Chapter 6 Kaito wears the Captain's uniform


“Hou~, it’s really comfortable! This will be easy! ”


I’m moving through the ship’s inside with an amazing speed, searching for the clothes that I can wear. I’m not running but riding this amazing plank that floats in the air. It’s something Balaina found for me. According to her it is something the people who used to live in the ship, used to utilize as a method of transportation and called it a Hover plate.


“I wonder how the people from the past used to live like?”


“Are you curious about it? If so, you can connect to the database and search for the information fo the past, later?”


“To connect with the Database? I don’t really like it since it makes me feel sick, you see….”


I know by connecting to the database, it would be easy to find out the information, but to feel like vomiting every single time I try to find out the information, my feeble heart wouldn’t last long. Especially now that I have the physical body, I would really vomit next time I sync to the database.


That’s why I put it into a manual mode so I don’t accidentally link up. This thing called manual mode, is a preset mode in the system that suspends the automatic search function, and I learned this from the first time I linked to the database.


Wit this mode, unless I manually command it know something, it wouldn’t flush your brain with information.


“I would love to link up with the system more often if it wasn’t this burdensome”


“Then how about procuring information through a different method. I know of a good one”


“Hou, I wonder what it's like”


I’m interested but for now searching for the clothes is higher in the todo list.


How long have I been moving. Soon after, we found a relatively preserved residential district. Unlike the houses I know well of, these houses weren’t made of bricks or a wood, and had a shape of a rectangular box. For a moment, I thought that these lacked the atmosphere that radiates from culture.


“Do you I can find the clothes here?”


“I’m not sure but, there should be some worth in investigating the place”


I jumped out of the hover plate and started exploring the house with Balaina.


“Ouch. Since I’m walking in barefoot, the fragments on the floor is poking me and it's painful. I can’t use the hover plate indoor so I want to find shoes first.”


“If so, you can ride me”


With that said, Balaina came towards me who were brushing off splinters on my leg and leaned downward.


“Ou! That will help me by a lot. I will count on you”


I mounted on Balaina to presume upon her benevolence. Despite added weight Balaina started walking with strong balance and without fumbling around. The feeling of her fur feels comfortable without it being prickly at all. A normal wolf wouldn’t have such soft furs, maybe it was created this way on purpose.


“Unn, There is none that I can actually wear”


We’ve already went through around four houses but found none of the clothes or shoes that we were searching for. There are clothes and shoes lying around but none are wearable with them being far too worn out.


As expected, I could find none that I can wear…. Even then, I can’t just walk around butt naked.


“Ah, this place”


As I entered my tenth house feeling down and worried, Balaina stopped by her feet so I tilted my neck in confusion.


“What is it? Did something happen?”


“This house is where the previous fleet captain used to live”


“Wha..for real?”


Towards this new information I couldn’t help but sigh with deep emotion. What can I say, Isuzu is the one who made me the current fleet captain of this ship.


How did she live 30 thousand years ago? Extraordinary primeval time - the age of gods. At a time when the civilization reached its peak, and owning this outrageous powerhouse that is, toyokumo, I wonder what she thought and accomplished.


I felt that I wanted to know more about Isuzu. However, to my surprise, her house was similarly worn down and collapsing just like other houses and leaving behind nothing that indicates her power.


I thought so but---


“Captain Caito, I’ve found it”


It was enshrined in the bedroom closet. A clothes dorn by the figurine, protected by a glass case.

A rather narrow and tight white jacket and pants. There is even the boots.


“This is man’s costume, but it does look awfully similar to the one worn by Isuzu”


“It is a uniform that the father of Isuzu, the former fleet captain wore. She must have placed the clothes on the spatial safekeeping device before leaving the ship. ”


“The uniform for Isuzu’s father? But, why would she do that?”


“I believe it is the same reason as to why they left the ship as it is”


“The same reason? Now that I think about it why did Isuzu left Toyokumo for someone to take?”


“Because it is her family”


I became surprised at Balaina’s words.


“Family? What do you mean?”


“To former captain, this ship that she was together for her entire life, was something that of a family to her. That’s why she didn’t want to put her into eternal sleep, and to let the ship wake up one day by someone.”


