Chapter 4 teaser

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“...even though I said that, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about”


I nodded multiple times in agreement to Isuzu’s statement. Right, I have no clue what you are saying.


“To be precise, I wasn’t waiting for you specifically”


“...If so, then what do you mean by your earlier statement”


“What I waited for was a worthy heir to this, Intergalactic immigration ship Toyokumo. I was able to perceive that you fit the criteria for this ship after you’ve touched the orb. That’s why, against the suspension system, this program with proxy captain authority to interrupt it. ”


“I am worthy to inherit this ship?”


“What I put as a prerequisite is three things. Firstly, to not have any intention of misusing this ship. Secondly, to own a heart that is stable and empathetic to other people. Last but not the least, the final prerequisite is to have a problem that one wishes to solve. These are the three requirements”


I tilted my head in confusion to the requirements raised by Isuzu.


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