Chapter 39 People who act behind the scene

“’s located in that place”


Glenial, the former member of demon king’s espionage organization silent ear, currently the representative for stocking goods for the shop in the castle town, whispered to another member of the former silent ear member.


Today was the day the silent ear got ahold of the information regarding the location of the hidden organization that circulated fake and/bad goods in the castle town. Thus, the silent ear planned to exterminate these vermins once and for all.




Following Glenial’s signal, the group merged with the darkness and rushed into the building, of what was deemed the secret base of the opponent organisation.


The group creeped inside the building through the ventilation duct, as planned, however, while Glenial was crawling through the duct, a guillotine fell, blocking the way.




Glenial was able to dodge the guillotine that was about to chop off her head, as she instinctively crawled backwards with full strength in hair’s breadth of time. However, the problem laid further than that. This meant a failure in detection of a trap, by the all famous magic ninja. Ninja that were supposed to be well versed in all kinds of trap detection and dismantling.


Genial, judged that since the trap activated, the enemy must’ve been notified of their invasion, and thus changed to plan b, to force their way in and whistled loudly as a signal.


With her whistle as a signal, the members emerged out of the darkness and gathered at the front of door. As soon as all the members gathered at the door, they barged in ready to cause ruckus.


However, to their surprise, the room was emptied with a corpse of the information provider on the chair in the center of the room.


Genial clicked her tongue in anger as she realized she was outwitted by the enemy. In fear that there might be an ambush or any more traps, she retreated out of the building.


….At the same time in certain building’s room…


“It was exactly what you told me. If we were even half day later we would’ve been caught”


A crystal showing the live footage of Glenial’s invasion, was placed infront of this man.


“I told you right...kekeke. As long as you guys don’t betray us we will protect you guys….it’s that kind of contract we signed, after all...kekeke”


The man smiled fearlessly against the menacing man who had the appearance of a demon, that stood in front of him gloating over their strength.




“Why is this happening? Aa? Fufun, tell me!!”


Demon king Yuiguard shouted in irritation agains his subordinate Fufun, the succubus.


As a custom in the newly succeeded demon king to call upon the chiefs of respective regions in order to celebrate his ascension and at the same time to swear their loyalty to the new Demon King.


Many showed dissatisfaction openly, but they swore loyalty and celebrated Yuiguard of his success at dethroning Gaul.


However, chief of the western region didn’t attend his inauguration, not even a representative nor an envoy was sent.


“I’m sorry, Yuiguard sama. I’ve already sent an envoy to question their disrespect in their absence to this important occasion.”


Fufun, prostrated on floor and reported what she had done to try and resolve this issue.


Yuiguard merely snorted and frowned with his arms crossed while staring daggers at the ceiling.


These guys from the western region has been rebellious even during my brother’s reign...


“Oi, western region’s chief is fox demon right?”

“Yes sir, it is ruled by the demon fox sisters, gold and silver fox”


Yuiguard became annoyed recalling their pretentious faces.


“I smell something suspicious”

“Ha? Ano? Do I smell? Umm, I shower everyday so.....”

“Shut up!? I’m not talking about you!”


Yuiguard punched Fufun, who started sniffing her body in panick.


A tsukkomi without any mercy.




“I believe someone or some group from demon race lent a helping hand to the enemy, since even the prideful Genial were outwitted.”


Uliminus nodded in agreement.


“Even though we destroyed one of their bases in castle town, the actual enemy ran away nya, meaning they will resume their activity soon nya”


“Ms Owner and Mr Teacher, we will definitely not make the same mistake again! We are currently in midst of gathering more information, this time with more precaution as to not get caught beforehand.”


Genial reported their next move, and bowed deeply in apology.


“Anyhow, it has been a while Glenial. I’m happy to see that you are well”

“I am not eligible to hear such word...I can’t find any words to describe my gratitude”


Glenial literary cried, hearing Furio’s pleasantries.


“Report to me when you find some clue nya and inform the members to keep an eye out for danger, since the demons might be involved nya.”


“Ha, I shall keep that in mind”


“Mr Furio, We finished preparing the usual one nya”


Uliminus pointed at the barrel located in one of the corner of the shop.


“Thanks for this every time. It really helps”


“...From what I know mistress is still not pregnant right?”


“It’s still unknown. But she won’t stop with  her nagging of “we must keep a stockpile of this!” and doesn’t listen ”


Saying so Furio smiled bitterly


The barrel was filled with le~mon.


Lys read in one of her book that when someone becomes pregnant they start craving for sour foods, and thus she asked Uliminus to supply her with the barrel full of Le~mon every single day.


“I guess I might be forced to build a storage just for these Le~mons soon”


Furio smiled bitterly as he carried the barrel.

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