“I see.It’s an attachment, huh.”


“Yes if you put it plainly. That uniform, is the uniform for her beloved father and therefore has the same sentiment as to why it was left behind.”


“....I see”


“Well then, please unmount me since I will unlock the case”


I jumped off from Balaina’s back. Balaina, who was freed, rose on her own two feets and started doing stuff with her front legs on the glass case. Soon, the glass case automatically opened.


I undressed the figurine, and dressed myself with the uniform. The uniform was a bit too big for me as it was baggy but as soon as I buttoned all the buttons, it shrank to fit me. It seems this kind of function is installed on the uniform.


“What do you think? Do I look good?”


“Right. You look very good with it, Captain Kaito”


Balaina nodded to my question.


“Well, that’s great”


I smiled feeling satisfied. While I’m still not really used to being called a captain, but I guess I made some step forward.


“Alright, now that we found the clothes, it's time for the food”


“Understood. The Food refrigeration facility is located nearby. We will have to move, so please hop on the hover plate and follow me”


I hopped on the hover plate quickly so that I won't be left behind. Even so, I wonder what the food from the age of gods would be like? To my rising expectation, my mouth started drooling.


“This is the food?”


Balaina nodded as if it was natural to my question.


“This is the food. Is there some sort of a problem with it?”


“No, but, this….”


In the direction that I pointed, an unknown pellet filled in a transparent bag was there. In the Food refrigeration facility, this was piled up in countless amount. Nothing else. No meat. No, nothing.


“Is this tasty?”


“What is tasty or not is subjective as it differs people to people.”


“I know that but….”


It has this shape that doesn’t feel inviting at all, it's a bit too dull. Oh well, if there are so much of it, it must’ve been well liked by many people. It shouldn’t be terrible, and should contain high nutritive value.


I convinced myself with great difficulty and reached out my hand, grasping on the bag and teared it. I picked up the pellets that came out and put them in my mouth with great determination.

The texture is as it appears to be. The smell is comparable to the dried meat. As for the important taste… should I describe it….


“’s not disgusting but, it has a weird taste. If I stretch it, it would be something along the line of nuts?”


Balaina approached me who was in middle of processing what I was eating.


“Captain Kaito, can I have some too?”


“Oh, right. I’m sorry, I should’ve given you some too.”


I extend my hands filled with pallets towards her, and she crunched away at it. And in no time, it was all consumed, so I did the same thing again. Everytime she eats the pellets, she licks my hand, which nearly made me giggle multiple times.


“You are eating it as if it is delicious. Does it to your palette’s liking?”


“Ee, my palette loves it very much. It is delicious”


“Fu~n. Not to me though”


“I believe it can’t be helped since this wasn’t adjusted to human’s consumption”


“I see, if that’s so than it can’t be helped………. Wait?”


I could feel my cheeks flaring, after hearing something I can’t ignore.


“Miss Balaina? What do you mean by not adjusted to human’s consumption? Please, explain it to me in detail”


“In detail for?”


“....First thing first, what is this thing?”


“It is a dog food”


“Dog food? …..that is to say?”


“That is to say, it is a feed specially made for dogs. It is tasty wan!”


“Feed for the dogs!? You, what in the world are you!”


I grasped onto Balaina’s cheek that stretches pretty well, towards the worst answer.


“What do you mean tasty wan! Are you making fun of me!?”


“It is tasty wan! Is the name of the feed”


“I don’t care! Why are you feeding me the dog’s food!”


“Because there is no other food. Plus, it's not like humans would die from eating it”


Towards Balaina who explained nonchalantly without a shred of guilt, my anger kept on rising. That’s why, I scratched her soft heads and necks.


In reaction, as if she was feeling good, her eyes scrunched and her tongue drooping out. This support ai is no good. It’s becoming more and more dog like. I felt exasperated, therefore, I mounted on top of her.


“As a punishment, you will be my bed for today”




I ignored her dissatisfied roar and I closed my eyes. When I buried my face in her soft fur, drowsiness soon fell on me.


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