Chapter 2 Kaito Dies and becomes a Ghost

The next day, I went to the dungeon as usual to search and pickup the magic stone. This place, commonly referred to as Ant’s nest, used to house a Gladiator Ant, a high ranking monster, but as of currently, it operates as a large maze like dungeon.

Graditor ant itself, has already been subjugated but the mana that has leached to underground from its corpse is producing mana stones. Even then, a big catch is scarce and lately, there has been a large decline in the adventurer who comes here, and most of the days I’m the only one here. Thanks to that, I can earn stable income and all, but the amount is decreasing every day.

“Aa~ Aa~, Man, how I wish I could find a big catch like yesterday”

I know saying it out loud wont do anything, but I can’t help myself. However, I don’t feel a shred of regret for giving the money to Sena. What really hurts is after giving her the money and visiting the tavern, I’ve probably spent a little too much. I ordered as much alcohol and meal and enjoyed as much as I can, by the time I noticed this tragedy has already occurred.


I should really repair the damage done by yesterday or else if I were to suddenly get injured or anything, my living standard will see a huge dip. This is one thing I can’t not do anything.


“Even then, It felt really amazing to eat that much meat in so long…..”


“Man, I really want to spend luxuriously like yesterday……… Alright, let's go search deeper today”


There would a lack of motivation if I were to work with a goal of saving the money. I continue picking the magic stones while going down the stairs with torch on one hand. On the way, I’ve encountered several monsters like slimes and ropers but, they were easily dealt with. While working hard here and then, I was able to gather quite a lot of magic stone.


Even then, it's not enough to refill the gap created by yesterday’s mistake. Oh well, if I work at this pace for a few more days, I would probably be able to take a breather. I felt a cold air and shuddered at a sudden change in atmosphere, just as I was about to turn back to leave.


“Wha, What’s happening?”


What awaited after the sudden mysterious bad feeling was a powerful shaking.


“Shit! Is it an Earthquake!”


The earth kept on shaking with powerful force, making me unable to stand on my own two feet as I fell on my knees. Not good, this earthquake is huge. If this continues, the dungeon may collapse and I might die in the debrees.  I need to get out as soon as possible.


However, as I tried to get on my two feet, I felt the ground disappear. I started falling in an instant, I couldn’t even shout for help or gasp for air. Right, because of the earthquake the ground crumbled apart.


As I fell into the dark abyss, entirety of my life flashed passed me. For some mysterious reason, I felt no fear or even anxious. Aah, it might be because, my mind has already realized that there is no point of return, and my death is inevitable. All I felt was sadness for my unrewarding life. I who fell from the height that even a soft surface wouldn’t be able to save me, crushed my body and I died.



The head’s inside has leaked outside, while all my arms and legs are broken as it looked at random direction. I floated as I watched my tragic body’s condition.


“This is awful. So this is how human will turn out to be after falling from a high height”


I subconsciously spilt a comment that were more like talking about other people’s business, and proceeds to scrutinize my current situation. My body is this floating little transparent bulb.


“Did I actually went and became a ghost…..”


A living organism’s soul, without its original container would disperse, but in an environment with high mana concentration, there exists cases where the soul turns into a ghost, an undead type monster.


In reality, the place where I dropped the ant’s nest’ underground, has comparatively high mana concentration. It's to the point where a crystalized mana, the magic stones spread far and wide, and covers the entirety of the wall. From the high quality of the stone, a fleeting light enables a visibility in this enormous space with no external light reaching.


I subconsciously thought that if I sold all this high quality magic stones, it would make a huge sum of money, but in the end it's of no business to me who has already died.


“.....For now, I should try and do something about it”


If a soul that has transformed into a ghost stays as it is, it will lose consciousness and starts attacking the other living organisms. I definitely do not want to be such a disturbing and damning creature.

Only people who can actually repair the current predicament would be the priests or the saint. I should get out of here while my sanity is still intact and gain help from them. They are the servants of god so as long as I cry and beg they should help out.


With that decided, let's get the hell out. I looked up at the hole I fell from and consciously told my body to float higher. Soon enough, my body accelerated higher and higher. Good, with this I might actually be saved. I could confirm since, I’ve listened and talked with a priest who experienced long-term contact with a human soul turned ghost.


It was true that ghost could fly as they please. Just like that, I’ve risen to quite a height. I suddenly got curious. I looked down without much thought, and to my great surprise a great discovery was made.


“What in the world is that….”


It was something I thought of, as a wall. But, when I looked at it from the high height, I realized it wasn’t a wall rather some humongous object. From this height, the whole body is blurry but, I can make an educated guess that it is a ship, with the outline.


No, it's more like a




than a ship?