Chapter 49 Worst time to be looked at

“Aa! Allure now understand. As expected of Blonde Haired Hero desu~”The Death Horse, Slape were still sheltered in Bily’s workplace. However, last night he sneaked out of the ranch with his true form and went back to the stronghold. His subordinates were worried for him ever since his disappearance, and were relieved to see how energetic and healthy Slape looked.


“I will be out on an infiltration mission, so I will not come back to the base for a while. I will be in touch with telepathy, so you guys don’t have to worry about me.”


That night, he left the strong hold leaving these words behind after completing most of the procedure necessary to leave the base for prolonged period


He then, came back to Bily’s ranch and changed to his horse form.


“Hello, Mr Horsy! How are you today?”


Slape smiled a smile that a grandpa would make to his grandchildren after being hugged by Bily.


“The injuries seems to be all healed it the time for you to return back to the wild…..”


Bily looked sad after checking Slape’s body for any injury.


Seeing her disappointed, Slape closed in on her and snuggled with his nose then licked her face, trying to cheer her up.


“Hawawa!? By any chance, you wish to stay together with me desu~? I’m so happy desu~!”


Bily hugged the horse’s head and rubber cheeks on it.


“I should give name you now that's decided…..I thought it would be inappropriate for me to do it if you were returning back to the wild desu~!”


Bily stood there wondering over what name she should choose for the horse.


“I think Slape would be a good name for the horse”


They heard a female’s voice from their back.


“Ah, Mistress! Slape...was it?”


“Yup, I’m sure the horse would be happy to be called by that name”

With that said, the mysterious woman approached the couple.


..Umu? She knows my true name? Who in the world is this?


Slape, feeling curious yet suspicious of the identity of the person looked up to look at the approaching woman, only to find himself frozen with his eyes wide open.


“You see, I had a great comrade mine who was a heroic horse, who was adored as the hero of the battle field with this very name….He was truly a reputable warrior worthy to be called the hero of….”


What laid behind Slape’s eye were his comrade who fought together in many wars, Fenlys, the  true Fanged Wolf warrior.


Lys became the wife of Furio and left her post in the demon king’s army, and right now she is standing in front of Slape, with a disgruntled expression.


“...He isn’t a man who would go all fawning over a mere hug by a little loli”


Lys then looked straight at Slape’s face, and Slape avoided eye contact as he looked at the side acting as if he doesn’t understand she is talking about.


...What are you doing here, have your dignity fallen to the point you would put an effort to please a girl by turning into a horse? Slape have you gone senile?


..I, I am a normal horse...You’re mistaken I’m not slape or anything...definitely..Hi, Hi~n


..Whatever... I won’t do anything to you since my husband allowed you in…


...I already told you, you’ve mistaken me for someone else...bu, but, thank you for this…


“Mistress, why are you glaring at mr horsy?


“No, it’s nothing”


Lys turned around and smiled at Bily as she pet Slape twice. As soon as Lys left the room, Slape’s energy seemed to have been drained as he fell onto the floor.


“Hawawawa!? For some reason Slape is suddenly so tired desu~~”


In midsts of the sudden collapse, Slape was called by his name by Bily.




“What? You guys sensed a weird mana?”


Listening to the Succubus, Fufun’s report, Demon King Yuiguard frowned and raised his voice.


Fufun who stood in front of him, continued reading the report written on the document in her hand.


“There is an unknown weak mana pool forming in the territory under the Demon king’s direct control. It may be a mana pool formed naturally but in caution we decided to inform it to the majesty...”


Mana pool is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the areas where demons reside and it usually happens after a certain amount of mana leaks from demons at one place.


“For you to actually take your time reporting it, then it must be quite big in scale right?”


“Your highness is absolutely correct, sometimes sir’s instinct is right on point”


“What the fuck do you mean by Sometime!?”


Yuiguard punched Fufun’s head in retaliation against Fufun’s rude behavior, causing Fufun’s entire body to sink inside the floor.


“Order someone to investigate this phenomenon for now. Who’s managing the security of that area”


“..It’s in the east so….. Yes, it's under Trinity God, Slape’s command”


“Good, send out an order to him to investigate the area.”


Fufun listened to Yuiguard’s command whilst still sunk under the floor, and her cheeks were bright red in color for some reason.


...this..this tsukkomi….sir Yuiguard is amazing...please just one more time….


It seems as though after being hit by Yuiguard a countless times, her personality developed into a Masochist type.




“This job is really easy, Blonde Haired Hero. We only have to stack this brick like rock on top of each other while creating it in a circle formation”


“You’re right. Now go work my part and get it over with”


“Hi~n, I know~~, now that I think about it do you know about it?”




“From what I heard from others this place is actually in the demon race’s territory.”


“I see, that explains why we are given such a high price? This fits the mysterious pieces together”


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