Chapter 57 Once in a lifetime

Furio’s group were smiling stiffly as they stood in front of Varissa’s family, who came by Bily’s carriage from the inn in Houtarou town.


In front of them, Varissa’s father and the women he will marry, and her three son were standing there.


Varissa’s father, a former noble, stripped off of his noble status becoming what people call a fallen noble, is currently working as a mercenary for the castle’s Order of Knights and is earning his living there.


The women the father is planning to marry, is also a fallen noble just like him, however, she became one, due to her husband’s untimely death. Currently, she is living a rather well off lifestyle with slight extravagance thanks to her clan’s help.


She fell in love with Varissa’s father when she saw him patrolling the city, it was a love at the first sight. She asked him out here and then for a date, and soon reached their current point, where they planned to marry each other.


This whole ordeal wasn’t the surprising aspect in their forthcoming, rather what truly surprised them was the woman’s son. Her son, was the very young knight who visited Brossam and worked an entire day farming.


Young knight was similarly surprised as “U,Um...perhaps Brossam will become my step sister?.....” he muttered under his breath as if he was on the verge of breaking down, but after hearing that Varissa was the one who will be his step sister, he sighed out of relief.


In truth, Varissa has yet to report on her marriage with Gaul at this point of time and was feeling anxious and nervous, as she planned to tell her dad about the marriage after hearing her dad out for his marriage…


...calm, calm down...calm down me...


She felt as if she was going to explode from all the pressure and anxiety that flooded her emotion.


“Hahaha, I have no words of gratitude for always caring for my daughter”


“No, no, We are also being cared for by your great daughter”


Furio and Varissa’s dad talked pleasantries with each other as they walked to the living room. Behind them, the soon to be step mother and step brother of Varissa followed them. The step brother, peeked at Brossam multiple times.


Finally, Varissa and her father’s party, reached the living room where Varissa’s secret husband Gozaru and his first wife Uliminuys awaited.


“Um, umm..for now..lets introduce, that.. Is him and that”


Varissa tried her best to introduce the two to her dad, despite her feeling anxious and nervous. However, before she could properly introduce them to her dad, as soon as her dad laid his eyes on Gozaru, he went up to him and.


“You, aren’t you that sir Loug Gnik Nomed!?”


Formed a manly handshake as he beamingly smiled.




Varissa couldn’t understand what was going on as she stood dumbfounded, blinking as she stared dumbly at the two.


Few decades ago, Gozaru went out into the human world for an investigation on the human race - with the same form he is in - and ventured into varieties of places. During that time he called himself, a Loug Gnik Nomed, a name that is just backward for his title Demon King Goul.


While roaming around various regions of the human world, he once joined the Order of Knight as a mercenary and met with Varissa’s dad. They’ve then became brother in arm as they fought their way against bandits and monsters.


“Never in my right mind would I’ve thought I would reunite with sir Loug Gnik Nomed in such a place ”


“Umu, I’m happy that you’re well and healthy”


“Aaah, just talking to you reminds me of the unforgettable Hakusho retreating battle.”


“Hahaha, it was just that the commander then, was shit”


“Truly, I can’t agree more, because of that incompetent man’s mistake, sir had to do all the work and bring back the victory for us all alone”


“You too, you were amazing for a human to be able to do that”


The two laughed as they reminisced in their history. Their talk alienated everyone else and they helplessly watched it go on for quite a bit of time.


“Now that I think about it, I came here specially to introduce new member in my family, my new wife and her son.Hahaha, she also has few more sons and they are all welcomed into my family, hahah, it feels a bit shameful for me to do at such age”


“No, no, you’ve got a beautiful wife and a powerful son”


...nya!? This dense guy, actually read the atmosphere nya!?


Ok, complimenting the wife is fine since its true, but the kid? No matter what, the child looked weak and scrawny.


Uliminus was the one most surprised out of all the people in the room, seeing that Gozaru was able to reply while reading the mood.


“Right, I also betrothed a wife, you see. I’ve made your daughter, Uliminus my second wife. Ah, I also registered my name as Gozaru so you can call me that, father in law.”


...wait what!!!!!!!!


Gozaru blurted out something the two, Uliminus and Varissa was having difficulty bringing it up as if it was nothing. This caught Varissa off guard as she didn’t know what to make out of it, with weird and stifled expression floating out of her face.


Similarly, Uliminus’s tails and ears which she hid in fear of being discriminated by the father in law, stood erect, displaying her current feeling.


Next to the two, Furio and Lys were also in panic as they didn’t know how to react to the sudden confession.


“A, ah, I see, Who’s daughter? Em, second wife? Is she, that ajin is the second”


Varissa’s father couldn’t keep up with the sudden news, as he stumbled about fallen unconscious.


This made Varissa to come back to her senses as she rushed to her father.


“Fa, father~~!”


“Mr Gozaru, you should try a little harder in reading the mood”


“Mu, Mu? Was my timing that bad?”


Gozaru looked confused as he watched Furio facepalm at the situation.


A few moments later….


Varissa prostrated in front of her dad as soon as he regained his consciousness.


  • Gozaru was from Demon race

  • She became his second wife

  • His first wife is from the demon race as well

She explained all these points in a single breathe as she shouted it out as loud as she could.


The father listened to it in silence however, after pondering for a bit


“You... you are fine with this right?”


“Yes! I have no regret!”


She answered straightforwardly while still prostrating.


To this Varissa’s dad looked at Gozaru and Uliminus who were also prostrating behind Varissa and “She might be a foolish daughter of mine who grew up motherlessly but please take care of her”


He bowed deeply.


“You can count on me, I shall make her the happiest person in the world, I promise in my name, Gozaru”


Everyone laughed merrily at Gozaru who said so confidently while pounding on his chest.


Furio and Lys heard the commotion out in the corridor and fell to their knees in relief.




“...Oi have you heard the news? That muscle head was sent to the punishment chamber”


“It seemed like he couldn’t open the gate to that world”


“What in the world was he even doing”


“Even then, because of his failure, the invasion to that world is paused now?”


“Aah, from what I heard they found the guy with “The one who defeats evil” and said to have changed their plan”


“So are they like, gonna make him the target?”


“Yup, for now they are gathering intels on the world and the invasion is paused”



“Blonde haired hero, that magic stone was sold for a great price”


“, it wasn’t sold for that much money”


“Eee!? But I definitely saw the bag full of gold that you received at the shop counter”


“No, it was filled with bronze so we didn’t earn much”


“Oh...I see”


“Yup, that’s it. It is not like I hid all the money for myself or anything.”

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