Chapter 31 The Aftermath


Against the new Demon king Yuiguard,


“Who the fuck would want to become your subordinate nya!”


Uliminus threw the ring which was the symbol of the demon king’s subordinate toward Yuiguard.


“Yo, You rude bastard!”

Toward Yuguard who became furious, Uliminus activated a smoke screen and disappeared from the place.


Soon after, everyone who was the subordinate of Uliminus, the members of the episonage silent ear started visiting the demon lord castle to return the ring, and left.


Yuguard who became irritated over this,


“Funn, episonage are the thing for cowards do. Hiding in the shadow because of their inability, they are a group of cowards who can’t do shit”

He without caring for it, order the invasion of the Crylord castle.


However, For the first time in the history, Demon’s army lost a crushing defeat against the humans.


Marching demon lord’s army fell to the many traps of Cryload army such as the pitfalls and falling rocks, plus the several ambushes lead to the result of the Demon lord Army to lose ⅓ of the soldiers, and more than ⅓ of the rest of the army were injured. So they were not even able to reach the castle walls and was forced to retreat.


“Why...why did this happen….”

Yuiguard who was sitting in the throne, was trembling with anger and punched the chair many times.


“Oi Fufun! Why did this happen! What is the reason!?”


“Fr...from my guess...they settled up more traps and scouts because….they were afraid of your overwhelming power...”

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