Chapter 38 the Bad Omen

…. Few day has passed since their return from the hot spring trip.


A rare sight of refrigerator can be seen in Furio’s house.


This refrigerator is set with ice magic stone, giving it the ability to maintain a stable static temperature and preserve the freshness of the food. It is rare because magic stone in itself is expensive and the fact that it requires a continuous supply of magic stone, makes it very difficult for normal households to adopt a refrigerator.


The magic stone used in the refrigerator is a magic stone made purely by Furio’s mana, thus this means that for this household, the refrigerator is basically free.


It maybe superfluous to say however, Furio is able to reproduce the refrigerator without a problem since he already completely analysed the refrigerator function with his magic.


The introduction became a bit long, however, there exists an item which was never seen before inside this refrigerator, located in the household’s kitchen.


“...Mrs Lys, what is this yellow fruit?”


“This is you know Varissa, a sour fruit called, Lemo~n”


“Sour? ….what for? If it is sour then it’s not a desert right? ...and this

much….A! You are planning to cook something with this right!”


“You’re wrong. It’s a preparation for the times to come when I crave for sour stuff. I read it in a book that said pregnant woman craves sour food”


Lys’s face were blushing as she said so.




...In the Magical Kingdom CryRoad Castle, inside its office….


The current queen had a haggardish appearance as she processed the documents that was stacked to about a meter.


After dethroning her father, she started looking through the former king’s work. As she read through the actual situation of many affairs, her face turned paler and paler.


Anyhow, over half of the total countries gold expenditure didn’t have any evidence with most of them shrouded with mystery as to what it was actually used as.


She went on to ask people who working in the castle for a long period of time, to ony find out that the former king cared only about spending the money to his enjoyment and left the management to his loyal subordinate.


In anger, she sent out an order to the former king’s loyal subordinates to show themselves to the princess and hear what they had to say about their mismanagement. Unfortuntately, by the time she got around to call them out, they already had disappeared without leaving behind any trace.


Queen could’ve easily asked the silent ear, that she has a friendly relationship as of right now, but because this issue related to the entire kingdom’s security and stability she hesitated to ask the outsiders about it.


Thus, she is in middle of frantically rebuilding and reconstructing the inner workings of her country with a newly recruited officials.


“, that b*tchass. Should just fall and die!”


She had a vacant expression as she looked at the mountains upon mountains of documents that were still increasing hour by hour, while mumbling some stuff under her breath.




...In the Miscellaneous store Yugo


“Low quality goods?”


Furio felt dubious against what he was hearing.


“Right nya. We are having a quite a trouble dealing with it nya”


According to Uliminus’s story, there has been a sudden surge in the rate at which fake goods were mixed in with the real good, in every corner of the kingdom


“When we inspect the items we buy, it is without any problem nya, but when the items arrives sometimes it is changed into a fake goods nya”


Uliminus apologized to Furio, since he was the investor.


“Uliminus, I know of how excellent your Silent Ear as an organisation. Hmm, I believe this opponent might be quite good then, to be able to deter and outwit you guys.”


Uliminus nodded to Furio’s words.


“Right now we are in process of gathering the information nya. We might have to take action depending on the result nya”


“If there is anything I can do then you can ask me anytime. I will help you with everything I can”


“What? The situation is becoming dire enough for mr Furio to act? I will also help, if you need it Uliminus”

Gozaru entered the chat, but Uliminus glared at him in return.


“.....this is not the kind of a problem. that a people like you, who relies on violence to resolve the issue when it gets too complicated, be allowed nya”


“But sometimes fists talk more than a mouth, am I right?”


“...Remove that smug in your face, you didn’t say anything cool nya”




...In a secret underground bunker...


“Are you done with the handiwork for shipping our product to the south?”


“Yes sir. I’ve already slipped a low/fake goods with the goods which were already inspected. All the real goods are sent to the west”


“That is good. Make sure you don’t get caught”


“Roger, and I have some proposal toward the reinforcement of the private army”


“What is it? Tell me”

“While we were trying to recruit some mercenary, we heard some interesting seems that the demon race in the a caution I will borrow your ear….”


“….Fumu...fumu...umu, I understand, you start acting out according to your plan“


The man laughed hysterically as soon as the man seemingly his subordinate went out of the room. He then, displayed a strange smile while stroking his golden cane.

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