Chapter 45 Panic

Inside the Yugo store


“You, is there no mistake that thing is setting off the alarm? Is there no mistake that that sword hanging on the wall is being detected as a stolen item.”


The guard captain, continued confirm whether this item was the right item to the magician, while his entire body drenched with sweat.


“Yes, there shouldn’t be any mistake, My crystal is pointing at that sword….”


The magician couldn’t hide his panic-stricken face as he intensely looked at his crystal making sure he didn’t make any mistake.


“Thi, this sword is a stolen item! Tell me how you got it!”


The captain realized that if this was showing a stolen item’s reaction, than it must be a stolen item, hence he questioned Uliminus.


True this is not the item we are searching for, but there is no doubt that this item is a stolen item, then it must be stolen from the castle!


“Here nya”


Uliminus with her business smile gave the captain, a document


“Th...this is!?”


The Captain turned all blue after reading through the document.


“This treasure, the Flame Sword, will be gifted to Uliminus who has worked great merit for the kingdom of Cryroad.


~First Imperial Princess”


The document contained her highness’s signature and was engraved with the kingdom’s special seal coated with magic, making this a perfect evidence for their innocence.


“After analysing it with the magic, there can be no doubt, this is real. It also has no problem with the written record”


Every official document issued by the kingdom, comes with the authentication seal, that allows magicians from the castle to check the authenticity of the document.


As a matter of fact, this sword was bestowed by the princess after Uliminus and her group helped her defeat Yuiguard’s invasion, thus this sword and the document in itself is real.


No matter how you look at it she has the authentic document and it matches the record, but the problem is for some reason there is a signal from the item indicating that it's a stolen item.


Against such an unexplainable situation, guards and magicians held their heads in headache.


Furio was looking at this scene with rather devilish smile, this was because Furio himself caused this situation to occur.


The moment the stolen item swapped in by the demonic foxes arrived at the Yugo store, Furio detected something was wrong, and realized an item was emitting a stolen item’s signal.


The magic coated on the stolen item is only learnable by the magicians, who specialized in stolen item magic search, in the castle. However, Furio received a divine protection from the god when he was summoned to this world, and thus he is a master of every magic in the world. Hence, he also acquired the search magic too.


Furio believes that this power of his is “something every summoned one obtains” and he quite honestly believes that the blonde haired hero is no exception to this rule.. Despite the fact that the blonde haired hero can’t use a single magic….


Magic items commonly emits a signal, however these are just an indication for their mana level, however, when an item is registered as a stolen item by the castle and was picked up by the stolen item search magic, then the signal will change. This signal emits detailed information of its surrounding.


“...I sense that crappy fox sisters’ presence on the item”


Gozaru was listening to Furio’s discovery, detected the gold and silver foxes aura with his keen sensing ability.]


“Those crappy foxes must be doing it for a revenge nya”


Uliminus realized their intentions and has come up with a plan.


First Furio’s magic will be coated on the shield, making it impossible for it to be detected. At the same time, coat the exact copy of the signal emitting from the shield onto the sword.


Now, all they had to do was wait and see, what these foxes were trying to do.



Furio snapped his fingers quietly as he watched the panic stricken guards and the magicians.


At that instant, the magician who was watching intently at his crystal as if he was about to swallow it whole, shouted in surprise.


“Sto, stolen item signal….is lost!?”




“Nothing is happening kon”


The castle knights and guards still were surrounding the store, with no visible change to people in the store despite their presence.


“Something should’ve happened already kon”


*ton ton*


“They are taking way too much time kokon”


*ton ton*


“Maybe they are being arrested inside kon?”


*ton ton*


“Maybe, we should go and take a look?”


*ton ton*


“Ah? What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep on knocking on my shoulders kon, do you want to die kon?”


The silver fox looked at her behind


“I apologize for wanting to die, shitty fox”


Gozaru entered her sight.


The two were dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events.




“Now that I think about it, that mr Elizabeth we became friendly with”


“Don’t ever utter that name again!”


“Ha!? Eh!? Umm!?”


Allure became confused at the sudden outburst by the hero and blinked.


Seeing her act so confused, the blonde haired hero “'s nothing”


...Why is name a woman’s name just because I had 8 big sisters...I’m a..

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