Chapter 32 the Bothersome People


“I’m am back! Today I was able to acquire quite a game!”

Varissa who came back from the hunt came inside the house looking elated with the single horned rabbit Sabea.


“Hou that is amazing”


And in her sight, was a Ex-Demon king Goul who was sitting in the living room chair drinking ea - His alias in human world is Gozaru- raised a admirative voice.




At the same time Varissa made a supreme escape from the house as she escaped back outside


“Wh….why is the demon lord….in the house”


The Varissa who couldn’t comprehend the situation became drenched with sweat while trembling in front of the entrance door.


As for the person inside the room,


….fumu, a fast body maneuver as always….worthy of respect…


Gozaru felt admiration toward the agile movement of the Varissa.

As always looking at some strange things in a strange way.


Gozaru who left the demon lord castle, walked nonchanantly on the road while taking stops in the cities, and reached the Houtrou city.


“I though of trying to enjoy being a normal person, however it didn’t go as I wanted”

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