Chapter 35 Party x Party

After a month or so of waiting in silence, the family finally received a news that the hot spring town was back for business and opened most of the stores for the customers.


“Last time me and my husband weren’t able to have a lovely time together so it’s obvious we should go there one more time together!”


Lys insisted on this very thought as she fought for her lovely time with Furio.


“Everyone has already waited for more than a month, so why don’t we all just go together”

Furio said so trying to persuade Lys into changing her mind.


He then proceeded to whisper in her ears. “We can ask for a bedroom with king sized bed so you know, we can enjoy ourselves”


“…I guess….if that’s how it is then…"


Lys finally consented to people coming with them to the trip to the hot spring.


Since, they couldn’t just shut the Miscellaneous store, Yugo for prolonged period of time, Uliminus, Gozaru and Varrissa stayed for the day, and was decided that they would join the party later at night.


As for the rest, they teleported to the Kinousa hot spring town through Furio’s teleportation magic before lunch.


“…There won’t be any trouble this time right??”


Lys was relieved to see Kinousa fully intact with no raging monster causing mass destruction and hugged Furio in attempt to be spoiled.


The town still has some traces of the destruction but it wasn’t to the point where it would distract the operation of the town. This can be confirmed from the crowd of people despite it being less than a day since the town reopened itself for business.


“O! That must be the inn we are staying”


Brossam who was looking at the map, looked up and pointed at the large inn.

It was the most established and famous inn in the town, which prided itself on its delicious cooking. Is what the pamphlet said in the introduction of this inn.




“Uwa!? Belano! saliva! stop drooling”


Belano was also reading the pamphlet with Brossam and she drooled at the sight of a delicious looking food picture.


Soon they entered the inn and completed their check ins.


Lys made Brossam responsible for checking in and,


“This is the Drizzling rain inn right? This is the key to my room? Alright, Husband! let’s go! let’s go now! Let’s hurry there!”


She hurried off with Furio in her arm to the designated room.


“..ops, I apologize for taking your time”


Brossam who finished with the check in, noticed there was a group of people waiting in line and left the place after lightly greeting them.


“I’m done so let us go too”

And so she lead everyone toward their own rooms.




“Sorry for taking your time. Next customer, please”


“…Oi Fufun, what am I supposed to do for  that woman in the counter”


“Sir Yuiguard, according to my investigation, we must register our names”


Yuiguard and Fufun, talked directly with each other as they approached the receptionist desk.


You are right, the party that was behind Brossam is the group of Demon Lord Yuiguard and his subordinates.


As a method to rejuvenate the current situation in the continuous moral downward spiral in the demon king’s army caused by consecutive failures of Yuiguard, Fufun proposed a trip to the hot spring with the top brass of the army.


“How about we invite the direct subordinates to go to a hot spring, where humans enjoys themselves”


Thus, in order to blend in they transformed into a human form however, many of the demons from the male camp, had a really bulky and huge body. Hence, their appearance in the inn, brought about an alienated presence, making them stand out.


“hotspring, I see….I heard that it has a good effect on the skin but…"


Yorumeet, the snake queen, felt conscious about her skin condition due to her trait as the snake type demon, therefore, she was excited and at the same time restless towards the sight of her being naked in front of someone.


“I heard that there is an alcohol here, and we can drop the formalities for today right?”


Slape, the death horse, laughed unceremoniously as he drooled at the very thought of being able to drink all day.


“”Even the food is delicious-ne? I’m so hungry-ne”"


Fugy and Bugy, the double-headed bird, turned into two identical humans as they gestured and acted in uniform manner.


The other top brass members, other than the Trinity Gods, were enjoying with excitement as they impatiently waited for the check in to finish.


Fufun was the one doing the check in procedure, in front of these bulky men and women from the demon king’s army.


…what fake name should I use for this time….


She registered the demon king’s subordinates with a fake names. It went smoothly for the first 16 or so demons but as she reached 17th or 18th demon, she couldn’t come up with a good fake name and thus her back was drenched with sweat.


The new Demon King’s army, consisted of people who were mostly muscle heads, and therefore were having trouble with logistic jobs such as this.


…………….When the Demon king’s army was having a troubling fight against the receptionist desk, at one corner in the hot spring town…..


“hey, you from this souvenir store. I would like to ask about something about it”


“Yes? what is it?”


“I would be great if you could teach me of the location of this town’s cherished palace”


A cherished palace is an establishment that contains an immense amount of books with the topics mostly relating to the act of sexual relationship and sexual conduct vis-a-vis the humans and animals.


“Oh, that Cherished palace. Unfortunately, that establishment was completely destroyed during the demon incident so they are still closed”


“wha!? What!?”


Hiya became astonished as she fell on her knees.


….. I can't enjoy the Cherished Palace, I thought I will be well educated about this area of knowledge… This is such a tragedy...

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