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“Wha...what happened to our portal?”


Dark Grand Magi was surprised at the sudden turn of event as she look as she scanned the Cryload Castle’s throne room in confusion.


Because of the sudden disappearance of the first imperial princess, she used a search magic and detected her location, so she opened a teleportation gate and teleported toward the princess.


That was it but,


Because of the sudden forced closure of the door she was forced back to where she was.


… such powerful magician is still alive…..interesting.


Marissa smiled evilly.


“Such guts, to dare humiliate me Marissa. The price for this is your life!”


Saying so she reopened the teleportation magic.


..Houtarou Town


“This is!? Aren’t you the first imperial princess! What is your highness doing in such a backwater place?”


First imperial princess showed a surprised expression and turned to look at the voice’s direction.


“Bo...Bolaris! You were in this town!”


Magic Kingdom Cryload first imperial princess’ imperial Guard unit 2nd regiment captain and a female knight who crossdresses as a male Bolaris, she is one of the people who were given a secret order for a journey to find the true hero.


As for now, Bolaris has a hot crush on one of Furio’s friend, Belano the magician (♀) even right now she attends the magic academy so that she can be together with Belano… of course the first imperial princess wouldn’t know of such matter.

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