Chapter 8 Kaito Meets the Count of Blue Skies

“Captain Kaito, are you crying right now?”


I felt my cheeks. She was right, I was crying. It seems like against such a beautiful scenery, I became too emotional and tears flowed without my realization. Nonetheless this is truly a magnificent view to look at.


I must be the happiest man in the world to be able to hog this grand scenery all for myself. That’s why I felt like I wanted to feel the scenery through my body rather than looking at it from the distance.


“Balaina let's go out to the deck!”


“Are you heading to the outside?”


“Yup. There won’t any problem even at this height, if I expand the lifeform balancer right?”


Lifeform balancer is a expansive field that spans around around toyokumo, when enabled allows supporting lifeforms in that area. Inside this area, no matter what kind of environment, becomes human friendly.


“Since I have a human body, why don’t I enjoy life as a human”


“I see. Well then, I will bring a relaxation item.”


“That’s good. Let's bring a beach chair, drinks and a fishing rod.”


“A fishing rod?”


“Right. I’m thinking of fishing the cloud fish. I sensed the shadow of a fish”


That’s right, a fish is living in this sea of clouds. You won’t see them from the ground, but I heard that there are many who catches it and eats it when they are in a highly elevated mountains. From what I heard, it tastes amazing.


“If I successfully fish the cloud fish, I can stop relying on dog food. Especially with the fact that the crops harvest will take some more time.”


“I really love dog food”


“...of course you would be. But, I absolutely despise it.”


To improve my terrible meal, I must succeed in catching this cloud fish. Let’s all aim for, “DeDog Food”

[tlnote: not a real world, something like denuclearization. basically he wants to eat dogn’t food]


Through recycling system, I started creating necessary items from the left over materials. While I was in inputting process of the materials, Balaina came snooping towards me.


“Captain Katio, please create frisbee too”


“Frisbee? That disc that you throw? What are you going to use it as? ”


“Captain will throw the frisbee. I will run and catch it. It’s a game like that, so please play it.”


Balaina wiggled her tail as she spoke her request.


“I see. Are you perhaps, dog in your soul too?”



I went out into the deck while letting the things that was created be carried by the worker robot. We are in quite a high altitude, but thanks to lifeform balancer, a soft wind flows with a temperature that is just right, with a sparkling sun.


“U~n! So comfortable~!”


The very wide deck---above my back, I enjoy a mouthful of air. This is truly fantastic. Maybe I should build a house in here. While I was thinking about such, Balaina brought Frisbee with her mouth.


“He He He He”


“Hmm, What should I do. Firstly I should start fishing.”


“He He He He”


“No no, maybe I should extravagantly have an afternoon nap since the weather is so nice. ”


“He He He He”


“U~nn, it’s hard to decide. What should I do~”


“He He He He….. U~nn, Woof Woof! Woof Woof!”


I smiled bitterly at Balaina who were becoming impatient and barked.


“I understand, I understand! Alright, we will play frisbee first! Frisbee, alright!”


“....Captain kaito please do not make mistake in deciding the priority order of your work.”


“Shut up. Playing with your dog isn’t part of Captain’s job”


“I’m not a dog. I’m a wolf. A wolf”


Did Wolf even barked like that? They don’t bark right? …. Oh well, whatever. I felt stupid for even thinking so I just picked up the frisby and threw it far aawy.


“Go! Fetch~!”


“Woof Woof! Woof Woof Woof Woof!”


Towards the thrown frisbee, Balaina dashed like an arrow and chased it with a great speed. She caught it in the air and came back to me.


“He he he he”


“Good jo~b! Come, here’s another one! Go fetch~!”


“Woof Woof! Woof woof woof!”


I petted her head and threw the frisbee once more. Balaina chased after the frisbee once again. This scene was kinda cute and couldn’t stop myself from smiling widely. It was unexpectedly fun. It’s a kind of game that you wholly get absorbed in.


But I obtained a firm conviction.


“She definitely is a dog”



After enjoying frisbee with Balaina, I decided to fish for cloud fish.


