Chapter 9 Kaito Hunts on the Surface

“I want to eat a meat!”


AFter the dragon attack incident, I opened up about what I was feeling. Against my proclamation, Balaina looked death cold at me as she gobbled down on the dog food.


“What’s with the look!”




“Come on, are you ignoring me now, Balaina?”


“...Gobble...please...don’ to me when I’m eating”


“Umm, I’m sorry”


This mongrel that is a support ai is becoming arrogant as days go by. Maybe it's time for me to set the hierarchy in this place. Oh well, this is not the most important thing to do as of right now. I don’t care about this mongrel. What’s really important is that I want to eat meat!


First of all, I was supposed to be able to enjoy the cloud fish, famed to be amazingly delicious, but, that crappy dragon interrupted with it's Breathe, that drove away the fishes. Even the surrounding fishes not limited to the one I caught seemed to have swam away in fright. That’s why I couldn’t even catch a single fish and is forced to eat dog food.


I was watching a cooking themed hologram movie, and then out of nowhere, a supremely delicious looking steak came on. A beautiful ruby colored lean meat were being grilled making juicy sound. Just looking at it made me imagine the taste spreading in my mouth.


Unn, not good. Just thinking about it is making my stomach rumble. Anyhow, I knew I absolutely needed to eat the meat when I laid my eyes on it. However, there is no cattle in this ship that will grant me some great meat. Then, you might ask what should I do? The answer is simple. It’s hunting! I should descend to the ground and hunt!


Deciding so, I prepped for the necessary procedures in haste. First, close quarter weapon. I found this inside the ship. A hand gun, Photon repulser is what I will use. I will use high frequency knife for dismantling the meant.


These two weapons are dangerous, thereby I’ve completed a training for it. Well then, now that I’ve finished the preparation, let’s head out to the hunting ground. The hunting ground is the forest right underneath this ship, called Mysterious flaming forest.


I’ve gone there multiple time during my time as an adventurer. Rock Boar, a greatly edible monster, inhabits the forest. It's a perfect ground for getting a meat.


While I was standing on top of the deck, checking the landing coordinate and activating the portable gravity control device, Balaina came looking interested.


“Captain Kaito, where are you heading out to?”


“Where to? I already told you, I’m going to obtain a meat. Hunting! I’m going Hunting!”


“Hou. You are working hard. I’m expecting a great souvenir”


I caught Balaina by her neck as she about to go back to the ship, after leaving behind those words.


“Balaina~~, where do you think you are going~? Let’s go for a hunt together~”


“No thank you, I will have to leave out on this one. It's necessary for someone to stay in the ship to look after it.”


“That isn’t a necessity is it? You can just you the remote control system, and there won’t be any problem”


“N, no, but….”


“Shut up! You are coming! Come and help the hunt!”


While holding onto Balaina, took out elastic oxygen mask and equipped on both of us. And without any signal, I jumped from Toyokumo’s back.




Against the sudden dive from the high altitude, Balaina screamed as loudly as she could. This guy, now that I think about it, her personality was set as a girl.


My satisfaction against the usual impudent Balaina, decreased in reaction to her unexpected scream.


Above all, it feels good penetrating the clouds with high speed as I fell to the ground surface. Of course, we couldn’t just continue dropping to the surface at this speed, and soon enough, the previously set portable gravity control device activated automatically and slowed us down.


The speed decreased as we got closer to the ground, and finally when we thought it reached zero, we arrived in the middle of the forest as if we were a fairly on water floating on the ground.


I took off the mask and swallowed a mouthful of the forest’s lush green air. The air in above the sky is good and all, but the forest with it's air full of life isn’t bad either.


While I was repeatedly breathing in and out, as I enjoyed the forest’s air, Balaina was curled up next to me as if she was dead.


I smiled bitterly and gently rubbed her back. Soon, she glared at me with a vengeful eyes.


“...Captain Kaito, please from now on, never treat me so crudely like that”


“My bad. I apologize alright. Now, use your nose to find the prey”


“...Haa~~~~~~~~~, Roger”


Balaina sighed a long one showing her dissatisfaction, stood up and started walking while sniffing. As expected of a wolf, her nose is powerful.


I followed along her swinging tail, cautiously inside the forest. Since we are in an early summer the lush green forest was hot, which made me think that maybe we won’t meet other adventurers. I don’t see any adventurer around, confirming my thought. I was ready to meet with at least few adventurers but it's unlikely that will happen.


While I was walking feeling healed by the cool breeze that occurs spontaneously, and the singing of the little birds, Balaina stopped by her feet. It seems like, we were able to encounter what we were searching for.


“Have you found it?”


“Yes. I smell a wild beast from over there”


“We are in leeward so we don’t have to worry about being noticed. Do you know what kind of beast it is?”


“I do not know much details about it but it smells a bit like a sweet flour like smell”


“That’s a smell of Rock Boar”


Fortunately, this season is a mating season for the Rock Boars. The male Rock boar will emate a sweet smell from its belly to lure the females Rock boars.


“Alright, it's what we are searching for. Let’s go with great caution”


From there,  we approached with stealthy steps, in fear of being detected. Soon enough, we saw an open place in front of us. I hid behind the tree’s shadow and Balaina lowered her self, so that we won’t be noticed by the opponent.


Found it. It's the Rock boar. As it's name indicate it is a boar with a rock like texture as it's skin, and it eating something along the line of a bug or a mushroom.


Rock Boar’s monster ranking is D. It's not without a danger, but it's relatively easy to hunt. However, it becomes super fast when it's running away, that’s why I must act with great caution.


It’s showing its back to us while we stayed 30 feet away from it. I unloaded my photon repulser from my belt, without making any sound and aimed at the boar’s body. This photon repulser is a gun that shoots electric particle. While it is small enough to use it in one hand, but it’s power is insane. If it’s shot with it's maximum power, even that Grand Holy Dragon that we met before would be easily killed.


Of course, hunting rock boar won't require it's maximum capacity, thus, I already lowered the setting to its lowest. Even with that, it would be able to penetrate its body and definitely can cause a deadly damage to the boar.


I breathed in and out to concentrate. With heightened concentration, I placed my finger on the trigger.


However, as I as just about to shoot---


“What do you guys want from me!? Please move out of the way”


We heard a young girl’s scream.




Rock boar was surprised by the voice and it dashed with ultimate speed.


“Not good! Balaina!”


Reacting to my voice, Balaina jumped in front of the Rock Boar. When we thought we were able to block it's escape route, the rock boar changed its direction, and disappeared to the depths of the forest.


“Shit! It escaped!”


I stumped on the floor out of frustration.


“That was close, Captain Kaito”


“Aa, your right. But I don’t care about that now”


“Ee, you are right”


We nodded toward each other and rushed to the direction where we heard the girl’s scream.

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