Chapter 8 teaser


“Captain Kaito, are you crying right now?”


I felt my cheeks. She was right, I was crying. It seems like against such a beautiful scenery, I became too emotional and tears flowed without my realization. Nonetheless this is truly a magnificent view to look at.


I must be the happiest man in the world to be able to hog this grand scenery all for myself. That’s why I felt like I wanted to feel the scenery through my body rather than looking at it from the distance.


“Balaina let's go out to the deck!”


“Are you heading to the outside?”


“Yup. There won’t any problem even at this height, if I expand the lifeform balancer right?”


Lifeform balancer is a expansive field that spans around around toyokumo, when enabled allows supporting lifeforms in that area. Inside this area, no matter what kind of environment, becomes human friendly.


“Since I have a human body, why don’t I enjoy life as a human”


“I see. Well then, I will bring a relaxation item.”


“That’s good. Let's bring a beach chair, drinks and a fishing rod.”


“A fishing rod?”


“Right. I’m thinking of fishing the cloud fish. I sensed the shadow of a fish”


That’s right, a fish is living in this sea of clouds. You won’t see them from the ground, but I heard that there are many who catches it and eats it when they are in a highly elevated mountains. From what I heard, it tastes amazing.


“If I successfully fish the cloud fish, I can stop relying on dog food. Especially with the fact that the crops harvest will take some more time.”


“I really love dog food”


“...of course you would be. But, I absolutely despise it.”


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