Chapter 30 The True Demon King


Yuiguard the Tyrant, was listening to Fufun who finished with all the preparation.

As for now, Demon King Gaul is winning slightly with his strength compared to Yuiguard

“So, we will do the Evil god’s super hybrid ritual”

Evil god’s Super hybrid, 

 it is a ritual using, A place which surpasses the worldly power, and further away exists a Darkness world, and from there they bring in the wicked mana to improve one’s power by a large margin.

The same kind of cursed magic the dark grand magician Marissa used -Evil God’s improved ability-, and it is a superior one in which requires a sacrifice.

“But, that cursed magic, has a really fast duration wasn’t it?”

“yes, thats why we will be finished with the chant before hand. doing so just before the battle with Gaul, we can make a ritual of giving the sacrifice and be able to fully utilise the magic duration to its fullest. …..whats left is all up to you Sir Yuiguard’s power”

“I understand! I, Yuiguard shall surpass Goul and become the true demon king”

To Yuiguard who laughed manically, Fufun lightly bowed.

Behind her, was a captured and brought in humans who will be used for a sacrifice, a male and female who is bound by the dark spider’s web, laying on the floor

nn! nnnn!! (release me! I am not a human who will die in a place like this!)

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