’s powerful military might...”


“More than the bastard’s reign? But when that bastard Gaul invaded they didn’t even suffer from a single scout or the traps? How the fuck are you gonna explain that?”


“Ha…...From my guess….it must’ve been because Gaul was somehow lucky enough not to encounter them….”


Demon King Goul used to send out many scouts before marching the army into the enemy’s territory to locate the traps and ambushes that the humans might’ve laid down. Thus, during his ruling period, they evaded most of the traps and ambushes.


Since Uliminus and her espionage organization, Silent Ear was an elite group, they executed the mission seamlessly without mistakes, enabling complete disabling and dismantling of the traps.


“....Tch. If it’s a bad luck than there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to increase the size of the army and decimate them in instant.”


“Ha! Sir is wise with his great plans”


The current demon king’s army failed to realize the true reason for their loss.



There was another factor that led to the utter destruction of the demon king’s army.


“You’re the first imperial princess, the person with the most power in this kingdom right?”


The Princess stood up and went into defensive position, ready to parry any attacks by the intruder.


“I am a demon ninja called Glenial, I am a disciple of Sir Furio and a subordinate of Mrs Uliminus”


The Princess, sighed in relief, hearing that the intruder were Glenial, a follower of Sir Furio, which were first known in her visit to the Houtarou Town during the investigation of Furio.


Glenial listed out her terms

  • We, the silent ear are antipathetic toward the current Demon King, hence we are willing to assist the fight against him.

  • We won’t become an official ally but, we will provide information, destruction, abush and diversion against the enemy.

  • We require appropriate reward for the job

  • This contract will be kept secret between the silent ear and princess


Despite feeling a little hesitant, Princess agreed to the conditions. Thus this agreement between the Silent Ear and the Princess, mechanized the further loss of the Demon King’s army


...thanks to Sir Furio’s disciple we were able to gain decisive victory.


The princess, thought that the help from Furio was the only reason for their victory. Thus in order to return the favour, Princess made a decisive decision to abdicate the current king who was still in recuperation together with his direct subordinates; mostly composed of magicians. They were pushed with the crime of “Disrespecting the hero” and other multiple crimes that were found in the castle.


This represented the birth of the new Queen in the Kingdom of CryRoad. In reaction to this new queen, there wasn’t any opposition to it, since it was right after her successful expedition in repelling the demon king’s invasion.



While the Demon king was busy dealing with their loss from their battle against the humans, an unexpected trouble occurred inside their castle.


Someone has intruded the castle’s treasury, and escaped with some of the treasures with him. This happened due to the incompetence of Yuiguard as he brought along every troops and force he could muster into the invasion, not even leaving behind guards to protect the castle.




“Hah, look at that, suckers”


The Blonde haired blonde haired ex-hero laughed hysterically as he carried Allure while running in the forest.


Few days ago, the two escaped to the forest to escape from the pursuers sent by the kingdom, however they were captured by the demon lord army to be used as a sacrifice.


Luckily they managed to escape death since the duel didn’t actually happen, and they were under confinement inside the castle. Once more to their luck, Yuiguard was incompetent, leaving behind little to no manpower in the castle allowing the two to escape therir confinment. However, merely escaping didn’t make the ex-hero to be happy, thus they entered the treasury to steal some items.


“I told you that I am not a man who will die so easily! Get rekt suckers!”


Leaving this word behind, they escaped into the depths of the forest.


He has not yet noticed the strange light the treasure  he stole from the castle emitting.



Demon King Yuiguard, who lost all his prestige after so many failures shouted in anguish.


“Argh! It’s all because I was unlucky! Damn you worthless fools!”


Yuiguard stood up from the throne and slashed the air with his sword multiple times to bent his anger.


“I should increase the morale of the demon lord army by having a bloodbath with the blood of the human who that bastard tried to befriend!”


“Ha...That is perhaps the best expected from Sir Yuiguard”


Fufun bowed on her knees.


“Now Fufun! Where is that human! Let’s greet him with this sword of mine!”


“Ha...umm….Sir Yuiguard...doesn’t know of his location?”

“No clue”


Toward such honest answer from Yuiguard, Fufun’s body started getting drenched with sweat.


“..Fufun...Are you saying you don’t know too?”


“Ha...u, um...I apologize for my uselessness”


During Demon king Goul’s time, the only people who knew of the conducts of Gaul was Uliminus and the Silent Ear.


Demon King Yuiguard ordered Fufun to search for that human. However, since Silent Ear was disbanded, there really wasn’t anything she could do.


“...wha….what should I do...”

She was forced to have a headache over this matter.




Furio and Lys who held each other’s hands was walking in the town street as usual, however they were met with a familiar presence.


“Oh? Hello there, mr Gozaru”


The former Demon King Gaul, currently Gozaru, also held his right hand to greet back


To be continued...

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