Chapter 25 for Laid-Back Hero

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I found this book on syosetuka and followed it for such a long time, but I got curious as to whether this was actually translated to english or not. I searched up in the novel updates, and to my surprise it was actually translated. However, the translation seemed hectic with different publishers publishing chapters that weren't coherent with each other, making it seem difficult to get into the novel.

Therefore, while I will be working mainly with flying whales and another novel that is coming up soon, but until these novels really gets viewers I will try and do daily uploads for the Laid-back hero translation. I will start from 25th chapter since I really loved the translator who was reworking the novel from scratch and hoped to continue his legacy but this time to actually complete the novel.

My english may not be perfect, and currently I'm working with the owner to try and recruit editors and proof readers to improve our work, so I hope you can make do with my english for now.

Flying Whale chapter is coming later today so stay tuned



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“Why….no, how did this happen...”

Blonde haired hero inside the Cryload castle’s treasury, looked depressed as he stared at the entrance door.

“Blonde Haired Hero we know you are in there. I hope you can follow us to the First imperial princess’s abode peacefully, we do not wish to use force.”

Guards and knights of sorts from the castle surrounded the door. The sound of knocking and the attempts to lure out the Blonde Haired Hero could be heard throughout the room.

Luckily for Blonde Haired Hero, the castle’s treasury is also used as an emergency evacuation shelter so you can lock the door from the inside and the door is made of a strengthened material, thus making it impregnable.

He entered without obtaining any permission, and unsealed the sealed Devil, ‘the one who rules over light and darkness’, thus, knew that the people outside won’t forgive him that easily. Therefore the hero could only stare at the door dumbly, without being able to do anything.


My plan was perfect….

Where did my plan go wrong….I was supposed to become the savior of the world, after borrowing the power of devil to kill that hateful Aapsho….now Furio and kill the demon lord.

It number of days has already passed since the devil left, but the devil still hasn’t delivered or came back with the message of success in her mission. Even the black ring which was supposed to act as a compensation for the work disappeared.

What if that man….was even able to defeat the devil….

Blonde haired hero’s mind was in total chaos as he thought more and more, however he wasn’t able to come up with any answer to all his questions.

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