Chapter 6 teaser

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“Hou~, it’s really comfortable! This will be easy! ”


I’m moving through the ship’s inside with amazing speed, searching for the clothes that I can wear. I’m not running but riding this amazing plank that floats in the air. It’s something Balaina found for me. According to her it is something the people who used to live in the ship, used to utilize as a method of transportation and called it a Hover plate.


“I wonder how the people from the past used to live like?”


“Are you curious about it? If so, you can connect to the database and search for the information fo the past, later?”


“To connect with the Database? I don’t really like it since it makes me feel sick, you see….”


I know by connecting to the database, it would be easy to find out the information, but to feel like vomiting every single time I try to find out the information, my feeble heart wouldn’t last long. Especially now that I have the physical body, I would really vomit next time I sync to the database.


That’s why I put it into a manual mode so I don’t accidentally link up. This thing called manual mode, is a preset mode in the system that suspends the automatic search function, and I learned this from the first time I linked to the database.


Wit this mode, unless I manually command it know something, it wouldn’t flush your brain with information.


“I would love to link up with the system more often if it wasn’t this burdensome”

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