Chapter 7 Kaito flies the Whale to the surface

From the next day, I decided to improve the lifestyle here. First things first, restoration of the worn down insides of the ship. It’s a lot of work for one person but, thanks to the work robots that acts as I command, things are proceeding smoothly.


We clean the area and then put these materials collected into this machine called recycle system and covert it into a raw material. And using them we will repair the buildings. That’s basically the gist of the whole operation.


Plus, thanks to this recycle system, we were able to create china and everyday items like beds. Of course, clothes too. If we relied on this from the beginning , I wouldn’t have to run around so desperately searching for clothes right?


I asked this to Balaina, however, to this she replied “You didn’t say you wished to create clothes, thus I felt no need for telling you this”


I see. Is this how she does things. What a support a.i.


The speed at which these robots work at is insanely fast, maybe it won’t even take a month to completely restore the place like how it used to be. I’ve also made plans to start cultivating our food, by plowing a farm. In regards to the seeds, I found tons refrigerated in the storage, thus I can use them. From what I heard, she said it grows quickly than normal and maybe in less than a half month I can see some harvest.


Thus, I am quite excited to eat the food from the age of gods that is not dog food. There is also a gathering robot, that gathers things that I specify. Thus, it will hunt for me too. But, I felt that it wouldn’t be good to use it right now. What to expect, this robot has the similar, grim look as the work robot. It has the same appearance as the centipede, however, with the size that’s double the human size.


Coupled with that, it moves at high speed, so no matter how you look at it, it looks like a monster. If I unleash this into the world, there would be a huge uproar, with many believing it to be the discovery of a new type of monster. That would be bad for my convenience.


That’s why for now I kept my gathering robot rest in storage. The foundation for my comfortable life is steadily improving. On top of that, it's mostly done automatically, so there isn’t anything that I must do. That’s why in my free time I decided to take time studying. I wanted to know more about this Toyokumo, the history of the age of gods and its culture.


Most of the study materials are given to me and taught to me by the videos and voices recorded together, called movies, all given to me by Balaina. The study materials with drawings called manga and animes too helped me alot.


With all this, I was able to learn the knowledge of the past in a fun and exciting way. There were some that made me feel emotional, and some that I didn’t wish to know…


Now that I’ve learned all this, I understood why Isuzu warned me. This knowledge is far too dangerous. To the point, it overturns the very foundation of this world. If I can, I wish not to spread this to people other than me. Even if, I decided to stay here, in the underground for my entire life.


However, circumstance that would not allow me do so, soon fell on me.



It occured when I was in the bath that gives me the most enjoyment in this ship.


In the ship, there exist a machine that can produce water, so I have almost unlimited amount of water to my use. Thus, using the heat from the electricity, I can enter this bath anytime I want. In this, formerly Isuzu’s house in this provisional residential land, there exist a bath with bubbly water with jugzy function that gushes water towards the surface. I love this so much. Those bubbles that bursts as they touch my skin, argh what an amazing experience.


..oh well, it's not like it matters at all, but anyhow, something really big happened.


“Captain Kaito, we are in state of emergency!”


Balaina barged inside my bathroom while radiating an anxious atmosphere. I let Balaina be the temporary manager of the ship when my hands are full, and let her decide things on her own. Despite such, she still came to ask for my judgement, the situation must be that big.


“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”


“The organism radar has detected a large number of humans and they are approaching this underground space”




I stood up from the bath and wore my clothes with haste.


“How’s the situation!? How long till they reach here!?”


“I estimate it up to twenty minutes”


“20 minutes…. We still have some time...”


“What shall we do? Should we allow them in as a guest”


“That’s no good! This ship must not be known to the humans!”


I declared.


Most likely they must be an adventurer. They must’ve come here to investigate the hole that is connected to this underground space, that formed after the earthquake. If I was me from before knowing the truth from this ship, than I might’ve invited them in as a guest. However, now that I know the truth, I realized how much of a foolish move that is.


There is no way I can let anyone allow inside this ship.


“Then, what shall we do?”


I gave an immediate answer to Balaina who asked on the course of my next move.


“Utilise the warp function and fly the ship to the surface! Let’s head towards the operation room”


With Balaiana, I rushed to the operation room. We arrived soon after and inside the room I touched the operation orb and started the preparation for the takeoff.


“Balaina, continue the system check until we actually take off”


“Understood. ….power save mode for dimensional linker cancelled…..Checking on the system’s preparation to take off…. Confirmed the gravity control system boot up. Confirmed spatial teleportation system boot up. …..The ship is ready to take off. ….Specification for the coordinates on the destination completed. ….Toyokumo is now able to take off and warp anytime. Captain kaito, give authorization to set sail”


I used those words as the signal and proclaimed.


“Set SAil! Toyokumo will take off!!”


Following my words, Toyokumo cried with “Kyoon”. Technically, it's the sound that Toyokumo makes when spatial teleportation system bends the space. However, this sound to me sounded more like Toyokumo singing in delight.


Spatial teleportation commenced without a hitch, and Toyokumo is being covered in rainbow color. In the next instant, Toyokumo has teleported to the specified coordinate.


The place where we teleported to was a vast sea of clouds that shined as they reflected the sunlight.




I spilled a word of wonder towards this scenery of the world above the sky that I saw for the first time in my life.


The blue sky that extends forever, the vast ocean with whitish silver color. Despite my gigantic size, when sandwiched by it, it makes me feel like a tiny existence. At the same time, I felt an infinite freedom.


In this place, nothing binds Toyokumo---me. This place is where I belong. Is what I felt strongly.


Hence, this is how the flying whale returned back to the world of vast sky.

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