Chapter 48 Mr Horse

Demon King Yuiguard was unlike Gaul, elected or were favoured to dethrone Gaul. However, as of currently his standing in the castle could be said to be unstable.


Firstly, he attained his current rank without actually defeating the former demon king Gaul, hence creating the situation where, even though the subjects swore their royalty, many doesn’t believe in his ability. The fox incident that occurred in the Houtarou town, could be said to be a best representative of his subject not believing him to be the true demon king, since the gold and silver fox who were the chief of the west, disappeared from their position without informing the king.


This further derived the already meagre trust and actual loyalty to the current Demon king. Hence, Yuiguard were pushed to hasten the war, leading to the current day, where the army received it worst defeat in its history.


The disapproval against Yuiguard heightened, where now many of the subjects of the king, stopped hiding their obvious disregard and discontent against Yuiguard, many showing it through ignoring the orders and missions issued by the king.


The trinity gods were the very foundation of the demon king’s army and acted as the essential pillars supporting the activities and management of the army.


The trinity gods consists of Snake Queen YoruMeet, Death Horse Slape, and the Double headed bird, Fugy-Bugy.


These three also held the king to low regard, unfortunately for them, they played an important role in causing Gaul to abdicate the throne, hence the current situation stands as it is, since their not really able to significant move against the king despite their great interest to do so.


Currently, Slape, were overseeing the protection of the Eastern region. He used to be an leader sort of figure among the trinity gods, clamoring towards his experience as the eldest. Contrary, to the lofty position he was in, the him right now was in one of the lowest position among the trinity gods, because they made him the scapegoat on their failure to straighten up Gaul and unexpectedly allowed Yuiguard to ascend to the throne.


Therefore, as soon as he came back from the Hot Spring trip he hoped to isolate himself inside the castle. His high perception and strength has already allowed him to notice the change in attitude among not only the trinity gods but other subordinates in the castle, thus, he requested for relocation and overseeing of the East to the Demon king.


From then on, his daily lives consisted of patrolling the vast plain with his few trusted subordinates, and returning back only to continue patrolling the next day.


The order from the castle for him to return were never issued, despite the number of days he left the position in the castle vacant.


This wouldn’t be the case during the Demon King Gaul’s reign, as the king’s subordinate, Uliminus would come looking for him after 2 or 3 days of his absence in the castle.


“You dumb grandpa horse! You’ve got guts to dare not show yourself in front of the demon king for 2 days straight nya!? Stop wasting time in here and come back nyao!!”


Uliminus would pester him until he gives up and returns to the castle.


...I guess, being left behind and being ignored is truly a lonely thing..I even miss that Uliminus’s annoying pestering…


Slape were in his horse form as he galloped through the vast plain.


His subordinates too were in horse form, however, the depressive aura of Slape has kept them a far from him, in fear of him rashing out at them.


“I will return after this last run”


Slape accelerated his steps and began galloping at an incredible speed. His subordinates thought of following him but after seeing him hasten his steps, they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep up with it and left him be.




“You’re the human who desired to tribute your support to our grand plan?”


“I’ve already listed out the conditions, I’m only waiting for your response”


“I see, you’re quite villainous indeed. Unbefitting of a human. Interesting. I don’t mind cooperating with you”


“It’s good that your at least able to use your brain. I pray you won’t choose brawns over brains like those stupid foxes.”


“I must say you’re quite bold. I don’t care, my principle only sees the result. As long as you provide sufficient results I will forgive you of your stupid human arrogance”


“Isn’t that the same for both of us? Whatever, I will do as you wish, since this will help me fulfill my wish”


“Well then, as your first mission, gather 100 sacrificial pawns”


“Alright, it won’t take me long to do such a simple task”



...For, I, the member of the trinity gods to have done such mistake….this may be my lifetime worst blunder…


Slape were immobile as his body sustained an unexpectedly large damage and his blood were dripping all over.


Today, Slape galloped a little longer than his usual routine. He fell from the cliff after entering an unfamiliar area, and thus, stepped on a rock thinking it was strong enough to support his weight, but unfortunately it failed to meet the expectation.


If he was in his real Death Horse form, he could’ve easily avoided the current predicament, since he could’ve easily ran on air and receive no damage, however, he was in his horse form.


Usually, he wouldn’t make such blunder, but his mind was filled with worries and ponderous thoughts, hence, he was distracted.


Slape received various wounds all over his body, many deep cuts, revealing his bones.


Slape who was at his worst condition, saw a sleuth of frantic bear were steadily approaching towards him.


….They were lured by my blood’s odour...I didn’t expect the great me would meet such an end at such a desolate place…


Slape, the war hero couldn’t help but feel pity for his ending, as it was quite pitiable way to die for a brave warrior like himself.



Few hours later…


Slape opened his eyes, only to realize he was alive fully healed and well.


“Aa! This is great, Mr Horsy woke up!”


What entered in his line of sight was a little girl’s face, coming in out of nowhere.


“Hawawa. This is great desu~. I thought you won’t ever wake up desu~”


This little girl rubbed her cheeks on Slape as she hugged him while crying.


“Bily~, did that horse wake up?”


“Yes! Mr Master, he opened his eyes wide and open desu~”


Bily the archer, turned her head to where the voice came from and floated out a beautiful smile.


“I’ve already treated his injuries with my healing magic, but I better recheck his body for the last time, just in case if I missed anything. Aa, also, Bily can you bring us a water, the horse seems a little thirsty.”


“I understand desu~, I’m going now~~”


After confirming that Bily left, Furio leaned closely to the horse’s ear.


“...I won’t question who you really are, but you can stay in here as long as you want. However, while you’re in here, I hope you stay in your horse form and play with Bily. You see, she loves horses very much”


Slape frowned at the sudden revelation of a seemingly normal man that saw through his disguise and surprised at the fact despite knowing his true form, he still let him stay.


….this man, he allowed me to stay despite knowing who I am?...




“Fumu, this job seems good”


“What is it Blond Haired Hero?”


“Look at this Allure, there is a guy who's hiring workers for an easy short-term physical labour”


“I see. Oh it's hiring total of 100 people, and luckily it says gender doesn’t matter, so I can work too~~”


“Good, now go work for my part too”


“Ee~~, thats so cruel ~~”


“Shut it! Did you already forget that I was just carrying your heavy ass all the way here”


“Muu~~, I understand….”

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