Chapter 56 Brossam worked on something she wasn't familiar with

The young knight with a wishful thought of being able to marry the female warrior who defeated the dragon and earned the Dragon slayer title.


Brossam had the contact info of this young knight and thus she contacted him.


“You should wear cuter outfit, something more befitting for such an occasion!”


Lys stood next to Brossam as she looked restless, as if she could jump on her at any given moment, if she is called for, by Brossam herself. This was because, Furio convinced her to leave the stage since, “This is about Brossam, and let her navigate her love life on her own, since she said she would talk it out herself.”


Thus, seeing Lys who was ready to support Brossam at any point of time, Furio couldn’t rest still and had to be kept on guard at all time.


“U..U, umm ummm, did you find the dragon slayer!”


The young man approached Brossam with a bright smile.


It looked as though, he was really happy, by the fact that he was contacted this early on, as his breathing were ragged and he lowered his shoulders while touching his knees with his palm, making it obvious that he came here running from the inn.


Against such an oblivious young knight, Brossam bitterly smiled, then pushed the hoe to him.


“Oh well, for now, you should help me out”




Brossam dragged the confused young knight, seemingly clueless in what was happening.


“You, go dig and form the ridge from here to over there.”


“Eh? A? Um? I have no clue what’s happening...”


“Shut it, get to work”


“Ye, Yes mam!”


Without giving any place for argument, she forcibly brought him to help her in her usual work.


The work continued till the dawn, with only one break in between.


“No matter how you look at it you’re overdoing it”


“You’re  overdoing it, no matter how you look at it”


Varissa questioned Brossom after allowing the young man to rest in their living room.


“Are you alive, young man”


The young man answered with what could be barely called a nod, and he closed his eyes, as if he squeezed his entire last bit of energy responding to her.


Seeing his response, Brossam started questioning the young knight.


“Have you ever attended a school?”


“ had tutor my”


“Have you ever been to a marketplace and shopped there?”


“...mai...maid did even once”


“What about any experience in agricultural labour?”


“, my first...this is my first time...”


“Have you ever fought a real life beast?”


“ even a sword is new to me…..”


“Have you ever dated a woman?”




“Why do you wish to become a noble”


“The, that is….to make my mom, my soon to be dad and sister happy...”


Brossam who listened to him until this point, looked away to Varissa who stood next to her.


“Varissa, i hope you answer few of my questions that I’m about to ask you”


“Umm I’m fine with it, so what are the questions?”


“Did you attend a school”


“Weren’t we in the same class when we were in the knight cultivation school for the entire time.”


“Have you ever shopped in the marketplace?”


“Of course I have. It is an essential to live like a commoner once in a while”


“What about any agricultural experience?”


“Of course, to be a good lord, one must first understand the basic and one of the essential knowledge is agriculture. To feed the people is to be a good leader”


“Have you ever fought a beast”


“Obviously, it is necessary challenge one must face when you want to protect the things and people you hold dear the most.”


“Have you ever dated a guy?”


“O, o, o , of course, I have!”


“Why do you want to become a noble?”


“I want to rebuild my household and become the person who will be looked upon by the people, family and generally everyone. Maybe also to engrave my family’s name in the history of mankind”


Brossam listened to her until this point and looked back at the young knight.


“You see, this lady here’s actual occupation is a dame and is part of this country’s Order of Knights. Similar to you, she originates from a fallen noble and has been continuously doing her best to rebuild the family.


For that she buys groceries from the market, does agricultural labour, and even fights beast...oh well, there were some lies mixed in though.”


“Wai, wait a moment Brossam! You! Why would you stop the story there! How are you so sure it wasn’t a truth!”

Brossam lightly tapped on Varissa’s shoulder, comforting her, who were fuming red as she spat out the words out like a bullet.


“Even for a noble cause such as regaining your nobility, she did many miscellaneous things and works her best with all her strength.”


..well...there was once a time when she hoped to charm Master into marrying her...I don’t mind keeping it a secret cause it wasn’t much of a big deal….also madam is super scary…


“What about you? You’ve got little to no knowledge in regards to the outside world. The fact that you went for the easy way, into marrying a dragon slayer shows that you weren’t thinking of your beloved ones but rather you cared for yourself only!”


At some point during Brossam’s speech, the boy started crying.


He hid his face behind his arms as he sniffled and hiccupped due to continuous crying while not in his best condition.


Seeing the miserable young knight, Brossam swallowed a mouthful of air and said, “I can’t word it in a poetic or beautiful way since I’m just a dumb student who nearly failed in the knight cultivation school, but…. I guess, you’re just in too much of a hurry”




“Aaah, thats right...Hmm, how should i say...”


Brossam looked up at the ceiling and started thinking for the right phrase and then, Varissa tapped on her shoulders.


“Brossam is telling you to know more about the world. A person without a knowledge in regards to the outside world, will not succeed in becoming a successful noble who has the ability to properly manage territories and relationships with their subordinates.


Know the market, know the agriculture, know the batlte, and women...ahem, know how to form meaningful relationship with people, she is just teaching you to prepare before tackling nobility”


To her words, the young knight’s face darkened and, “But...My body...”.


However, Brossam grabbed onto his collar and brought his face towards her’s.


“You! Didn’t you just spent an entire day working the farm today!?”



“Don’t go on and limit yourself! What you need to do now is find your strength and see how far you can get with it”


“...bu, but what if I fail and….”


“Stop thinking about failing before you even started!!”


The young knight, with snot all over his face and looked to be in great pain, but despite all this, there wasn’t any tear in sight.




The young knight finally calmed down after a few minutes of resting, but due to the extreme exhaustion, it has been decided that he will sleep for a night in Furio’s house.


Furio offered to heal him with his healing magic, “Thank you but I would like to remember this exhaustion….”, however, Young knight declined.


While the young knight was on his way to the bedroom, he walked really unsteadily and looked as if he was about to fall at any given moment, hence, Brossam came to the rescue as she carried him in a princess style all the way to his bed.


“I might’ve gone a bit overboard with this one, I’m kinda sorry for that”


Young knight, who fell in a rather awkward position, being carried by Brossam like a baby, blushed. “No, not at all” he answered as he shook his head left and right.


“I can introduce you to the female warrior with the dragon slayer title if you so wish, as a gift as an apology. ”


“...No…I don’t need to meet her anymore”


“Are you sure about it?”


“Yeah...I think I will try my best first, and see how far I can reach...also”




“, that..for now I guess...”


Brossam looked at the young knight dubiously, as he blushed and hid his face.



“What now!?”


“ seems like the our supremacy’s shrine’s signal has lost”


“Wha, why in the world would that happen!?”


“We won’t be able to open the gate to the world, if we can’t detect the shrine’s magic stone”


“For fucks sake, go find the reason behind this as soon as possible!”



“Hehehe, as expected, there was a magic stone in this one too”


“Blonde haired hero you are amazing!”


The blonde haired hero accidentally destroyed the building that was around where Allure forgot the handkerchief, after hitting his leg on the building and getting enraged by it. And in the debris, he found a magic stone.


...this will definitely sell for a good price


The blonde haired hero came back to where Allure was, only to find the same exact building, and thus he destroyed it believing he would find the magic stone.


“We should go sell this in the town later”


“Yesss, blonde haired hero~~~”


“I also found the handkerchief you forgot, here, don’t lose it this time”


“Yes~, I’m sorry~~”


The moment the blonde haired hero placed the magic stone inside his magic bag, it lost its connection to the outside world, seemingly disappeared from the world.

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