Chapter 34 I should've killed that bastard

In Furio’s household, it’s part of the family’s routine to eat together during breakfast and dinner in the living room.


Furio, Lys, the four dames, Saber, Frantic Bear, Gaul aka Gozaru, Uliminus, and Hiya


Furio and Lys are the main owners of the house and a beautiful couple.


At present Varissa is working as a clerk in Yugo, the miscellaneous shop


At present Broom, is cultivating the farm


Bily, at present managing the ranch


Saber, the Frantic bear, a pet and a proud security guard of the house


Gozaru, a former demon king currently working as a store clerk in Yugo


Uliminus, a miscellaneous store manager and a former episonage of Gaul


As for Hiya, she doesn’t need any food or water to sustain herself, hence, usually at this period of time she busy herself with the training in her own spiritual world.


“Hey Uliminus, I heard about this Kinousa from Lys, but do you know where it’s located at?”


Furio asked Uliminus while they were eating their breakfast


“Hmm? Oh that nya, it’s located in the South  and it is not that far away nya”


According to Uliminus, it’s located over the mountain next to houtarou town, and since teleportation accounts for the actual distance and not the influences caused by the terrain, it can be considered to be a town that’s closeby.


“If you are going than I can reserve a room in the hotel over there nya?”


Furio agreed readily to the suggestion and he himself suggested an idea to the people surrounding the table


“How about we all go together?”


“Hu, Husband….I thought it was only us two alone?”


“Why not this is a rare chance for all of us to enjoy a trip together and I think more the merrier? Was it bad idea to invite everyone? Lys?”


“That is true…but…"


“Right right, I really want to let my body rest, especially after all these days of non-stop farming. I would love to go”


“Motherf*cker no one’s asking your opinion! Brossam!”


“Don’t be so mean…We just want to accompany you Mistressssss”


“Stop acting cute, bitch! Aa you got a problem?!”




“You want to say something? Delano? (Glare)”


“…(shaking her head left and right)”


Scolded Brossam.

Got pissed at Bily.

Glared fiercy against Delano.


If it was like in the past, Brossam wouldn’t have the audacity to rebuke nor place her thoughts in the conversation, but these days she was growing to become a rather capable person and thus were able to give in some of her thought


After the long argument between Lys and the dames, it was finally decided that, Furio and Lys will go to the hotspring first as a preliminary inspection.




….A Few day later…..

Furio and Lys headed out for Kinousa as soon as Uliminus successfully reserved a room in the inn and arrived near the town in instant with Furio’s teleportation magic.


“My Husband, I’m feeling really excited♪”


Lys hugged Furio as she hummed in excitement


However, in the next moment, her smile turned into a frown.


“…What is that?”


The Kinousa town they were so excited for were in shambles as, huge monster continued its destruction. It kept on roaring with rage as it continued its destruction against the town.


This scene made Lys turn speechless as she saw her dream of enjoyable hot spring vacation flying away.




Lys trembled with rage.


“What the f*ck are you doing! You F*cking Bastard! You are a f*cking hindrance to my paradise!”


Lys leapt toward where the monster was, and changed into a giant wolf form in mid air. She tackled the monster, then proceeded to completely obliterate its defence by her sharp fangs and claws.


Furio was also working hard, but in a different way. He was protecting the town from getting completely destroyed from the collusion between the two, as he teleported people who were late to run, away from danger, protecting Lys from getting actually damaged by the monster’s ferocious attacks and did everything he could to minimize the damage.


Furio realized the cause of the monster’s rampage, while he was observing the monster. He saw that it’s anger was not directed towards the town rather, it came from the fact that he was in under immense pain. Which explained why it was losing against Lys despite having more mana than her.


The battle continued on for another few minutes, but in the end Lys succeed in pushing the monster down into the forest.


“You motherf*cker….shall atone your sin with your life for being a hindrance toward our love life”


She pointed her sharp claws toward the fallen monster and was ready to strike at any given time.


However, as she was about to strike, a woman jumped in the way forcing Lys to stop the attack.


“i’m sorry! He is not doing this because he wants to, it seems like some sort of poison entered his body causing him to go berserk”


She anxiously defended the beast and then threw the bag in desperate act of showing proof.


Furio stepped in and stopped Lys who were about to attack despite the woman’s plea.




Furio frowned after inspecting the bag.


The bag contained numerous valuable treasures such as rings, necklaces, collar and gems. However, from each one of them demon’s poison was gushing out and invaded the natural order.


After being hit with this much Demonic poisono, it’s not weird for it to transform a human into a demon.


“…I can’t just leave it be”


With his sense of justice, Furio couldn’t just leave this harmful substance as it was, thus extended his arms towards the demon.


“I’m sorry! Please forgive him! Please he didn’t mean to!”


The woman tried to stop Furio with her hands desperately, in her vain attempt to protect the demon. Suddenly, to an unexpected turn of the event,s the demon stood erected in front of the woman, as if he was protecting her and threw himself towards Furio.


the woman tried to stop Furio with her hand desperately and protect the demon

suddenly, this time as if Demon was trying to protect the woman, stood in front of her and threw himself toward Furio.


“…Don’t worry, I won’t kill him”


With that said Furio casted a magic.0


In the next moment, the Demon’s poison which were inside the monster started rapidly flooded out of his mouth and dashed toward Furio’s right hand. It soon form a black crystal gem.


After all the poison was removed from the demon, what was left was the Blonde Haired hero’s body.


After stealing from the demon lord castle’s treasury, Blonde haired ex-hero was on his escape but unfortunately,during his escape, by the demonic poison slowly assimilated inside him, thus when too much entered in him, he turned into a demon.


The treasures from the demon king’s castle, is submerged under the constant flow of demonic poison, coming from powerful demons that are ever present in the castle.


Furio looked at the woman -Allure- and the Blonde Haired ex-hero and said,


“I will buy this bag from you guys.The treasures inside are coated with too much demon poisons so you won’t be able to sell it or carry it casually.”


With that said, He took out a bag filled with gold from his magic bag and tossed it toward the Blond Haired Ex-Hero.


“Also, you should drink this medicine. Just in case there might be a leftover demonic poison inside you since this can suppress small amount of the poison”


Saying so he gave a jar filled with medicine.


“…I don’t accept charity”


The Blonde haired hero, inserted his hand inside the bag filled with gold and gave around half back to Furio.


“..Money for the medicine…and, I shall consider the remaining gold as a price for the bag which is rightfully mine”


Leaving these words behind, Allure and the Blonde Hero left to the depths of the forest.


“My husband is too kind”

Lys slightly pouted looking at the direction blonde haired hero disappeared into, and hugged Furio’s arm


“and that is why he is so wonderful”


Unfortunatley for the two, when they got back into the town to finally enjoy the hotspring, they were met with a destroyed town, with most of its stores closed down.

“…I should’ve killed…that bastard….”


Lys said so in her heart as she gritted her teeth in anguish.

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