Chapter 5 Kaito faces his younger self

I was guided by Balaina to the vivisection lab in order to restore my body.While on the way I was able to have a better look at the inside of the ship. In the corridor, there was a place like that of a shop, open plaza and even a residential area. Currently the places are in shambles but, It must’ve been a once crowded with people.


Now that I think about it, I’m currently moving through my own insides right? When you think about it, it feels kinda weird.


“We’ve arrived. This place is the vivisection lab. The restoration process has already began”


The place Balaina brought me in was a place filled with metallic casket like objects and complicated machinery. Most of the caskets seems to be open with nothing inside it, but , some is still in operation with it's lid closed.


“So is that the one?”


“Yes, that is the one. After about 1 hour it will be completed”


“One hour huh, It takes a bit of time.”


I got bored soon after, therefore I decided to float around wanderlessly.


Nevertheless, I’ve truly landed myself in a crazy situation. It’s not like I was forced to do anything or swore on any duty, but because so many things happened at once, my mind is just not being able to keep up.


For now, I should start slow and understand each things one by one.I didn’t become the hero like in the legends given the duty to eliminate the demon king. I should just think slowly and without any hurry, on what I’m going to do from now on.


To my surprise, while I was arranging my thoughts, I heard a footstep from behind. When I turned around to look at it, I saw a black wolf.


“Eeh!? Why is there a wolf in here!?”


“Please do not panic, Captain Kaito. It's me. Balaina”


“Balaina? Wh, why are have you become a wolf?”


“As I saw it as a good opportunity to create my own physical body, due to the convenience it creates in supporting you, the master; I searched for a body in the lab, and found that wolf was the only one that was properly refrigerated therefore I chose it.”


Bailain talked seamlessly with her mouth of the wolf in her new form.


“...Hee. How do you feel being inside a physical body?”


“It’s a wolf. Nothing more nothing less.”


What do you mean by it’s a wolf. I really wanted to retort but felt it to be too troublesome so I decided not to.


“Right, right, I forgot to inform you of something important”


I tilted my head, since Balaina saw a sudden change of tone.


“What is this, important information?”


“Indeed, Captain Kaito’s body will be restored. However, that body will only be a substitute body. Captain Kaito must understand that your real body is still and will be Toyokumo.”


“Your putting a strong emphasis on this. Is there some sort of problem with entering a new body?”


“It's hard to put it into words, but to put it simply, it may create a discrepancy. Please understand this through feeling.”


“To rely on feeling...isn’t it something important”


To Balaina’s vague words, I smiled bitterly, but I somewhat understood what she was trying to say. Basically, your trying to say that I’m no longer a human, right. So I should live with that in mind and live with this consequence.


Soon after, the restoration process for my body completed. The casket with a smoke, opened and from inside, a young boy appeared. It was the fifteen years old me.


“This is me from me during fifteen years old. …. Did I really had this kind of face?”


Even though I said that, it's not like I remember my appearance from 2 decades ago. With difficulty I could find parts that were similar to the current me, but mostly it felt completely like a different person. He looked like an unreliable youth, with a gender neutral face and a thin waist.


I do not know whether it's because of the influence from the restoration process or not, my ginger  hair seems to be overgrown, to the point that maybe if a person didn’t look at the crotch, they might  confuse me for a girl.


“Is this really me from my time as 15 years old…. Did I really look like this….”


“What is it, is there a problem?”


“No, it’s fine, there is no problem”


“Well then, for attaching the soul, we will use the system from this ship. Captain Kaito can just relax”


“Al, alright. I will leave it up to you”


As soon as Balaina closed her eyes as if sending telepathic command, my surrounding started to illuminate strongly.


“O, Oi. It's flashing weirdly, is this really fine?”


“It is fine. It will end soon. Please relax, you must be calm and relax your mind”


If you tell me to relax repeatedly, it make me rather unable to relax…. Ignoring my complaint,the light is getting stronger.


“Well then, the soul will attach to you. It might hurt a little but please bear with it.”


“Eh, it will hurt!? I didn’t hear about this!”


“Astral Body Metastasis system commence!”


“Hey don’t ignore me! Wait! Ouch, ouch ouccchhhhhh!”


In the next instant, my body was pervaded by an intense feeling of pain. What do you mean by little! It feels like my whole body is being pierced by thousands of needles!


“It f*cking Hurtsssssssssss!”


I screamed with all my might, being unable to endure the torture. That scream went a little high pitched for a man.



It seems like I’ve successfully attained the body. I can feel my feet touching the ground, and felt cold due to the outside temperature. As I got out of the casket, Balaina approached me.


“You are able to walk it seems. The attachment of the soul has been successful”


“...seems so”


I answered with a voice like that of a young girl, and scrutinized my body once more. I opened my palm and closed it repeatedly and jumped up and down. Despite the body looking so unreliable, I don’t really feel uncomfortable. RAther, I feel better in this new body than my old one. I feel like my body is lighter than ever, as if a wing grew on my back, and knowing that this is coming from my youth, I can’t help but feel happy.


“Captain Kaito, you must’ve took a liking to it”


“Your right, It's nicer than I thought it would be. It’s just that...”


I glared at balaina with grudge.


“Next time, tell me sooner if something will hurt or not”


“I will keep that in mind.”


I sighed to her blunt answer. I guess it's a waste of time to try and teach empathy to non-human.




“Achoo!...uuu, sneeze came out”


It's cold. Not to the point of shivering but, it's unbearable temperature to be in naked. If I stay like this I might catch a cold.


“Balaina, where did the clothes with the corpse go”


“I wonder what happened to it?”


“....Ha? No no, what do you mean?”


“Unn, Most probably, since it has been put together with the body inside the capsule, so it might’ve assimilated with the body during the process of reconstruction”


Hearing the truth, I was struck speechless. I understand if the clothes are gone, but is it really alright for the clothes to merge together with my body? I want to believe that it's fine….


“Oh well, let bygones be bygones, nothing I could do about it. So, is there any other clothes I can wear?”


“I’m have no knowledge, whether the clothes remained. This is because, according to the surrounding soil quality, it has been over 30 thousand year ever since the ship went into hibernate state.”


“So most of them became tattered with time...”


“However, we just might be able to find it on the data, but we might be able to find some if we search for them”


“So, basically I need to explore is what your telling me”


Thinking so, maybe it's because of my job as an adventurer, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Especially, we are going to explore the ship from the age of gods, it would be weird if I don’t feel excited.


I have a bit of resistance against walking around naked, but worrying about is weird when you keep in mind that this place is a space with no other people or even living organism.


“I understand. Then, let's go search for it. Aah, also is there food on board?”


“I’ve confirmed that there are food stored in the storage refrigeration. It has been stored in a frozen condition, there for to eat it is no problem..”


“Ou, that’s great”


Food is the most essential element in survival. I’m sure I won’t die because I’ve already merged with the ship, but it would be inconvenient if I can’t maintain my physical body. After clearing my worry, my motivation for the exploration increased.


“Yosh! Lets go Balaina!”


To my shout, Balaina answered with a howl.

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