Chapter 12 Kaito is Welcomed by young feline girls

“My house?”


Sena tilted her head as she looked blankly at me.


“Since it's a rare occasion, I thought eating together won’t be that bad. Is it fine with you?”


When I asked it once more, this time Sena showed hesitation.


“But, my house is not somewhere you can rest comfortably, you know? It’s not even a proper house. My sister would be there too”


“I don’t mind it. Despite my looks, I’m an adventurer. Small things like that won’t affect me.”


“...I see. I understand! Then, please follow me!”


Sena said so while smiling and started walking after placing the dismantled rock boar meat inside her large back.


Somehow, I was able to obtain an invitation to her house without her feeling suspicious. If I make a contact with her little sister, I might be able to understand about her sister’s condition.


While I was thinking, Balaina flew her telepathic message that was introduced by Toyokumo towards me.


“Are you planning to save Sena’s sister?”


“Yeah, If I can. Was that bad?”


“It’s not bad but, with your current items in hand you won’t be able to heal her”


“I know that. That’s why I will bring Toyokumo and heal her”


“How will you explain the circumstance to her? ”


“I will try to talk her into understanding my situation”


“I thought you didn’t want anyone else riding Toyokumo?”


I was forced to think more, after Balaina’s continuous questions. What she is saying is the truth. I really don’t want anyone to ride Toyokumo, if that was possible. This is because by allowing someone in, there is a danger that this world’s truth will be revealed to the public.


However, so what. So what, if that were to happen. I should save lives that could be saved. Let’s think about the future in future. Even though I, who has merged with Toyokumo, can be said to have become an all knowing being, I was but a human before the merging happened. I can’t keep killing my true feelings and only look at things in a big picture.


“..Well..I will try to make do with what I can”


“Captain Kaito is really a credulous person”


“Shut it”


“But, I do not hate this part of you”


“Well, thanks I guess….what’s with you all of a sudden?”


However, Balaina didn’t answer and continued walking next to me who was following Sena’s footsteps.


It seems like it is indeed, difficult to understand her thought process. There are part of her that are easy to understand like, when she is hungry, wants to play, sleepy, wants to laze around; but at the same time, I don’t understand what she is thinking deep inside her.


I wonder what the person who designed her was thinking?


It's all a mystery. Even then, it's not a mystery that’s full of charm but rather a boring and tedious personality that’s hard to understand.



“We’ve arrived. This is my house”


I was guided by Sena into her house --- what seemed more like a yellow tent with multiple patches, located not in the city but in the outskirts of the city wall. I believe, this plce must be where beastmen live. I don’t see them but, I feel the aura of caution against me, the human who entered this place.


“I’m back! Big sister is back guys!”


When Sena called, two Felper (feline person) around the age of 5 came hopping out. And the two hugged Sena at the same time.


“Ne~ Ne~ Welcome back nya!” “It was lonely nya!”


“Alright alright. I’m sorry for making you guys wait. But, we got tons of meat this time”


“Great nya!” “I love meat nya!”


Sena carelessed the while displaying a loving expression towards the two. The two seems to be enjoying as they made *gorogoro* sound with their throat. This is such a cute scene to look at, it's cute to the point it would make a great painting. What greeted me was much different from what I imagined. I’m guessing they are Sena’s little sisters but….


“Umm, Sena? Are they your little sister?”


“Yes, you are right. The white haired one is Shiro, the black one is Kuro. Guys, come and greet our guest mr Kaito.


When Sena told asked the two to greet me, it seemed as though, they finally realized my presence, and hissed at me with *Sha~* sound, as they erected their tails tall and stiff.


“Why is a human here nya!” “There is a big dog too nya!”


To their rather, cautious reaction, Sena without any hesitation hit their head real hard.


“You guys! That’s rude to our customer!”


“But, he is a human nya!” “Human is a bad guy nya!”


“Mr Kaito is indeed a human but, he is truly a kind person? He also saved my life too. That’s why be respectful and have some manner”


“Is that so nya!” “Than, he is a good human nya”


The two who were hit with Sena’s rationale on why I’m a good person, saw a sudden turn of attitude and hugged me out of nowhere.


“Wawawawa, what is it?”


“Nice to meet you Kaito nya” “We welcome you nya!”


I looked at Sena for help as I didn’t know what to do being hugged by these little girls who had a rather unique sun like odour.


“Se, Sena, can you do something about it”


“Aaaah, I’m sorry! Now, you two get off from him!”


