Chapter 36 Everyone's own way of Leisure

Lys acted swiftly in her course of actions, she left everyone as soon as the check in was done, while pulling Furio in her arms and rushed to their room and placed their baggages.


“Husband! It’s a hot spring! It is a hot spring! It’s a spring most famous for blessing people with a child!”


She repeatedly said it as if she was under some sort of curse as she ran around pulling Furio towards the outdoor spring.


Yangagi is one of the 7 famous hot spring in this hot spring town, famed for their high effectiveness. Yanagi in particular, has the reputation to bless a child to a couple.


“Hubsand! Come, let’s enjoy the bath together!”


“Cu, customer!? This is not a mixed bath so it will greatly trouble us!”


“Aa!? Don’t disturb us! Our life long happiness is at stake here!”




“I apologize for all this ruckus. Lys, we can enjoy the bath, with males and females seperated alright. I don’t want to see you cause any more scene understood?”


“….I understand Husband….I’m sorry”


Lys came to her senses after getting hit and scolded by Furio, hence, she nodded her head in understanding.



“Hawawaa♪ this is really tasty!”


Bily shouted in delight as she ate the meal.


“Indeed, this is delicious!”


Brossam who sat next to her ate fish and shouted merrily while drinking sake with it.


Right next to her, Frantic Bear called Saber, in a single horned rabbit form, were eating in delight as it squeaked Funsu Funsu while standing cleverly on his two feet and picked the food with its front legs.


“We had to specially get a permission for Saber to be allowed in the room, so Saber enjoy this time to the fullest”


Saber nodded in understanding as he continued happily munching on the food.




Delano fell unconscious next to these two and one pet, after taking a single sip from the sake.


……At the same time, Demon King and his party, were inside a large room in their inn…..


“….Understood? Customer…if you ever do the same thing again, We will kick you out instantly alright?”


The Landlady of the inn stared icily at the group as she smiled angrily.


In front of her, demon king Yuiguard and his subordinates in human form goveling on the floor prostrating with all their might


The current situation happened shortly after the group started their feast after the meal was delivered.


“Hou! It’s quite good for a human's food"


“true that and the Sake is amazing”


“Barrel! Give me the Barrel! Hahahahaha"


“”Waai! Food-nari! Sake-nari”"


The party was in high spirits as the delicious food and alcohol was served in front of them. Soon after, they started a big luncheon party with wild singing and drinking.


It would’ve been fine if it continued like this unfortunately it took a dive for worse.


“Everyone’s already in high spirits! Someone do something entertaining! Come make this more interesting “


As soon as his speech were done, the room’s atmosphere suddenly turned into that of a weird one.


One of the surbordinate volunteered to dance, but he danced really weirdly.


“I shall show you my humble dance!”


“You suck! Show me something more proper!”


Thus, one of the other direct subordinate threw a sake bottle at him.


“Motherf*cker! It hurts!”


Soon a fight broke out as the one who got hit attacked the another one.


“Yo, You! What is wrong with you to dare kick my food!”

“Aaan, My Sake!?”

“You! don’t push my barrel down!”

“”Aaa! You stepped! You stepped on me! I won’t forgive anymore-nari!””


The damage continued to grow, soon the fight destroyed more than half of the entire room.


Hence, Landlady heard this and came rushing to the scene.


“You brats! Stop this stupid fight!”


The landlady casted a powerful blizzard magic forcing everything into a halt.


“Don’t do anything stupid? Understood?”


She warned them once more, before leaving the room while emitting her pressure again.


“….That woman, is quite strong”


In front of such pressure Demon lord smiled wryly as he was somehow forced into prostrating position.


As for Fufun she was stuck in a barrel after being blasted off trying to stop Yuiguard who was on a rampage.


“Who the f*ck dare! Don’t stop me!”


She stayed unconscious with her legs dangling out of the barrel.




….That evening


“We are leaving nya. Sorry for leaving you guys behind but make sure to let nothing happen to the store nya”


Uliminus gave the managing position to the members of silent ear, since it was already a time to leave for the hot spring time as it was around the time when customers decreased.


“Good work. Manager”


“Let’s go ms Varissa and Uliminus”


The former demon king lod Gozaru who were waiting outside with Varissa for Uliminus to come out, readied to teleport.


Because they are traveling to Kinousa with Gozaru’s teleportation magic, Varissa and Uliminus had to hug his arm right and left.


….how should I say it….it’s not bad nya


Uliminus’s face turned bright red and was feeling quite happy with hugging Gozaru’s arm.


A really complicated tsundere maiden.


The teleportation was successful.


“Umu, the inn must be that way”


“Id, Idiot nya! it’s that way nya! you're idiot nya"


Uliminus pulled Gozaru toward the town, since he was heading right opposite of the town.


“Gozaru-dono is no match in front of Uliminu-dono”


Varissa smiled bitterly as she followed them.


Soon, they were able to reach the inn all thanks to Uliminus’s guide.


…………At the same time in Yanagi Spring…..

Lys who entered the Hot spring before lunch time, were still inside the spring.


Lys persistently stayed in the water.




Lys showed a euphoric expression as she imagined a second delivery of the another triplets with total of six kids and living together with Furio.


In the waiting room Furio who already was out of the hot spring long time ago, waited there smiling bitterly.

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