Chapter 47 The Result

“You’ve completed the preparation right?”


The former king questioned his subject while sitting on his make do throne as usual.


“Yes your highness, the only thing missing is the chair sir is sitting on”


The former king stood up feeling satisfied at the efficiency of his subordinate and nodded in approval.


The one who answered the question, called 3 other people and proceeded to transport the chair.


“That brat of mine reached there in time”


The former king clicked hi tongue in anger, as he watched the situation play out in the Houtarou Town that was projected through the crystal he was holding.


“The smartest thing in a tight situation is to beat a retreat”


Leaving this proverb behind, he left the room.




The Gold and Silver fox desperately escaped from the Former Demon King, Gaul in his true form.


However, contrary to the foxes’ desperation, Gaul stood there and saw them off. Then, crackled his fist and started walking leisurely.


...With that speed, he won’t catch up to us kon..


Gold fox felt relieved at the speed Gozaru was chasing them, however, continue to accelerate at a greater pace.


Unfortunately for her, in the next moment, a shadow could be seen blocking her way.


“I won’t let you little bastards run away”


The man grabbed her head and slammed it to the ground. A normal human would find it hard to even see the speeding foxes, but, this man grabbed the fox’s head in 100% accuracy as he smashed it to the ground with an immense strength.




The gold fox failed to comprehend the situation she fell under as she tried to crawl up, looking desperate as ever.


Against her, “You see, Varissa is one of my important family member”


Furio lifted the gold fox by her head, forcing her to stand up.


“I can’t just forgive you, when you harmed and tortured her. I won’t forgive, however…..”


Furio then threw her into the air, towards Gozaru and Gozaru furiously punched her to the ground. It’s without said, her consciousness has already been torn to the point, nothing could divide it any further.




“I’m not done yet, let me count your sins”


Gozaru’s fury has yet to be subsided as he continued his rampage against the little fox.


On the other side, the silver fox wasn’t in any better condition.


Silver fox who escaped to the opposite direction, were faced with a sudden change in her surrounding. The scenery around her changed from a normal city road to that of a word with nothing but whiteness shrouding every existence.


A slender and tall woman who gave her the flame shield stood before her.


“...Where, is this kokon?”


“This place is inside my spiritual world...I’ve captured your soul and confined it here.”


“What the heck are you spouting Kokon? I don’t understand a thing ko...wait what!?”


What interrupted her questions that came out of her like a bullet, was a sudden hug that bound her body.


The person who hugged her started rubbing her breast and smearing her face with saliva.


“Mas, Master, this girl is our new training partner?”


The Naked woman asked the slender woman and pushed the silver fox down.


“That’s right. Come, let us start our beloved training”


“Wa...wait a moment kokon!? What is this training kokon! Oi, wait , who are you kokon!”


“I am Hiya, the devil who reigns over the light and the darkness, and the only slave of the Supreme one….I’m also the Cultivation Researcher”


Hiya started moving towards the fox with her insanely large thing below her crotch while Marissa kept on licking and smearing the fox with her saliva.


The silver fox screamed, however voiceless as it may be, could be heard throughout the entirety of the universe, making one who heard it tremble in fear.


“I’m sorry for all the trouble befallen on you due to our incompetence!”


The Queen bowed deeply at Furio and Uliminus as soon as she scanned what was going on after arriving in the town with the teleportation magic.


“Wa, wait a minute nya. This place has too many people nya”


The queen bowed deeply to Uliminus and her group without any care for the surrounding, despite the large number of people who crowded the place in curiosity over the huge number of knights and guards who surrounded the store.


Not only Uliminus but her subordinates panicked at the sudden act by the queen, unbefitting of her status.


“No, the incident today was completely my fault. I won’t have any face left to call myself a queen if I can’t even apologize in such a situation just because I cared about the people surrounding this place and..Mgu!?”


Gozaru placed his palm on the queen’s mouth as he stopped her from being able to finish her sentence.


“It’s commendable for missus to be able to know the rights and wrong, however, as a Queen of this very kingdom, you must not bow so lightly in front of your subjects. It will only lower your standing among the subjects”


The queen realized the gravity of her action and the consequence it might build on the loyalty of her subordinates, and raised her head in a hurry.


Gozaru used to be a sovereign of an entire race, and therefore his words were filled with great weight and were worthy of listening.


“Oh, right, please do not scold the mr captain, he was just doing his job, and was tricked by those devious things”


Furio pointed at the gold fox, while smiling.


The gold fox was sealed by the magical chains, that went on layers after layers, securing her ability to remain immobile.


Unfortunately for her, she laid unconscious after being beaten to pulp by Gozaru, and hence there really wasn’t any possibility of her being able to escape.


Later that day


The queen changed her location and apologized wholeheartedly once more. She then, left for the castle.


Furio told her he can teleport them to the castle with his magic but, “We can’t trouble the sir true hero anymore ”


“No no, I thought I already told you to stop with that “true hero” thing”


Furio smiled bitterly at the queen.


Thanks to Furio’s request, the captain guard wasn’t punished heavily for the incident, and thus feeling gratified, he came to the store after taking a few days break, and repeatedly apologized and thanked Uliminus.


“On behalf of my brother, I’m really sorry for all the trouble he has stirred”


Bolaris is the sister of this guard captain, and therefore she came to the town accompanying her brother.


As of lately, she wasn’t able to visit the town since she was busy with the workload in the castle especially after the former king’s incident.


Hence, Belano was feeling greatly annoyed at the sudden arrival of her nemesis and she was annoyed to death for few days.

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