Chapter 46 The Escape

“What did you say! Is that true!”


The queen shouted in surprise and were greatly overjoyed at the report brought by the magician.


“Yes, your highness! WE were able to locate the flame shield that were stolen from the treasury in the former king’s raid. Currently, the Guard Captain went out to retrieve it”


She utilized many methods and frantically searched for any clue on the whereabouts of the treasures but failed at every search. Hence, She clasped her hands together in prayer in elation hearing the news.


“Where did you locate it? Did you find theses bandits hidden base too?”


“I’ve already contacted the mage who went along with the guard captain, I should receive the message any time.”


Soon after,


“I’ve received the message, according to them the enemy’s base is hidden behind the Miscellaneous store called Yugo in Houtarou town and”


“Wha..what did you just say!!”


The queen interrupted the mage’s speech as she screamed in astonishment.


The information in regards to the shop is known, only to the closest personnel of the castle, so of course they wouldn’t know of it.


She also knew that Uliminus who has helped her in number of occasions wouldn’t suddenly support the former king as she knew better. Without a doubt, this must’ve been either a mistake or that Uliminus was being framed by someone with a malicious intent.


Princess once again prayed to the gods in the sky, however this time with despair written all over her face.


“I will tell you about it later. For now, bring the magician specialized in teleportation to here right now! I will meet face to face with the people involved”


“Wha, what!? There is absolutely no need for someone of your standing to meet with a commern, I’m sure the guard captain is able enough to capture the group without..”


“That will be too late! This concerns the very integrity of our royal family!”


I can’t allow those who helped me and supported me in my most difficult time be treated as a criminal, even if that is for a small period of time.


The Queen stood up from her throne and rushed to the magician's abode, since she couldn’t just keep sitting still doing nothing.




“You guys don’t have to be so surprised. Weren’t you guys the one who were watching over us the entire time?”


Gold and Silver fox bit their lips as they felt despair at the sudden appearance of Gozaru. When they confronted him last time, they were beaten to pulp and thrown on the floor like a ragged towel.


That’s why they went through all the trouble to cause harm indirectly without implicating themselves but, it didn’t go the way they planned as their target stood right behind them.


“I wasn’t able to thank you for taking good care of Varissa, the last time we met, right shitty foxes?”


“No..we didn’t do much kon”


“Ri, right right…. You don’t have to thank us for that kon, we don’t have any problem kon”


The gold and silver fox sisters retreated step by step, not letting Gozaru out of their sight.


“Oh well, don’t say that, I came all the way here. I don’t want to leave empty handed, so receive this well”


“ Weaklings over there, use this”


A shield appeared in front of the gold fox out of thin air, thus she decided to use it to block the incoming missile (punch).


Gozaru punched with a sonic speed, reaching the speed of light, however, it was blocked by a shield that Gold fox was holding.




Soon, a fire tornado engulfed Gozaru’s entire body, as his entirety disappeared into the flame.


“Ho, Hou Kon!?”


“Wha, what kokon!?”


The two stood dumbfounded at the sudden turn of the event.


The two soon came to a realization that their hateful enemy was the one being engulfed by the flame and started gloating over this new realitiy.


“Kekekekeke! It’s your fault for acing up against us the superior demon race kon!”


“Kakakaka! Be burnt to ashes Kokon! You trash Kokon!”


However, not long after, the gold fox realized the pecurity of the sudden appearance of the shield.


“But, this shield… who gave me this kokon?”


“Weaklings, it was my generosity”


Out of thin air, a tall and slender woman appeared appeasing their curiosity.


“..I will thank you for giving us the shield kon but, aren’t an one annoying bitch kon!”


The two foxes showed great hostility against this new entity that spoke with such great arrogance.


“If you have enough energy to argue, than the least you could do is prepare for the on coming attack, since against this person who returned to his original form, even a flame shiled won’t be of any use”


“Bi*ch, stop acting like you know every kon! Are you blind? He is already burned…..”


Gold fox nearly choked herself to death at the sudden sight of Gozaru and his true form being revealed in front of her.


“Fumu, it’s been a while since I return to my true form.”


In front of the two, a bulky human disappeared, being replaced by a Gigantic Demon with a deathly black color.


“...Pre, Previous demon king, Gaul..kon?”


“Im..impossible...why are you at the place like this kokon...”


The two faltered and trembled in fear as they stared at Gaul’s true form.


During Gaul’s reign as the demon king, the two deemed impossible to overturn the ruling and thus swore an absolute allegiance. Gold fox already realized the shield she was holding was the very shield that was stolen from the castle, however, she also knew, that the shield of this level won’t be able to hurm Gaul who turned into his true form.


The two made an instant decision to escape as they believed there isn’t even a 1 in 10,000 chance of even being able to survive. Gold fox escaped to the left, while the Silver fox escaped to the left. It was their desperate attempt to increase their chance of survival by fifty-fifty.




“What! This is not the Houtarou Town! Did the teleportation fail!?”


“I’m sorry your highness, it failed due to our bad luck”


“I urge you to reopen the teleportation circle! We must reach there before it's too late!”


“Roger, it will be over in a second”


“Make it as quick as you can! I, Queen Elizabeth, won’t return kindness with hatred!”


“Don’t you dare say that name!!!”


Elizabeth who was relaxing in the shade nearby, shouted in anger and he rushed to the place where he heard the voice come from. However, no one was there.


“Hero, did something happen?”


“...Allure because you asked that stupid question I’m starting to see illusions!”


“Fuee!? I don’t really understand but I’m sorry!”

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