Chapter 28 Demon King meets Female Knight Part 2


“I….have no excuse nya….”


Uliminus the hellcat was on her knees as she was sweating non-stop in front of the Demon Lord Goul who was sitting on the throne.


“..Are you telling me that you have no idea about the mysterious magic’s activation in the east?”

Demon lord Goul asked the same question again to Uliminus.


Demon Army’s pride the episonage . Silent Ear

And Uliminus as a leader of it, is responsible of gathering the information by sending scouts all around the continent.




But the mysterious magic activation in the east land is the problem.


In that region there existed a Houtarou town, and she sent a Magic ninja Glenial there.


But that Glenial, when she thought she came back but then she started saying


“I want a approval for me to become a human’s disciple”


And she was being persistent about it so she was forced to be locked up in her room to cool her head.


Normally, she will send a replacement but because this time the Demon lord ordered for a grand search on Aapshow, there were no man power left in the place.


Plus it was a region with nothing eventful happening so, Uliminus left it be, but unfortunately this place became the place for the magic undulation.

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