Chapter 37 The Bothersome Tsundere

Gozaru and his group, reunited with Furio and Lys who were on their way back from the Yanagi spring, thus they went to the large room where the rest enjoyed their food, together.


“Right, I heard that the third floor were shut down. Did something happen?”


“Oh yeah, from what I heard it was a group of drunkards fought or something and broke the entire floor, it should be in repair right now”


Furio nodded toward Balaina.


At that moment


“You guys are banned from this inn!!”


The landlady’s angry shout resonated from the inn’s entrance.




“What’s wrong? Uliminus”


“, I feel many familiar presence nya….”


“What a coincidence, Uliminus. Same here”


Gozaru and Uliminus looked at each other for a moment but,


“..Oh well, We came here today to enjoy-nya, leave it be nya”


With that said she drank the sake from the flagon.


That day, the group that cause destruction not once but twice, were banned from entering the hot spring town itself, and their faces were plastered all over the town. It was Yuiguard’s group that turned into a human in order to enjoy human luxury.



After finishing their dinner, Furio’s group headed out for an outdoor spring located in the hot spring town.


As for Lys, she, as expected went to the yanagi spring that was said to bless a couple with a child.



Lys imagined the 3rd delivery of the triplets and being surrounded by 9 kids, while Furio enjoyed a laid back lifestyle. Lys had a euphoric expression in her face.


Furio’s party all agreed to not enter the saem bath as Lys and went to other famous springs. The group separated into males and females as they entered their respective springs.


“Ha~, I didn’t know hot spring was like this nya”


“Is this ms Uliminus’s first time in hot spring?”


“Nya, I’ve heard about it but...and I don’t really like baths nya”


She smiled bitterly and took off her clothes, then headed out to the water with Varissa and her group.


And at the exact moment, in front of Uliminus, Gozaru suddenly appeared through a teleportation magic


“Aa, Uliminus. I’m sorry but I forgot my hand towel. Give me one”


Toward such a sudden appearance, the women party was caught off guard, and they didn’t have time to hide their body and was forced to confront Gozaru with their naked self.


After a moment of pause, Uliminus finally comprehended the situation and coiled her hand towel towards Gozaru’s eyes to cover it.


“Furio-dono! There is an outrageous intruder in here and collect it back right now nya!”


As if Gozaru reacted to her words, Gozaru’s large body disappeared instantly from the place.


Other customers were looking around wondering what was up, since they heard a woman shout, but seeing that Uliminus and her group entered the hot spring as if nothing happened, so their curiosity died down.


“...Gozaru, in the hot spring the male spring and hot spring is separated so please be careful next time”


“I see, it was like that. As you might know I have zero experience on this commonsense thing since it wasn’t part of  being a demon king”


Inside the hot spring, Gozaru held his hands on his head as he apologized toward Furio.


As soon as Gozaru and the males met with the females group after exiting the bath,


“Asshole! What kind of idiotic thing you’ve done nya! I will kill you nya!”


Uliminus scolded Gozaru, but in response Gozaru showed a vague expression making it difficult for people to understand whether or not he actually understood what he’ve done.


On their way back, they picked Lys who was still staying in the Yanagi bath who were very keen on wanting to stay until the closing time.


At first they gathered at the place where Varissa and her party stayed and drank sake together but,


They a gathered at the place where Varissa and her party stayed and drank sake together, however, Lys with excitement pulled Furio into the room they were staying and shut themselves there.


“Husband...the spring’s effect..right”



“Really, Human’s Sake is really delicious”


“I have to agree on that nya”


Both seemed to take a liking to the inn’s sake and drank it directly from the flagon.


Other than these two, in the human camp, Brossam has the toughtest resistance to alcohol, but because she tried to follow the two’s pace, she got madly drunk


“For Brossam to be intoxicated...It is my first time seeing it after so many years together”


“True that~...Even for me, I don’t recall any memory of me being this dead drunk~”


With these words as her last, she laid down.


“Wha, what! What are you doing!?”


“Come on, it’s not like you are losing anything”


She started sleeping on Varissa’s lap.


“What is that posture?”


Gozaru became confused while looking at their interaction.


“Aa, ma,’s like skinship like a joke…., it’s something like that”


Gozaru nodded with *fumu* sound.


“Then, I should try it. Uliminus I shall borrow your lap”


“Yesnya….wha, ha? He? Ny, nyanya!?”


Uliminus was talking with Bily while drinking the sake, but to a sudden appearance of Gozaru’s head on her lap, she turned bright red with panic.


“Wai! Idiot nya!? This is a bad joke nya!”


Uliminus punched Gozaru with powerful punches but it had no effect towards Gozaru.


“Fumu, it is more comfortable than I thought”


Saying so he laughed loudly and grabbed Uliminus’s butt while still lying, to adjust his head so that it fits perfectly.


Against Gozaru who didn’t seem to bulge even after countless punching,


“..You can do whatever you want nya...I don’t care anymore nya!”


Uliminus drank the whole bottle in a single gulp as her face turned bright red.


As always, such a bothersome tsundere.


After this, Gozaru actually started sleeping and so Uliminus was forced to stay in the same position for the whole night until morning.


….In the Next morning….


“Husband it was really fun♪ Let's come back again ”


Lys with a bright smile on her face hugged Furio’s arm.


“If your leg got numb you could’ve just move the head out of the way”


“You’re the one to say nya!? Aa!”


Uliminus’s leg got so numb because she was forced to keep her posture until morning, and as of currently was being piggy ridden by Gozaru.


Uliminus was ashamed as she buried her head in Gozaru’s back with her face turning bright red.


“A~....its been a while since I had a hangover ”


“I don’t have any memory of you having a hangover”


“Bily also don’t have-desu~”


“...(Ku)” - Holding her head because of the hangover


Other than Belano who got hangover after a single sip of sake, the other 3 was talking merrily.


And below everyone else the Saber was skipping merrily too, while crying Funsu Funsu happily. However, his body seemed to have grown a size bigger.


It ate way too much.


After Checking out with the inn,

Everyone teleported back home, using Furio’s teleportation magic.




….This is not bad…..


…...In one of the corner in the Kinousa Hot spring town….


Hiya was reading the Cherished palace’s book which was temporarily stored in the box, while the palace itself was being reconstructed.


...I see, there was such a position also...This field of study is, indeed very deep…


Hiya decided to work harder in spiritual world’s training, while she was reading the book.


I don’t have to mention it but she intruded the place illegally.

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