Chapter 34 teaser



Inside Furio’s household, in the daily basis, every inhabitant in the house eat breakfast and dinner together in the living room.


Furio and Lys couple,

Varissa the Female Knight - at present: Sundry Goods UUGO clerk-

Broom the Female Knight - at preset: In process of cultivating the farm -

Bily the Archer -at present: Administering the ranch-


Single-horned Rabbit Sabea -Real Identity: Frantic Bear: pet and the proud member of the house security -


till now there lived six people and 1 pet, but few days ago new inhabitants moved in


Ex-Demon lord Goul Aka Gozaru -At present: Sundry goods store clerk-


Ex-Demon lord direct subordinate Uliminus -At present: sundry goods store manager-


and so with the two added, the meal is eaten together with 8 people and 1 pet.


As for Hiya the devil who rules over light and darkness, does not need any food to sustain herself so in times like this she usually busy herself within the spiritual world, training.


Strictly speaking, inside Hiya’s spiritual world exists a ex dark grand magician marissa’s soul and right now she is being (The visual imagery is too extreme to explain)


“Uliminus. I heard from Lys but, do you know where the Kinousa is located at?”

Furio threw the question at Uliminus while in a middle of the breakfast.


“Un? its in South nya, and it is not that far nyaway nya”


According to to Uliminus, you can reach there after climbing the mountain, but it is quite near if you calculate the distance by a straight line, so it is a place where you can easily teleport there using teleportation magic.


“If you are going than I can reserve a hotel nya?”

Since Uliminus told him this, Furio who agreed to it,

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