Chapter 52 Confrontation

...How...How did I fall to such height….


The direct subordinate of the Evil God, Gurion was currently running in the forest with a pale blue face.


She couldn’t fly even if she wanted to, due to the fact that she used up all her mana reserve in trying to preserve her life.


...why..why did this happen….?


Gurion recalled the events leading up to the current her desperation.




“For now our opponents has been decided right?”


As they were currently in a 4 vs 4 situation, everyone has at least one person to fight against.


Death Horse, Slape vs Evil God Devil Horse, Burion


Gozaru vs Evil God Beast Warrior, Zokurion


Hiya vs Evil God Grand Magician Mahorion


Finally, Furio vs Summoning Devil Gurion


The party moved away from each other, in effort to space out their fights so there won’t be a collateral damage or hinder each other.l


….Slape’s battle…


“You’re quite good for a senile horse”


Burion swung his axe against Slape multiple times, but Slape dodged it all in a smooth and clean manner, with none even scratching him.


“If you keep on running from the fight, you won’t have a chance against me you know?”


Burion continued swinging his axe feeling annoyed at Slape who kept on dodging without showing any sign of stopping.

“Hahaha, in life, offensive strategy isn’t the only way to fight!!”


Thus, Slape continued with his dodging.


“A mere excuse from a weak one!”


Burion accelerated his steps and rushed to Slape, however, when he realized, he was falling down the hill.




As soon as Burion realized his situation, he panickingly tried to spread his wings but Slape jumped on top of him and plucked out both of the wings.


“You think I will let you to do as you please!?”


Burion fell at an unprecedented speed then crashed into the rocks and rolled down the cliff.


Despite after this long fall, Burion was still alive as he tried to get up, unfortunately, Slape wasn’t over with his plan, as he nose dived right on top of Burion’s head, crushing it.


“...This all thanks to that girl”


Slape looked around, and what came to his sight was the very cliff he himself nearly fell to his death.




The battle between Gozaru and Zokurion couldn’t even be described as a one-sided battle. It can’t even be considered a fight. Zokurion as a powerful warrior from the Evil world, could be said to have a great strength, strong enough to fight against the demon king’s army alone. However, against Gozaru, he died after a single hit as he sunk deep inside the ground floor, crushing every bone, from neck to head into pieces.


“What’s? That’s it?”


Gozaru looked dissatisfied and were cracking his fingers, ready to take on another one.



From outside, Hiya and Mahorion seems to be standing still with their eyes closed looking as awkward as ever, however, their battle continued with great ferocity.


The two chanted magic one after another, disabling the opponents, and enacting more spells. This continued on for a few more seconds, with over hundreds of spell were activated.


“You’re quite good, as expected of the Devil. However, I’M the strongest magician under Big sister Gurion. I don’t see any reason for me to lose.”


As soon as she finished her sentence, two arms grew out of Mahorion’s back, this increased the number of spells being formed every second.


Hiya lightly glanced at Mahorion and began walking to her. Mahorion tried to stop her by attacking her with more offensive magic, but it did nothing to Hiya, as she nonchalantly continued her advance to Mahorion.


Soon, Hiya’s distance with Mahorion became meagre to the point their nose tip touching each other. Then, Hiya kissed her.




Against the sudden invasion of tongue in her mouth, Mahorion’s eyes spiralled in surprise and she tried to push Hiya away. Unfortunately for her, the tongue seems to eat her alive as it continued its way deep inside Mahorion’s mouth and her hand……


(The imagery above is too shocking and hence been shortened)



Mahorion laid naked under Hiya’s foot, with her face bright red and her eyes seemingly dull as it failed to focus.


“..That size...for my first time...”


Hiya looked at Mahorion who were mumbling stuff as if she was dreaming, “This is the fruit grown through my cultivation”, and placed her palm on Mahorion’s head.


“We shall reach the apex of human cultivation together!”


It’s not necessary for me to say but, Mahorion was brought into Hiya’s spiritual world.




Furio were fumbling with his fingers doing something in full concentration.


“What’s your plan this time? Hmm, any resistance is futile”


Gurion floated out a smirk…


“Futile?...well you could say I’m doing it out of curiosity but it may also be a vain struggle”


Furio continued doing weird gestures with his fingers.


“....Great, it’s finally over”


“What? Did you finally accept your fate as my sacrificial lamb?”


With that said, Gurion formed a magic circle and summoned few dozens of magic swords.


The very sword that Furio failed to erase while trying to save Slape and it surrounded Furio, leaving no space for even a rat to escape.


“Well, what are your final words before you die under my hand?”


“Oh well, maybe I should say some words of gratitude to you”


Furio raised his right arm, and at that moment, the magic swords surrounding Furio made *Palin* sound and shattered into pieces.




Gurion blinked multiple times, confirming the reality in front of her.


“You were right, when you said I don’t have evil magics learnt, thanks to that I understood the reason behind the fact that I couldn’t erase your magic sword. Thank you for informing me the answer to this problem”


“Wha, What?”


Gurion were dumbfounded as she couldn’t understand what was going on and she failed to comprehend why such happened.


“N, No… what.. I thought you haven’t mastered evil magic….”


“Yup, that’s why I just copied, ” saying so, Furio pointed at Gurion, “every magic you know”


This revelation has shocked Gurion to the point she felt her head go empty….


...Impossible… there is no way he can copy my magic just by standing in front of me….


“Stop spouting bullsh*t, you're just afraid of dying so you made this sh*t up!!”


Gurion concentrated tremendous amount of mana on the tip of her finger and opened numerous magic circles, and then, from there thousands of magic weapons flew out as it continually bombarded Furio.


However, no matter how much, every turned to dust after making *palin* sound, and soon, Gurion exhausted her mana reserve.


“Do you still want to continue with this nonsense?”


She could only escape for her life as she cried to Furio’s painful words.




….I must report this to Sir Evil God, this kind of abnormal human is too dangerous…


Gurion coughed multiple times due to exhaustion as she continued running inside the forest. To her, this arduous task of running with her own two feets were unprecedented as she was used to teleporting via teleportation magic.


You could say, currently she is weaker than even a normal human.


...I need to report this to sir Evil god as soon as possible….


At that very moment, a sharp spear appeared in Gurion’s sight…






“Nn? I felt like something hit my spear”


“Si, Sir Blonde haired hero!? A Human is stuck in it!?”


“Wha, what did you just say!?”


“And, and, it pierced the vital spot and the person is dead!”


“Wha, What did you just say!?”


“Wha, wha, wha, what should we do Sir Blonde Haired Hero!!!!!!!”


“Don’t fret Allure, I’m a proud hero, there is nothing for us to be worried. For now, let's just dig a hole that can fit this person and….”


Thus, this was how the Gurion faced her demise in a foreign soil of the foreign world.


The title {The one who Killed Evil God} was added to Blonde Haired Hero’s status, but as of now, he didn’t notice such change.

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