Chapter 53 Where people reached

Few days has passed ever since their battle with Gurion.


During the battle, I managed to acquire what I thought would be, every evil magic Gurion knew, but, for some unknown reason, what I actually acquired was every evil magic in the existence. Not only that, but a new category of magic called ‘Holy Magic’ were unlocked and every single type of it were also acquired.


I was racking my brain trying to understand this mysterious occurrence. On top of it, despite me not finishing her off, I received the “The one who defeated Evil God” title in my status.


The one who cleared up this confusion was none other than the sovereign of light and darkness, Furio’s slave and a the same time the researcher….Hiya’s name has truly grown to a quite size just like Gozaru said.


According to her, “the reason the supreme one was able acquire evil magic is because sir battled the one who wields Evil magic and the fact that the supreme one wields the historically impossible to obtain, the Magic Mastery: Systemic Connection, highest grade, allowing you to attain both evil and holy magic. Holy magic is added because it's the direct opposite, the yin of the yang of the evil magic, therefore it was automatically added to sir’s status ”


“In regards to the “The one who defeated Evil God”, in it's full name “The one who defeated or killed the evil god himself or the direct subordinate of evil god.” Thus, sir, despite allowing Gurion, to escape, at the moment she decided to escape, she admitted on her defeat and therefor you’ve met the right conditions to obtain the title”


I was convinced at the logical and rational explanation by her, oh well, to me a mere merchant, its a bit difficult talking about these kinds of things.


However, Hiya wasn’t convinced at this thought as she tilted her head in confusion.


“...The supreme one let her go, therefore the supreme one should’ve gotten a normal title like “The one who overwhelms Evil god” or “The one who dances with Evil God”....the title would fit, if she was killed while on the run, which will lead to everyone who contributed to killing her would receive “The one who defeats Evil god”...”




In the entrance of the Yugo store, the signboard saying “Temporary closed” hanging on its door.


Inside the store, Gozaru and Varissa could be seen sitting on their knees.


“...Do you have anything to defend yourself nya?”


Varissa had a shifty eyes as she couldn’t look directly at Uliminus.


“Umm, how do explain… I will apologize for getting a second wife without asking for permission from the first wife, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.”


“No, it's's not like that Uliminus, at that time, it was me who got too excited and sol….it's not Gozaru’s fault and”


Varissa tried her best to defend Gozaru and place the blame on herself, however, contrary to what Varissa expected of Uliminus, she was standing there dumbfounded with a bright red face.




After a moment or so of silence, Uliminus was finally able to form a sentence as she grabbed onto Gozaru’s collar.


“Who is this first wife nya!?”

To Uliminus, who were in denial, “You’re the one”, Gozaru replied in a nonchalant and relaxed manner.


“No, No wait, when did I ever consent on this marriage nya! I don’t recall any memory of it nya!”


Uliminus desperately was trying to understand her current situation, however no matter what she couldn’t recall any memory of her ever marrying Gozaru.


“What are you saying, you were the one who shouted “Please make me your wife!” in such a loud voice, and I said, why not, and we did the marriage ritual there and then.”




To the unexpected sentence from Gozaru, Uliminus once agains tried to squeeze out every bit of memory, maybe there was something like that? Maybe not?


..wait...marriage ritual nya?


Marriage ritual, is the demon race’s form of engraving their promise for eternal love in each one’s status.


Remembering that, she slowly checked her status, and her mind went blank after seeing the last line.


Gozaru’s first wife


“Y..You marry every single woman you’ve ever hugged nya?”


“Stop saying stupid stuff, I’ve only felt love towards you and Varissa”


Gozaru proudly declared.


“..having two is already a bit, you know...”


Furio who was watching the play from the side bitterly smiled and mumbled lightly.


“For us, demon race, having 3 wife or husband is normal”


Lys who was holding onto Furio, told furio as a matter factly.


“Don’t worry my husband, I’m never having another husband other than sir”


Lys said so in a lovable manner but, Furio frowned.


“Husband, what happened?”


“..No..Lys, it's just  I just imagined you being with another man… it is quite traumatizing indeed...”


Listening to Furio, Lys turned bright red and said, “I will never ever love anyone other than you, my husband! Jeez, I don’t want you to feel jealous about something you will never have to ever worry about!”


Lys hugged Furio with a heartfelt smile.


Uliminus watched the two lovebirds flirt at each other next to her, which cooled her head off and sighed for one last time.


“...Oh well, I guess nothing I can do since it already happened nya, you’re my husband your the second wife, I will forgive nya”


With that said, she hugged the two and in there, Uliminus whispered this to Gozaru


“..Even then nya, I demand a retake on the proposal nya. I want it to be more romantic nya”


“U, um? Ro-men -tac? ”


Uliminus smiled evilly at Gozaru looking confused.




“I’m sorry about this Furio, to even provide a place like this to an old man like me.”


Slape bowed to Furio in gratitude, while in his human form.


After the battle with the evil god’s subordinate, Slape went to have an audience with the demon king and “An old man like me has done all I could and my purpose in here is over”, retired from the army.


Slape requested Furio to allow him be given a room in his house, and Furio provided him with a little cottage, with Bily’s ranch as it's sight.


“Won’t it be better if you live together with us?”


“No no, an old man like me enjoy living alone in comfort”


To the two who were conversing, Bily ran clumsily from the house.


“Sir Slape, are the baggage delivered to the house all you have? It would be great if you greet everyone in the house since you would be staying in sir Furio’s house until your house is built. Also, if there is anything you need you can ask me and I can go out to buy it, so don’t fel shy and and”


“Oi oi, when you say it all at once it will be hard to remember for an old man like me”


“Hawawawa!? I’m so sorry sir Slape~~”


Furio wondered, whether he should build a room for Bily in this new cottage for Slape since they were looking so intimate with each other.




“Alright, it’s slightly damaged but as long as we fix it, it will be fine”


“I don’t know if it's slightly desu~~”


“Stop complaining, there should be a well in there, go see if it works”


“Fue~, I understand~”


“Sir Blonde Haired Hero~~~”


“What is it?”


“There is some weird things drawn in the back garden!”


“It’s probably nothing, don’t mind it”


“But, but”


“If it worries you that much, you can just erase it”


“Roger desu~~~”

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