Chapter 50 Invasion of the Evil God



Demon King Yuiguard’s eyes widened at Fufun’s report.


“Yes, sir, there should be no mistake. On the investigation of the previously detected unique mana pool, we found a tower with Evil god’s emblem engraved on it.”


Fufun, the succubus, reported this while on her knees.

“We deduced that the tower that is being built in sir’s territory, is very powerful in gathering mana and it has already amassed immeasurable amount of mana.”


“Fucking, evil god… the only god I actually believed and prayed for is in my world trying to conquer it.. For fucks sake...”


“Sir Yuiguard, what shall we do…?”






“Shut the hell up! I’m thinking right now! Leave!”


Yuiguard dismissed Fufun while looking as ponderous as ever.


Fufun left the room as instructed while looking slightly upset and disappointed.


..He didn’t hit me today…


These days, her thought was filled with strategies and tactics with a detailed plan on how she could receive Yuiguard’s tsukkomi.


She has truly transformed into a hardcore masochist.




...what in the world is this?....


“Hawawaawa!? What is that stone tower? There are alot of it~~”


Bily also looked at the same direction slape was looking at while riding on top of Slape who were in his horse form.


Slape got an order to investigate the unique mana gathering that was detected in the territory he managed. He got the order in early afternoon, and he couldn’t sneak out without getting caught by Bily, therefore, he brought Bily along as he went out for the walk.


However, as soon as he spotted the tower, he knew he made a mistake and bit his lips in frustration.


...I thought it would be some sort of mana pool but this might actually be the invasion by the Evil god….


Slape judged that it must’ve been evil god and his subordinate overseeing the place due to the sheer scale of this project.


“Aah, wait Slape. What happened desu~?”


Ignoring Bily who held the leash to stop him, Slape tried to run back to the farm in fear, he might’ve been detected.


“Hee, I came to check cause I sensed a guy with good mana, it seems like I’ve actually met the subordinate of this world’s demon king”


In front of Slape, a woman out of thin air.


This woman was covered in black aura that acted as her robe and she confronted Slape while up in the air.


“Hundred people over there would suffice as a sacrifice but adding will make things far more interesting.”


The woman, Guriorn, the Summoning Demon god unleashed her killing intent.


“Wha, Wha, happening desu~? Who are you????”


Bily started shivering at the sudden as the almighty killing intent hit her.


Even then, if she was her old self, she would’ve already fainted at this level, hence you could see her growth just by seeing this.


...This isn’t the time for me to care about little things…


Slape swallowed a mouthful of air.


“Little girl, close your mouth so you won’t bite your tongue”


“Fue!? Hor, Mr horsy...Slape spoke!?”


Bily was surprised at the sudden revelation of her horse’s ability to speak. When she thought, this was enough stimulation for the day, the horse she was riding on illuminated and in the next instant she was being carried by a 3 meter tall old man.


“Ha, Hae~? Haeeeeeeeeee!?”


Her mind couldn’t keep up with all the changes in her reality and she just shut her mouth as instructed.


Confirming that she shut her mouth, Slape sped to the opposite direction from Gurion, in a speed that didn’t fit his gigantic stature.


He thought of sending a rescue signal to the base but ...those guys at the base or even that demon king…


It’s me, I don’t know if you can hear me but please come help us! At least, I want to save Bily, little girl…


Slape accelerated his movement in hope that his message has been delivered and hoped for the best.


“That’s a foolish idea, how long are we going to play hide and seek?”


Gurion opened a magic circle on both of her palms and summoned a magic sword.


“Please die, I shall use your body to good use”


She flung the swords to Slape.




“Sir Blonde haired hero, did something weird just come of the tower?”


“Something weird?”


“Yes, I thought it was some purplish maybe blakich something came out!”


“How, can I understand anything with your lacking explanation, you useless retard”


“Fueee, I’m sorry~....


I don’t think I can continue following this kind of person desu~...


“Oh well, maybe you got tired from working so much. Here, I will work your part too, just go and get some rest”


“Th, thank you~~”


...Maybe I should stay for a little longer…


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