Chapter 41 The Demonic Fox Sisters

The demonic fox sisters and her clan were trading with the former King in the CryRoad castle town’s wholesale market.


Both launched their business through their merchant division.


Gold and Silver fox sisters opened G & S firm.


Former Kings opened, Successful Gold Tree firm.


They used an alias name and registered their company to the CryRoad Castle Town’s Merchant Guild.


Thus, they are able to make transactions on their products out in the open in the wholesale market.


The Former King utilized these methods to steal and buy items from the wholesale market, and delivered them to the Fox sisters clan.


Over half of their delivered goods are stolen, this meant that they had to use alternative methods to acquire these stolen items. This is because when a magic item is registered to be a stolen item in the merchant guild, it will be searched using the search magic throughout the country by the magicians working in the castle.


When the stolen item is detected, it will be pursued by the magicians and knights from the castle throughout the country, so it is very bothersome thing to happen.


However, as a method to counter this, they dealt their goods in the wholesale market, since all the items traded there are judged to be inspected and so are exempt from having it search it with the magic.


Like this they successfully traded many of the stolen goods, however today an unexpected situation occurred.


That day, the usual subordinate who usually dealt with the transactions with the fox family was absent so a new guy went to the hidden location and waited for the fox family to get in touch with him.

The Fox family weren’t notified of the change in the personel so they weren’t able to get in touch with the subordinate of the .

The barrel the former king’s subordinate brought in was eerily similar to the barrel that were filled with le~mon that Uliminus usually bought. Hence, the Uliminus’s subordinate mistakenly assumed that the king’s subordinate  in the same location was the Le~mon dealer.


“This is that good (Le~mon), right?"


“Aa, it’s that good (stolen good from castle)”


Later the Gold and Silver fox family’s subordinate who is in charge of dealing with the former king’s group, received the news of the change of the person in charge.


The same guy  found the person who was supposed to be supplying the sundry goods store with Le~mon


“hmm, something’s wrong, where are they”


Seeing, how the man was waiting for someone, the subordiante mistakenly assumed he was the subordinate from the former king and he got in touch with him.


“this is that good (Stolen good from the castle) right?”


“Aa, it’s that good (Le~mon). oh, you aren’t the same usual guy “


“Well, that’s same for both of us right.”



“..So you’re telling me kokon, that you sent the barrel with the Oriental fan out in some random place kokon?”


The silver fox demoness, who raided the former king’s base clicked her tonue in anger and stomped on the ground.


“It isn’t entirely our fault, so don’t put all the responsibility on us. I’ve already investigated where the item went. You can just wait, since before the day ends we will send someone to collect it.”


“We can’t wait that long kon, where is it? I will go there instantly kon”


“...It’s in the Miscellaneous store in the Houtarou town, called Yugo”


The golden foxe demoness took the paper that had the information of Yugo written on it and said “Since we are collecting the item kon, the transaction fee is halvened kon”


“...I guess this will have to do...”


The former king nodded with a greatly reluctant face after clicking his tongue. After affirming the king’s reaction, the silver and golden fox demoness left the room.




“This isn’t a normal item nya”


Uliminus looked at the barrel in contemplation. A fan made of 7 rainbow coloured feather, with each feather as long as a person’s face. On the part that connected the feathers, a large magic stone was embedded, signifying its presence as a magic item.


“I can’t tell what the item is since my appraisal magic was blocked by some sort of concealment magic”


Uliminus placed the item down while feeling a little dejected at her failure.


“How about using a mr Gozaru’s magic?”


“In regards to appraising stuff, Uliminus is definitely better than me, so if she can’t I can’t."


Gozaru laughed loudly.


“True nya. We can’t do anything about this nya. For now I will search for the true owner of this barrel nya, but I’m not sure if we should return it just like this nya”


“If that is true, than lets ask Furio to apprais for us when he gets back from his trip with ms Lys. His appraisal magic would easily solve the problem, don you think so too?”


“That’s true nya. We can only do that nya. Just incase, I will search for the true owner of this barrel nya, but its difficult to judge whether we should return it so easily.”


“Ara? You say some cold things kon ne”


“We just want you guys to return it seamlessly  kon”


The voice was heard from the entrance of the shop.


When Uliminus looked at where the sound came from, she saw two woman wearing a bewitching china dress.


…Fox Demoness nya

Uliminus who, once led the espionage organization for the Demon king, instantly saw through their real identity.


As for the Fox sisters, they failed to identify Uliminus and Gozaru, who had hidden their aura and were in a human form.


“Humans can’t use that kokon. Just give it back without any resistance kokon”


Silver fox extend her arms and unleashed her demonic aura, in attempt at intimidation.


“…If I give back quitely, you will leave here right nya??”


“Ofcourse kon, will do as we promised kon”


However, Varissa walked in between the two and blocked the demon.


“Nothing good comes out when you demon race uses your demonic aura for intimidation. Spill it out, what are you planning to do?”


“When you demon race threaten people while showing your demonic power, nothing good will come out of it. Say it what are you planning to do?”


She took a fighting stance and confronted the silver fox.


….fumu, a very dignified and beautiful look as always


Gozaru thought so, while he was looking at Varissa.


…this guy.. He must be thinking ”fumu, a very dignified and beautiful look as always” nya


Uliminus clicked her tongue as she glared at Gozaru who were looking at Varissa.


A tsundere with a very sharp intuition.


“For a mere human race to dare point a sword at me…you are quite courageous kokon ne”


The silver fox signaled the golden fox with her eyes, after leaving behind these words.


The golden fox who acknowledged the signal, took out a gourd from her waist.


“As a way to show respect to your courageous deed, may we know your name kokon”


“I am Varissa. A knight and this shop’s clerk”


The golden fox pointed the guard towards Varissa.


“Knigh Varissa!”


“What is it?”


Varissa answered the golden fox..


In the next moment, Varissa’s body were absorbed inside the gourd the golden fox were holding.


Uliminus were dumbfounded after witnessing the fox demoness’ display of their gourd’s power.


seeing such a scene, Uliminus couldn’t help but float out a dumbfounded look.


Demonic Suction gourd, an item that absorbs and dissolves the person who answered to their name being called out, and turn them into pure mana. It is one of the most treasured item in the demon fox tribe.



“Oi, Allure, this is the armour you told me about? The strong one’s armour? Fufu, it’s quite comfortable to wear”


“Yesuu, it should be”


“…wait a moment, it’s written “insane one’s armour” not strong one, in the status!?"


“ee? tha, that is a cursed item that makes the wearer’s mind go insane! Sir Blonde haired hero ! take it off quickly!”




“Bl, blonde haired hero?”



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