The two who were attached to me like a glue, seemed to have changed their target and went for Balaina.


“A big doggo nya!” “Fluffy doggo nya!”


Kids are a living organism that doesn’t have a limit as the two went on to touch and pull Balaina’s, whiskers, tails, ears and even her cheeks.


“Kyan Kyan! Stop, please stop!”


“It talked!? This doggo spoke nya!” “Amazing nya!”


The brats failed to listen to her as they continued on with their biggest crime.


“No! Please stop! You bratty cats! Uwawawa, where are you touching! That’s not somewhere you can touch!”


Sena was about to go help Balaina who was desperately trying to run away, but I shook my head and stopped her.


“It’s fine. She is a strong one”


“Ehh… But, she will be played to her death, you know?”


“It’s fine. She is a strong one”


“...if you, the owner say so I guess...”


“Wait! Are you kidding me!? Please save me!”


I’m sorry Balaina. Please be the little brats toy for now. Your sacrifice is essential for my peace during my time in here.


“It’s noisy… what’s going on?”


While we were playing this little charade among ourselves, a little girl seemingly a felper (feline person) appeared from Sena’s tent looking sluggish . She had a similar silver hair as Sena and a rather determined face. She seems to be about 10 year old.


“Aah, Nao, I’m sorry for being a little loud. Is your body fine?”


“Unn, it's fine. Big sister, welcome back. ...who is the person over there?”


“This person here is  Mr Kaito. In truth he---”


While Sena busied herself explaining how we met and all, I couldn’t take my eyes away from Nao. There is no mistake, she is suffering Mana impendiment. Her face is a great evidence, as a bluish purple pattern could be seen on it.


It’s not that I know it merely for its information, but rather my sister were also afflicted with this very illness and died, hence you could say I’ve experience the loss caused by this disease.



“Thank you very much for taking care of my sister”


Nao who heard about the incident, bowed deeply and said her thanks to my part in play.


I’ve been invited to the small yet clean tent, while Sena went out to give out the meat to the surrounding people living in their respective tents.


Being in the house without its owner feels a bit stifling and all but, fortunately, the little brats are playing with Balaina, and Nao is a very calm young girl.


“No, No, I was just passing by so you could say I was obliged to do so, thus there is no need for thanking me. Anyhow, I apologize for the sudden intrusion to your house.”


“We do not mind. It's obvious thing to return the gratitude”


Uum, what a mature girl. Sena, herself is well mannered despite looking like a 16 year old girl, however for Nao, she does appear to be far more mature and seems as though she is an adult. But, when I imagine how, even a calm and mature girl like her would start speaking with an accent after panicking, it makes me feel warm and happy.


“You said you were Nao chan right? I heard you had an illness, is your body fine right now? From what I heard you became well and strong after drinking the medicine”


“Yes, thanks to the money lent by who my sister described as a human man, I was completely healed. I’m recovering beyond imagination, since I couldn’t even lift my arms before I drank the medicine.”


“I see. That’s good then”


I hid the bitter feeling and nodded with a smile. Sena and Nao doesn’t know. They don’t know what kind of illness the magic blockage is.


With the current technology, this illness cannot be healed. This is because, the problem originates from the body’s mana storage is creating unnecessary surplus. You can temporary stop the seizure but it doesn’t solve the entirety of its problem.


That’s why the mana impediment is feared to be incurable. This knowledge seems to be not known among the felper (feline person). But, I won’t jeer at them for their ignorance.Since,  Sena earnestly relied on the human with this very knowledge. Even so, the human, doctor she relied on left out the most important part and left after giving her the medicine with a exorbitant price of 30 gold.


I do not know the reason for his action. Maybe, he felt guilty since he didn’t expect her to be able to earn 30 gold coin. Or maybe, he thought about extorting more money after the medicine wore off.


No matter what, it's a story of a irresponsible man.


“....even among humans”


While I was pondering deep inside, Nao mumbled something.


“There are good people. There are people like you, Mr Kaito, or even the person who lent my sister the money. We shouldn't judge a person merely based on their race...”


“..You’re right. Where there is a bad person, there is always a good person. That’s what makes us humans.”


“I see. I’m sorry for talking like I know everything….”


I felt complicated at Nao, who seemed ashamed. Most likely, despite her understanding, it must be hard for her to accept it. Just imagining what led to her current belief, makes my heart clench in pain.


That’s why I made a determination. No matter what, I will save this young girl.

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