Chapter 32 The Bothersome People

“I’m home! Today’s catch was good!”


Varissa came back with her companion, the single horned rabbit Saber, looking grealy elated with her catch.


“Humu, that is great”


To Varissa’s surprise, in front of her the former demon king Gaul was sitting in the living room drinking tea.


Gaul, currently going by with the name of Gozaru, raised an admiritive voice in reaction to Varrissa’s proclamation.


As for Varissa, as soon as she saw Gaul, she made a supreme escape from the house to the outside.


“Wh….why is the demon the house”


Varissa who couldn’t comprehend the situation was drenched in sweat, trembling as she looked dumbly at the entrance door.


Contrary to what people might expect from seeing a sudden escape, Gozaru felt great admiration toward the agile movement utilized by Varissa.


….fumu, a fast body maneuver as always….as expected of Varissa, someone worthy of my respect…


Gozaru with his strange perspective to his daily ordeal, nothing to be surprised about.



Gozaru walked to Houtarou town as he made detours visiting human cities after cities. He purposely didn’t use the teleportation magic and walked to the city, which caused him to be lost several time but he somehow managed to get to this town after asking for the direction from many people.


“I wanted to know how it feels like to be a normal human you know, it didn’t really go as I planned it to be.”


Despite how casually Gozaru dismissed his story, when the family listened to it in detail, they were amazed since according to the story, Gozaru took a journey that would take a normal person a whole year, in a few days.


Gozru joined the dinner with the Furio household, as there weren’t anywhere Gozaru could go to.


“I don’t have anyone I know other then mr Furio and this household….I might be a nuisance but can I live here for some time?”


He bowed in courtesy and asked to be allowed in the house for a prolonged amount of period.


To this Varissa desperately tried to reject it with her face looking like she was about to cry but Lys rebuked her saying, “are you really thinking of kicking out the Gozaru-san who is in need of help?” Forcing Varissa to swallow her words.




…Finally…I was able to reach here nya


Uliminus, the hellfact, was hiding in the shade of the tree in the close proximity to Furio’s house  as she sighed feeling helpless.


Sir Gaul has really poor sense of direction nya…When I thought he was going to the Houtarou town nya…he suddenly went on to the direction completely opposite to it nya.


Uliminus used her listening magic to confirm that Gaul was indeed planning to go to the Houtarou Town, and thus, she decided to help Gaul get there.



“I guess I should go find somewhere I can stay for the night nya”


With that said Uliminus was about to go out and search for the place she would be staying for the night.


“Aa, Uliminus you were here?”


Gozaru appeared behind her and grabbed her by her neck.


“U…Unya!? Sir Gaul!?”


Uliminus couldn’t understand what was going on as she struggled to be free from the sudden captivity.


“It is Gozaru. I thought I detected a demon’s presence so I came out only to find out that it was you. What are you doing here?”


“Nya…nyathing nya!? It was just coincidence nya!! Coincidence nya!! I just happened to pass by nya!!”


“Oh well, it doesn’t matter. It’s already late at night, how about you stay for a night at Furio’s house with me. Of course I already got the permission”


“Unya!? I, I, I, I will camp out around here nya. You don’t have to worry nya”


Gozaru easily carried Uliminus who was struggling and brought her to the house.


In the end, she was basically forced to stay the night in Furio’s house.


Since Lys and Uliminus knew each other from their time in the demon king’s army, it was decided Uliminus would be sleeping in Lys’s room.


“…Hey, Uliminus. You’re still awake?”


“...I’m already asleep nya…"


“I guess it’s fine if you are sleeping…than just think of this as me talking to myself. Uliminus, you used to like Gozaru right? Do you still love him?”


“…I already forgot nya…"


“Was it you who helped Gaul when he got lost…?”


“…I don’t know nya…"


“Wasn’t it for Gozaru that you came here?”


“..I have no idea what you are talking about nya..”


“…Are you fine with Gozaru dating Varissa?”


“I won’t let him be taken by that stupid human nya….a…"


Lys looked at Uliminus who stood up in anger, teasingly.


Uliminus who realised she was played through, blushed and went back inside her blanket, trying to hide away from her current predicament.


“…I was sleep talking nya…you shouldn’t think too much nya…"


Unfortunately for her she was teased the entire night by Lys.


…..A Few Days Later…..


Uliminus was able to open a miscellaneous store in the outskirts of Houtarou town.


“…I am really thankful for your support in opening this shop nya...”


Uliminus thanked Furio, who invested some of his money in helping her in opening the business despite being penniless.


Such a bothersome tsundere she was.


Many of the Silent ear member who were scattered around the region, were able to find Uliminus through this shop.


With the money Furio invested as a starting line, the Silent Ear members went and got the materials around the country and started selling it. Thanks to the varieties of rare items being sold in the shop, it prospered.


“I think Gozaru should also work to gain some experience in regards to the life in the world, what do you think?”


Furio made a proposal and Gozaru followed it as he soon started working in this very shop.


“Fu…Furio, tha, tha, thank you for introducing a very useless person, ve, ve, very much, nya…..”


Uliminus thanked Furio while looking the other way.


Haah, really a bothersome tsundere.


However, Gozaru himself also suggested an idea.


“I’m not really used to this world so I would like some helping hand”


“….wha….why should it ….be… me….pleassss….."


Uliminus’s mood turned sour after Gozaru nominated Varissa to help him . However, she couldn’t stop it from happening as the decision has been made.


Thus, despite ups and downs, the demon King and the silent ear found their way into the lifestyle of the Houtarou Town.




…At the same time in Demon King’s Castle


“EEiI! You still can’t find that human’s whereabout! Aaa Fufun!”


“I…I’m very sorry, sir Yuiguard”


Demon King Yuiguard was causing ruckus as his subordinate failed to pinpoint the whereabouts of Furio.


Trinity Gods were watching this play out in front of them.


“…We were too rush..”




They were feeling deep regret in joining the Demon King Yuiguard and his ascendance to the throne.

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