Chapter 11b Kaito smacks his lips at the roasted meat (Part B)

“Not fine. Please grill it. Captain Kaito, please do it with haste”


“Eeh, in here? ….alright, alright. What a pain in the ass”


I reluctantly started preparing for grilling the heart after being requested by Balaina. I gathered the fallen leaves from the surrounding trees and light it with the photon repulser.


We didn’t have any iron plate or a net, so I took the branches from the ground and pierced it through the heart, the size of three fist, after splitting it into half.


An indescribable smell came from the grilling heart, and Balaina drooled with her eyes sparkling with expectation. If I must say, I also started drooling towards my meat that I haven’t had for so long.


Soon, the heart were grilled to a crisp condition. I threw one with the branch still intact to Balaina, she caught it great dexterity, and started gobbling on it.


“Gafu Gafu! Gafu Gafu!”


As always a eating it with great haste. Well then, I should eat it too. After a big bite, inside of my mouth exploded with rich flavour of the meat.


Delicious! Too Delicious! What is this!? Was Rock Boar’s heart always this tasty!? Is it the Dog Food!? Is it because of that trash that anything tastes good!?


Even thought I didn’t even put on any salt or spices, but it terrifingly doesn’t smell bad nor is the taste too dense. Bite after bite, the broth and the blood that keeps squeezing out of the meat just makes me crave for more.


This is not something that I craving for, but this is a huge hit! No, maybe this is what I was craving for! I am currently not a human or a Whale, rather a Wolf! A wolf that feeds on the meat!


“Fufu, is it that tasty? I’m glad”


Sena looked at me with motherly eyes and smiled, and seeing that I started feeling shameful.


“Unn, it's delicious. I’m kinda sorry, for eating it all by ourselves”


“It’s fine. As long as you enjoyed it”


By the time I noticed, the rock boar’s hide was being skinned. The hide peeled off really smoothly and in no time the rock boar became naked with no skin. She is using a really sharp knife.


“You are using a good knife”


“It’s my mom’s keepsake. I don’t know much about it but from what I know, it is a great knife that uses the power of magic.”


“Oh, I apologize, I didn’t know it was a sensitive topic. My bad”


“No no, it's been far too long since she left the world”


“I see….Do you have like, any other family member?”


“I have a sister”


“Is you sister well?”


“About that, she was suffering under a illness but thanks to the kind man, who let us borrow enough gold coin, she is now all healed”


“I see. ...That’s really good for you.”


I felt my chest warm up. That’s good. Truly good.


“...Umm, did something happen?”


I realized that I was crying after being asked with such concern. Not good. Somehow, I’m quite teary as of lately. Is it because of my age?


“Aa, no it's fine. The smoke hit my eyes”


“I see, that’s good. Oh, right! There is something I wanted to ask mr Kaito, is it okay?”


“Ask me? What is it?”


“It's about the person who lended us the money, but I failed to ask for his name and we split apart. That’s why I want to find his whereabout ”


“I see. But, I don’t think I would be of any help. I don’t really have much relationship with people”


“Is..that so. Of course right. I guess, i should just search for it step by step”


“No, I don’t think that’s necessary. That guy didn’t tell you the name, maybe it must’ve been some out of whim, it may even be a nuisance for you to search for him.”

“But, I can’t just leave as it is, since I was gifted a thirty gold coin...”


“If that’s what you want, why not thank him when you meet him in coincidence. If you are destined, you would meet with him someday”


“Is that really fine?”


“I believe this should be fine”


I concluded like that.


Dressing of the meat was over while we were talking. A great dexitiry and speed. If this wasn’t the skill of the beastsman, and rather a human, he would be able to make living out of just hunting. But, beastsman can’t sell the meat they acquired. It's because there rumours that the beastsmen are dirty and hunts by using mysterious poison.


These are just the image created by the people who hate the beastsmen. I don’t think Sena is dirty. Rather, I compared to the normal adventurers I think she cares herself cleanliness more than them.


What a cruel story. No, a foolish story.


I who knows the truth about this world, feels only anger and sadness towards this.


“Mr. Kaito, I’m done preparing the meat, please tell me the parts you want”


Sena said so as she pointed at the store ready rock boar.


“Alright. I will select it then”


At that moment, curiosity perked.To being with, what was Sena’s illness?


“Hey, Sena. If your fine with it can you tell me what was your sister’s illness? What part of her was ill?”


“Eh? Aah, I don’t know much but the doctor told me that she was under “mana blockage” illness, an illness that causes her mana to go crazy”




“Yes.But thanks to the money borrowed, she is all well!”


I suddenly felt dizziness swallow me. That is because I know it. Mana blockage cannot be healed. The medicine can only prolong the time before the attack.


That’s why I said it without much thought


“Sena, can you share me the meat in your house?”


Even if she is under a incurable disease, I --Toyokumo, should be able to save her, but to do so….


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