Chapter 27 The Ending


The Devil who reigns over light and darkness


Listening to the woman's introduction, Marissa’s became astonished.


Only the one who, rules over every light and dark magic, are allowed to call him/herself this name and infront of this devil, any magic human uses has no meaning against it.


….no no no , impossible….this is outright impossible, even if its true, I the Dark grand magician Marissa will......


“I don’t have any reason to f*cking lose!!!”


From Marissa’s arms a black aura birthed and covered the Beastial blonde haired hero’s lying body.


The Beastial beast blonde haired hero who absorbed the aura, grew larger in size and stood up than roared.


The aura surpassed the worldly limit and a very Vicious mana radiated from the World of Darkness, and such power poured inside the Beastial blonde haired hero.


“Motherfucker, you might be a fucking devil whos unbound by the worldly rule, but I also threw away my humanity and became Dark grand magician. I don’t fucking feel like losing”

Marissa laughed hysterically as she sat on the shoulder of the giantified


“…A human who have fallen to despair usually talks alot”

Saying so Hiya extended her arms and


“However, it seems like you might have a bit of strength, I should use a some power then.”


As she was speaking

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