Chapter 5 teaser

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I was guided by Balaina to the vivisection lab in order to restore my body.While on the way I was able to have a better look at the inside of the ship. In the corridor, there was a place like that of a shop, open plaza and even a residential area. Currently the places are in shambles but, It must’ve been a once crowded with people.


Now that I think about it, I’m currently moving through my own insides right? When you think about it, it feels kinda weird.


“We’ve arrived. This place is the vivisection lab. The restoration process has already began”


The place Balaina brought me in was a place filled with metallic casket like objects and complicated machinery. Most of the caskets seems to be open with nothing inside it, but , some is still in operation with it's lid closed.


“So is that the one?”


“Yes, that is the one. After about 1 hour it will be completed”


“One hour huh, It takes a bit of time.”


I got bored soon after, therefore I decided to float around wanderlessly.


Nevertheless, I’ve truly landed myself in a crazy situation. It’s not like I was forced to do anything or swore on any duty, but because so many things happened at once, my mind is just not being able to keep up.


For now, I should start slow and understand each things one by one.I didn’t become the hero like in the legends given the duty to eliminate the demon king. I should just think slowly and without any hurry, on what I’m going to do from now on.

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