Chapter 51 Invasion of the Evil God



Gurion, a summon demon, scrunched her eyebrows while she watched her swords that were thrown at Slape being parried out of nowhere.


“Mr Slape, please escape together with Bily to a safe location, I will deal with her”


“I am forever grateful for your help, Furio! I will come back as soon as possible!”


Slape disappeared into a faraway distance, escaping at light speed after bowing to Furio in gratitude.


Gurion smiled eerily while looking at Furio who became a hindrance in her killing Slape.


“Ara? My prey escaped because of you, so are you ready to replace him as a sacrifice?”


She pulled the sword from the ground through her mana and pointed it at Furio, whilst smacking her lips in delight.


However, Furio nonchalantly smiled seemingly without any care for what was about to happen to him and shrugged.


“I don’t know if I want to be replacing them, you know, I’m just a commoner trying to live a simple life so I hope you leave us be”



At first she thought of going to the rescue by herself but,


...Slape is actually in trouble to the point he actually sent a message to me nya The fact that Bily whose with him may slow him down and not allow him to exert his true strength, Slape himself is incredibly powerful so my strength that’s weaker than him wont be of any help nya….


With this thought process she sent a help telepathy to Furio who were out to get supplies and Gozaru who were out with Varissa.


She received Furio’s reply but not Gozaru’s.


...I must interrogate them when they get back nya….


Uliminus’s eyes were filled with fury, and were determined to get behind Gozaru’s absence.




“Hou, you’ve got quite a list of magic for a mere commoner”


Gurion proclaimed looking shocked after she peeked at Furio’s stats.


Gurion couldn’t see the details of each skill but she was able to see the total magic, which counted for over 5 digits, a never seen number in her entire life.


However, she smirked at Furio after a light scan of what kind of skills Furio had.


“You’re amazing, you’ve acquired every magic in this world including even the light and dark magic”


“Even so, too ba~d”


Gurion summoned a purple lightning the shape of a disastrous ranked beast and it attacked Furio.


As usual, Furio raised both his palms in order to exterminate the magic, but contrary to his expectations, the lightning beast showed no sign of disappearing as it tried to devour Furio.




Luckily, Furio was able to counter the magic with a highest ranked lightning magic, negating the beast, even then, a smoke rose from Furio’s palm.


Furio realized something was wrong in his confrontation with Gurion,  the moment he couldn’t eliminate the sword’s existence and thus parried it out of panic.


Gurion smiled with satisfaction as she saw some damage that got through Furio’s seemingly unlimited count of magics.


“Hey aren’t you curious as to why you can’t erase my magic? Keke, your about to be my sacrifice so I will tell you”


With that said, she summoned her three strongest tamed beasts.


Evil god - Magic Horse - Bururion

Evil God - Beast Warrior - Zokurion

Evil God - Grand Magician - Mahorion


“Warrior of Human race, be proud to be defeated by my most powerful summoned beasts”


“I told you I’m merely a normal commoner”


Furio bitterly smiled to Gurion’s declaration.


“Jeez, you people from the evil world always has a bad hobby of bullying people by outnumbering them”


To Furio’s surprise, he heard a voice coming from his back.


It’s Slape.


After securing Bily’s security after escaping from the situation, he came back.


“..Indeed, you guys got a terrible hobby”


Gozaru appeared next to Furio using teleportation magic...but…


“Umm~, Mr Gozaru, why are you in your underwear?”


“It’s nothing, not worth the explanation”


Gozaru gave little to no explanation for appearing little too naked with only wearing his underwear.


“What a weird mix...I should praise you fools for being fearless in confronting me, the great Evil God’s favorite subordinate, the summoner devil Gurion”


“Well….Please don’t forget this little fearless one is here”


“I am Hiya, the devil who sovereigns over light and darkness, a slave of Master Furio and a researcher of Human cultivation”


“..Am I mishearing things or isn’t your introduction becoming longer and longer as I hear it?”


“Even a Devil will grow day by day….”


Hiya bowed happily at Gozaru.


...A powerful demon, that underwear guy is a stronger demon?, and the last one is a devil, same race as mine?....who’s this human to have so many under him?

Gurion, swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked Furio.


“Furio right? Who the f*ck are you?”


“Technically, I am an ex-hero candidate, please remember it”




Workers who were resting under the tower ran away as soon as they saw lightning coming out of the tower.


Allure and Blonde haired hero escaped together and with some amazing coincidence, they arrived just behind Furio and Gurion.


...Sir Blonde Haired Hero, that person fighting, isn’t he the same person who saved us last time?


..tha..that is indeed true…


...It looks like he ig up against 4 people but he only has total of 3 people with him…




...Sir Blonde haired hero aren’t you going to help them? You are Hero too, you know…







...Hiya Appeared…


...Oh well, it seems like another one appeared. What a shame, truly a pity. I was just about to rush in to help.




...Come Allure, we shouldn’t hinder them by our presence….



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