Chapter 29 Dark Cloud


“...Su...such thing happened….”


The First imperial princess hearing the report from the magician fell from the throne.


Afte the Marissa’s incident, First imperial princess asking for a consultation from the castle’s people as to how she would be able to have Furio become a official Hero.


And while doing so, The first imperial princess heard of the new from a magician who looked blue with no blood.


what she heard from this magician was, that Most likely Furio was a summoned person whose real name was Banaza and he was exiled from the castle as he failed to meet the mark of hero.


They threw him to the place where beasts reside, while being coated with a beast lure magic so that he can dies sooner.


All this was done by a secret order from the now unconscious king, and this is only known to the king and some small part of the magicians.


“..Concealment magic….for Furio it is but a child play to notice it...of course he can trace it back too….”


Even if we asked him to become the true hero, there is no way he will consent to this…


First imperial princess realized that the real reason for Furio to deny her request for him to become the true hero. 

She fell in daze feeling dumbfounded.

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