Chapter 10 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city

In the place where we arrived, we saw a girl wearing a hood, and few man that seems to surround that girl. I don’t understand the situation but the atmosphere gives a bad vibe.

“To dare hunt in our territory, you’ve got quite a gut. Listen, brat”

The large man, seemingly the leader of the group, looked down at the young girl and placed the girl under coercion. Next to the young girl, a rock boar’s corpse laid there, mostly likely what she hunted.

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Chapter 6 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city

“Hou~, it’s really comfortable! This will be easy! ”

I’m moving through the ship’s inside with amazing speed, searching for the clothes that I can wear. I’m not running but riding this amazing plank that floats in the air. It’s something Balaina found for me. According to her it is something the people who used to live in the ship, used to utilize as a method of transportation and called it a Hover plate.

“I wonder how the people from the past used to live like?”

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Chapter 3 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city

“Leviathan” a hyper gigantic monster that inhabits deep seas. Also known as “Whale”. I haven’t seen an actual whale in my life, but that object looked awfully similar to the one depicted in the drawings.

It has two fins on its chest area and as a tail, just like any other fish, it's stomach bloated in a rather oval shape with stripes lining from chest area to it's tai8l, it displays it's grandeur unlike other fishes.

Yup, definitely a whale. But, what is a whale doing here? This place is quite a distance away from the sea. It's not like it walked all the way here. I don’t really understand, but I couldn’t help but feel curious. I decided to temporarily stop going outside the dungeon, and approached the whale.

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