Chapter 11 teaser


“Well then, please wait for a bit while I dismantle the meat”


With that said, Sena held onto the rope that were tied on Rock Boar’s hind leg.


“We can’t dress the meat in here, so let’s change our position”


“Aa, your right, we should do that”


I nodded and looked at the corpses of the men that were buried in the ground. I thought of creating a grave for them for an instant, but I decided otherwise. Even if I were to create a grave for them, they will be dug and ransacked by wild carnivorous animals. I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy, seeing the man who killed them bury out of courtesy.


That’s why I decided to silently pray for them. No matter how bad the person was, I believe they should at least have the right to have their soul rest in peace. If there is such things as next life, than I hope they live the right path.


“Mr Kaito, over here~”


Being tugged by Sena’s call, I moved my eyes away from the corpses. When I looked at Sena, she’s already moved quite far. As expected of beastman, she easily dragged the rock boar, that has the weight of around two adults.


I troffed to her, and helped her carry the rope. No matter how strong she is, It would be bad if I let a young girl like her do all the hard work.


“I will help you. Let’s carry it together”


“I’m fine doing it by myself you know?”


“Even then, it's faster if we carry it together”


“I guess that’s true. Then, I will borrow your strength”


Sena smiled like a blooming flower and nodded. In reality, I could just use my portable gravity control device and I can transport it easier, but that would ruin her effort. She is trying to return the gratitude, so it would be bad for me to meddle with it.


“Oi, you also help by pushing it”


Hearing my order, Balain who was walking while being distracted by the butterflies, walked towards me looking really reluctant and started pushing the rock boar with her body.


“She is such a clever and well mannered dog. What is her name?”


“I am Balaina. I’m not a dog. I am a proud Wolf”


“It talked!!!!!!”


Sena’s eyes opened widely in great surprise after hearing Balaina answer her question.


Aaah, obviously, she would be surprised.


“This guy right here, she is my tamed monster, so it can speak through the power of magic”


It’s not like I can say that she is a creation of the God’s era’s technology. It seems like Sena believed my barely plausible lie.


“Ha~, I see nya. That is amazinya”


“Eh? Nya?”


“No, no! I’m sorry, my accent came out because i was careless...nn!”


Towards Sena who caughed to hide her shame, I smiled despite feeling a bit sorry. Now that I think about it, the feline people did indeed have their own accent.

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