Chapter 10 teaser


In the place where we arrived, we saw a girl wearing a hood, and few man that seems to surround that girl. I don’t understand the situation but the atmosphere gives a bad vibe.


“To dare hunt in our territory, you’ve got quite a gut. Listen, brat”


The large man, seemingly the leader of the group, looked down at the young girl and placed the girl under coercion. Next to the young girl, a rock boar’s corpse laid there, mostly likely what she hunted.


I judged that these guys are gangsters that insists on their absolute right to hunt in this forest by claiming that it's their territory. They have quite good equipment, I guess, they are around C ranked adventurer. They are group of troublesome to meet with.


This Mysterious Flame forest is administered by the adventurer's guild, therefore, it is a free hunting ground. Not only adventurers, but even common person can come and hunt here freely. Nonetheless, there exists bastards like this that plunders weaker adventurers and generally people weaker than them, just because there aren’t any guards or militant that protects the hunters.


Naturally, at this kind of problems, adventurer’s guild must punish them but, this area’s adventurer are infamous for being useless, so it’s a waste of time to even report them. In reality, I was one of those who suffered under these kind of people. I still vividly remember very similar situation happening to me. That was such a bad experience….


“Are you listening, aah! Hand over your prey quickly!”


“N, no I don’t want to! This, this is something I hunted!”


The young girl tried to throw out her chest, trying not to lose out in the confrontation. However, this turned the situation from bad to worse.


“I see. It seems like you want to get hurt. I will let you taste the pain that only woman feels”


The big man laughed disgustingly and his friends followed suit as they became rawdy. Against a prey called a young girl, they cheered loudly. Not good. The young girl also must’ve felt it, so she was going back step by step.


I can’t continue watching! I must help her!


The young girl was about to escape the same time I was about to jump to help.


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