Chapter 2 of The Flying Whale Builds city

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The next day, I went to the dungeon as usual to search and pickup the magic stone. This place, commonly referred to as Ant’s nest, used to house a Gladiator Ant, a high ranking monster, but as of currently, it operates as a large maze like dungeon.

Gladiator ant itself, has already been subjugated but the mana that has leached to underground from its corpse is producing mana stones. Even then, a big catch is scarce and lately, there has been a large decline in the adventurer who comes here, and most of the days I’m the only one here. Thanks to that, I can earn stable income and all, but the amount is decreasing every day.

“Aa~ Aa~, Man, how I wish I could find a big catch like yesterday”

I know saying it out loud wont do anything, but I can’t help myself. However, I don’t feel a shred of regret for giving the money to Sena. What really hurts is after giving her the money and visiting the tavern, I’ve probably spent a little too much. I ordered as much alcohol and meal and enjoyed as much as I can, by the time I noticed this tragedy has already occurred.

I should really repair the damage done by yesterday or else if I were to suddenly get injured or anything, my living standard will see a huge dip. This is one thing I can’t not do anything.

“Even then, It felt really amazing to eat that much meat in so long…..”

“Man, I really want to spend luxuriously like yesterday……… Alright, let's go search deeper today”

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