Chapter 28 Demon King meets the Dame part 2

“I….have no excuse nya….”


Uliminus was on her knees, sweating profusely in front of the Demon King Gaul sitting on his throne.


“..So you’re telling me that you have no clue about the mysterious magical disturbance in the east?” Demon King Gaul asked the same question once more.


The reputable espionage organization of the Demon king’s army, Silent Ear. Uliminus as the demon chief of this very organization, is responsible for gathering information from the entire continent.


Silent Ear has a long record of successful endeavors and were the pride of the army. However, as of recently they faced a problem. It was about the magical disturbance in the east of the continent.


She sent a agent, Magic Ninja Grenial to investigate in Houtarou Town, a town located in the closest proximity of the disturbance. However, when Uliminus thought that the mission was successful since Glenial came back soon after, to her surprise Glenial started babbling nonsense.


“I want a permission for me to become the disciple of a human”


Uliminus rejected it immediately and told her to stop fooling around, but she kept persisting on becoming the disciple, therefore, she locked her up and let her think about what nonsense she was requesting.


If it was like in the past, she would’ve sent a replacement but because this time the Demon King ordered for a grand search on Aapshow, there were no manpower left.


Furthermore, it was a region with nothing eventful happening so, the organization didn’t place much emphasis on seeding agents, unfortunately this place became the center of the magic undulation.


The magic undulation was so powerful that even the Demon King Gaul was able to detect it from all the way in his castle, hence the demon king ordered Uliminus to investigate.


This magic undulation was the very magic casted by the Dark grand magician Marissa to unleash the magic from the underworld. Marissa who casted such magic right now is currently held inside Hiya’s spiritual world being forced to her tidings.


Unfortunately for the demon king and Uliminus, they wouldn’t know of the happenings in the Houtarou Town.


“...I guess it can’t be helped if you don’t know...But it’s not something we can ignore”


...Few days later in Houtarou town...


“Furio dono! Thank you for coming here to sell your amazing equipment everytime!”


As always Furio sold his dragon scale equipment and greeted the happy owner of the shop through waving his hands in the air.


“Husband! You must be tired from the work” Lys welcomed, Furio who just came out of the entrance.


Despite the shop owner inviting Lys to come together with Furio to the inside of the shop everytime Furio comes over, Lys rejects it every single time. This is because it is a method for Lys to prevent the enemies from targeting Furio and to be able to eliminate them without involving him.


This became the daily routine, because of the incident with Hiya, who attacked her, which made her more vigilant towards her surrounding.


“Husband where shall we eat our lunch?”


Lys smiled widely and hugged Furio.


“Varissa and Billy is not here yet so maybe we should wait and ask their opinion.”


“I guess that’s fine too”


The two proceeded to find the cover from the sun, by heading towards the tree.




Furio suddenly stopped by his feet, as if he detected something out of ordinary and at the same time, behind the two, Hiya came out with a human form.


“Supreme one and Mistress. Please step back. I detect a Demon’s aura nearby, heading this way. I shall clean it in a moment”


Hiya bowed, and was about to eliminate the nuisance.


“Aa, it’s fine Hiya. It’s probably an acquaintance”


“Hmm? acquaintance with...that? ….but, this aura is definitely not a normal demon...”

Hiya spoke bitterly at the Furio’s words, while Furio ignored it nonchalantly and looked at the direction of the aura.


The man who Furio saw, noticed Furio and stopped at his feet.


“...You a different appearance but...Aapshow dono right?”


“I’m Furio right now. It has been a while Gozaru”


The man who approached Furio was the Demon king Gaul, dressed as an adventurer with an alias Gozaru.


In the Demon King’s castle, when Uliminus and the demon king conversed, he said he was going to investigate the cause of the undulation of the mana. Luckily for him, there was no man power left to divide, “Oh well, it might be a good chance to have some fun,” allowing him to use it as an excuse to escape the castle.


Truth to be told, because there was no improvement in the searching of Aapshow’s whereabout and how he couldn’t meet with the Varissa the knight, the stress was building up and he need to breathe in a fresh air.




In a stroke of coincidence, the place Gozaru went, he was somehow able to meet with the Aapshow, now Furio. He smiled in pure bliss as he shook Furio’s hand.


“I didn’t think we would reunite in such a place”


“Me too! It is a pleasure to have you with me”


Previously, The Demon king met Furio near the Deibeza forest and had a nice tea party together. This was because the demon king saw the tremendous power Furio held and decided to befriend him.


“...As expected from the supreme one...To have built a friendly relation with the demon king….My admiration to you increases day by day”

Hiya bowed deeply as she became really shocked looking at the exchange.


….This little girl, she is not as simple as she looks….as expected of Furio, he acquired another great companion.


Gozaru stared at Hiya for a while and measured her strength, and then displayed an admirative glance toward Furio for being able to have such a new comrade.


“I’m sorry for making you wait! We just finished with the shopping”


Varissa and Billy appeared carrying bags filled with goods bought from the shop and called out at Furio and his group.


Gozaru called her with excitement,




To Gozaru’s call out, she looked towards the voice.




Varissa acted like a frog who was glared at by a snake as her body froze and started trembling out of fear.


Varissa now knows that Gozaru is the demon king Gaul.

Hence, she also know Gozaru somehow also searched for her while searching for Furio.


She thought this was because of her rude act of pointing a sword to his face in her first meeting, and were searching for her to get revenge.


Thus, Demon lord Gaul’s feeling of love for her were not understood by Varissa.


...Hou, she performing a very complex footwork in preparation for any attack she might receive… as expected from Varissa-dono.


Gaul’s admiration increased once more, as he misunderstood her.a

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