The cloud fish feeds on the mana in the atmosphere, so a normal feed won’t be able to angle it. That’s why I used the shaved mana stone called a lure. I threw the lure into the cloud and rolled the reel slowly. I haven’t caught a single one but this should be the correct method.


Balaina seems to lack any interest in what I am doing as she laid face up and slept with a stupid face. I really wish she wouldn’t sleep with such a stupid posture and face, as it makes me sleepy as well.


“Even so, it’s really a nice weather. If I catch atleast one, I should nap too….Fua~”


I yawned as I felt supremly comfortable, however at that moment something pulled the rod.


“O, Ooo! Finally a hit!”


The cloud fish has a really strong pull. This is definitely a big hit. I pressured my leg as I tried to stop the fish from pulling my rod away, and I also rolled the reel in and out.


At this moment, as I was in middle of the fight.


Toyokumo’s radar detects a fast approaching flying organism.


“Wha, What is it!? What is coming!?”


I panicked as it was truly unexpected, and soon that organism was landing in front of me.

It was a lizard with a large wings and gigantic body. Yes, a dragon. On top of it, it has a pure white scale and a opal coloured horns. It was a grand holy dragon, a powerful dragon even among dragons. The Grand holy Dragon with it's jade green eyes looked at me and roared a roar that felt like it could shake the heavens..


Hiyeee! Such Immense pressure! I might wet myself!


“I am a holy dragon Israphel! The Count of Blue sky that reigns over hundreds of sacred mountains! For what reason and with what permission is a inferior species like you doing in this sky!? ”


The Grand Holy Dragon, Israphel questioned me while breathing out white flame from its mouth. From his story, it seems like this sky might be its territory.


“Eh, even if you ask me why,...ummm”


How should I answer for him to stop being angry? While I was thinking of a smart explanation, the string started moving violently.


“Oops, crap, this guy he is still full of energy!”


“Answer me Human! What is your reason for dirting my territory! ”


“No, it's that….uuuh, the pull is strong~!”


“First of all what in the world is this huge object!? Is it your tamed monster!?”


“Umm, it's not a tamed monster, it's more like my real body….uwawawa, the rod is!”


“Your real body? You aren’t a human! Who are you!?”


“Kuu! I won’t lose! Gugu…'s that you know…..uuuh”


“You, are you playing with me!? Look at me when you are talking!”


I’m not trying to fool around or anything. I’m dead serious here. You could say I’m in a middle of the biggest fight in my entire life. If it was possible, I would like to concentrate wholly on the fight but, life doesn’t go as you wish it to.


I reluctantly, kicked Balaina in hopes of waking her up.


“Balaina, wake up! You deal with him!”


“....U~n, I will cover your entire body with a honey…..”


“What are you dreaming!? Just wake up! You useless dog!”


I kicked her multiple times but she doesn't seem to be waking up. Looking at the play in front of him Israphel's anger reached its peak.


“You foolish human! You dare make a fool out of me! YOU DESERVE DEATH”


As soon as shouted, a large amount of mana started to gather around in his mouth. This is no good! This is the famous “Breath”, the strongest attack of a dragon race.


And, the amount of magic gathering in it's mouth could destroy even a mountain. If that thing were to blast off, something really terrible would happen.


“Wait, don’t do it! This is dangerous! Let us all calm down first alrigh!”


“It’s too late! Turn into ashes!


My persuasion failed and the powerful flash was fired from its mouth. This immense attack was-----


Reflected towards Ispharel.



Ispharel left a stupid surprised voice as he fell.




Israphel who was directly hit with the reflected “breath”, screamed in pain as he fell to the ground surface.


Well, if you were hit with that powerful breath, you would indeed fall like a trash.


“A~A, that’s why I said to stop it…..”


It did piss me off a little for him to suddenly attack me out of nowhere, but it was us who were in the bad as we intruded his territory without any permission. I hope he didn’t die.


As I was thinking, I realized one thing.


“Aah! The fish escaped!”


It seems like while I was distracted by the dragon’s attack, the fish escaped with the hook. Even though I worked so hard for it...God damn it.


“That shitty Dragon! If I meet you again, I will scold you till you cry!”

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