Chapter 7 teaser


From the next day, I decided to improve the lifestyle here. First things first, restoration of the worn down insides of the ship. It’s a lot of work for one person but, thanks to the work robots that acts as I command, things are proceeding smoothly.


We clean the area and then put these materials collected into this machine called recycle system and covert it into a raw material. And using them we will repair the buildings. That’s basically the gist of the whole operation.


Plus, thanks to this recycle system, we were able to create china and everyday items like beds. Of course, clothes too. If we relied on this from the beginning , I wouldn’t have to run around so desperately searching for clothes right?


I asked this to Balaina, however, to this she replied “You didn’t say you wished to create clothes, thus I felt no need for telling you this”


I see. Is this how she does things. What a support a.i.


The speed at which these robots work at is insanely fast, maybe it won’t even take a month to completely restore the place like how it used to be. I’ve also made plans to start cultivating our food, by plowing a farm. In regards to the seeds, I found tons refrigerated in the storage, thus I can use them. From what I heard, she said it grows quickly than normal and maybe in less than a half month I can see some harvest.


Thus, I am quite excited to eat the food from the age of gods that is not dog food. There is also a gathering robot, that gathers things that I specify. Thus, it will hunt for me too. But, I felt that it wouldn’t be good to use it right now. What to expect, this robot has the similar, grim look as the work robot. It has the same appearance as the centipede, however, with the size that’s double the human size.

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